Common MSN Messenger Problems And Solutions

MSN stands for Microsoft Network and the messenger program is one of the most commonly used messenger programs available. Despite the big name behind this chat program, and its widespread popularity, it has numerous problems and many users may get exceedingly frustrated. If you are a MSN user, or if you are looking at MSN as your next messenger service, then be sure to read the common problems below and their solutions!

Error #1 The program is slow despite your computer being efficient

Cause – The cause is probably some type of malware that is on your computer. It can slow down your connection speed to the internet and you can see the effects when messages you send are very sluggish in appearing on the messenger screen.

Solution – For malware, run a complete and thorough inspection of your computer with an antivirus program. This should clear up the problem!

Error #2 “There was a problem connecting you to MSN Messenger.”

Cause – Generally caused by a firewall blocking the program from connecting to the internet.

Solution – Go to your firewall program; whether that’s your Window’s Firewall or one installed by your antivirus program. Find the part where you can allow an exception and ensure that MSN Messenger is marked as an exception.

Error #3 All of your contacts are missing

Cause – There can be multiple causes for this, one of the simplest is just a startup error or it could be that your list is simply hidden. Another issue could be that the contacts are completely deleted.

Solution – First, try restarting your computer and seeing if your contacts reappear, if they don’t then go to the tools menu and click on ‘options’. From there you can see the privacy tab and you can see an option that will enable or disable the contact list. If the previous solution failed as well, then try logging onto your MSN on another computer and seeing if this fixes it, if not then all of your contacts have been removed permanently and you will have to reinstall.

Error#4 “Signing in to .NET Messenger Service failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later”

Cause – There can be multiple causes for this error; either your account has been disabled and you cannot use that particular email on the MSN anymore, or their servers are down.

Solution – If the server is down then simply wait a little while (about a half hour at most) and then try to log in again, however if your login is still bringing up that error message then your account may have been disabled.  In the event that your account is disabled then you should go here:

There are a variety of other problems that you can encounter with this messenger service, however in general you should experience an issue free messaging service.

MSN Status Checker allows you to find Blocked or Invisible MSN Messenger users

MSN Status Checker allows you to find Blocked or Invisible MSN Messenger users

Mostly users login to their accounts in invisible mode so no one can see their status. Nowadays every chat messaging service providers have featured their users with this option. This feature is quite interesting for those people who want to be available (online) yet appear offline status.

However this is annoying for those who want to chat when they login to their account and come online. However there is option to find out invisible MSN messenger users instantly in MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger using MSN Status Checker.

Since Microsoft has disabled the feature to trace out the offline/invisible/ blocked user’s status using third party application services. Nevertheless you can use MSN Status Checker utility online tool, which displays users from your list who are currently online in invisible mode.


It is completely free online tool to check MSN users status. You need to enter your friend ID and press the Enter button. MSN Status Checker finds out status of your friend and shows you report within seconds.

Few times it shows incorrect results due to inability to get access user’s account database. One more thing to know that this tool will not work in case user has selected this option from setting menu “only people in my list can see my status and send me messages”.

MS Office Outlook Connector To Access Your Hotmail Account In Outlook

Use MS Office Outlook Connector To Access Your Hotmail Account In Outlook

Users having an account in MSN Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail (more popularly known as just “Hotmail”), were previously able to configure their Hotmail account to MS Outlook with the help of HTTP connection. However, the HTTP connection method no longer works and Hotmail users need to subscribe for the paid Hotmail Plus service.

The moment a user attempts to configure Hotmail to MS Outlook through HTTP connection, he/she gets an error message saying that the user need to subscribe in order to access Hotmail via MS Outlook and prompts the user to sign up via the URL

Sometimes a different error message might occur notifying the user that the login credentials are invalid and Outlook might keep on prompting the user to input the correct password even though the user has already entered a valid one.

However, you may resolve this issue and access your Hotmail account from Outlook by using MS Office Outlook Connector, a free utility provided by Microsoft. This connector can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center. It is also available as a Windows Live Essentials component.

Configuring your hotmail account to Outlook using MS Office Outlook Connector has a number of advantages over POP3 and HTTP connection. This connector allows you to access and efficiently manage your Hotmail account including contacts, email messages and calendars from Outlook itself.

Within Outlook, you can apply rules, Junk Mail filter, macros, alerts, etc. to your synchronized email messages. To use this connector, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Once the installation process is over, launch Microsoft Outlook. The MS Office Outlook Connector will ask you to input your login details and the sender name which needs to be tagged with the outgoing emails.
  • Once you have entered all the required information, you will see a new folder “Hotmail” added to your Mail Folders tree of Outlook.
  • You need to expand the node “Hotmail” so as to access your Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Junk E-mail, etc. You will find new additions namely “Contacts” and “Calendar”.

  • For syncing your emails in Hotmail account and MS Outlook, all you need to do is click on the “Send/Receive” button. Sometimes, Outlook will automatically receive your emails based on present interval.


You may also access multiple Hotmail accounts using the MS Outlook Connector. For doing so, you simply need to go to the menu bar, click on the pull down menu for Outlook Connector and select the option for adding a new account.

You may use MS Office Outlook Connector with MS Outlook 2003 and 2007 versions only. For rest of the email clients, Hotmail is in a process of adding SMTP and POP3 to enable users to retrieve their emails using POP3 protocol.

For Office 2010

Use Automatic Switcher In Windows Live MSN Messenger To Enable Or Disable Aero Border Frame

Use Automatic Switcher In Windows Live MSN Messenger To Enable Or Disable Aero Border Frame

Windows live MSN messenger is now available with auto switcher which enable or disable Aero border frame. When you install a latest version of Windows Live Messenger (WLM) in Windows Vista, 7 or other windows with enabled Aero feature.

For example, MSN Messenger in Windows Live Essentials 2009, a thick border-frame same as the typical apps around the chat window and WLM main window will be created. To check out the Aero transparency effect, the window frame is one of the suitable example.

The main window or instant messaging chat rooms of Windows Live Messenger in old classic MSN Messenger time did not provided with any frame border as in the latest one. Just follow the illustration given below so that you can make a difference between the two styles of window frame of Windows Live Messenger with and without Aero.

A number of users would rather want to follow the traditional legacy look of Windows Live Messenger, like aka MSN Messenger which provides the classical look. To make so, follow the specified steps to concern the registry hack to take away the Aero Transparency window frame, otherwise border of Windows Live Messenger.

  • Click to start and go to Run
  • Type ‘regedit’ (without quotes) to Run Registry Editor.
  • With the help of navigational keys, Navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Live\Messenger

If the system runs on 64-bit (x64) operating system, go to following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Live\Messenger

  • Right click on any blank space available on the right pane, and then pick “New” from the context menu.
  •  Then you have to click on DWORD (32-bit) Value so that you can generate a new registry value entry.
  • After that, specify the name to the newly generated registry entry as AeroWindowFrameEnabled.
  • Finally, just modify the AeroWindowFrameEnabled and set the values for 1 to enable and 0 to disable the Aero Window frame of Messenger (the Aero Effect on WL Messenger if the value set to 0 i.e. disabled now).
  • The change effects will takes place after closing and re-opening the Windows Live Messenger main window and/or chat message window. We need not to come out from the MSN Messenger program.

Download process for the Windows Live Messenger Aero Frame Auto Switcher

The users who are not willing to edit the system registry directly will still be able to download the subsequent Windows Live Messenger Aero Frame Auto Switcher, and after that run the corresponding registry file to combine the value to registry in sequence to enable or disable Aero Frame Window feature in WLM.

The package comes with turn-off-WLMessenger-Aero-Frame.reg along with turn-on-WLMessenger-Aero-Frame.reg files. Double click on Disable-WLMessenger-Aero-Frame.reg to turn-off the new Aero approach WLM, and it will come back to traditional legacy Windows Live Messenger view without Aero Frame border. By double click on Enable-WLMessenger-Aero-Frame.reg we can revert to Windows Aero layout which has a kind of transparent frame border.

Find The Hidden Smileys And Emoticons On Skype

Find The Hidden Smileys And Emoticons On Skype

As we all know that Skype is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging services, which is particularly well liked for the quality of voice call services that they provide. Basically, the voice clarity that they provide is much better than Yahoo and MSN, even while making conferences with multiple users. By using their services, you could call any other Skype user from any part of the world for free.

There are more emoticons and Smileys even on Skype rather than the regular one, which is very much like the other instant messaging services. However, the Smileys in Skype are quite different from what you get to see on the other chat services.

These hidden emoticons cannot be pulled out from the toolbar, and the only way to use them is by typing the special characters that are meant for those hidden emoticons. You will need to manually enter the combination of keys and hit the enter button.

Some of the special keys to get the emoticons are:

Mooning, finger, swear, rock, smoking, drunk, poolparty, bandit, headbang, bug, myspace, tmi and many others.

Please remember that you will need to enclose them within the brackets while you use them.  For example, the ‘drunk’ smiley will appear if you enter the characters, (drunk).

Brief Introduction Of The Useful WordPress Plug-Ins

Brief Introduction Of The Useful WordPress Plug-Ins

WordPress is an award winning, powerful and used widely in blog publishing as an open source. Many Web developers, designers and bloggers are now familiar with WordPress applications. The WordPress is one of the useful tools that provide simplicity for various activities in Blogging. Fully loaded plug-in features architecture in WordPress helps the developers and bloggers to improve and boost the base functions.

Below mentioned are some popular plug-ins that you can utilize while using this blog publishing tool for the first time:


For security purpose the powerful spam filter tool named as Akismet is provided, and it efficiently blocks the overflowing spam. The spam TrackBack pings and the spam links from the blog comments are filtered by this tool. It has the ability to verify these pings and comments next to the Akismet web service to confirm about the spam reality of comments. It is highly recommended to add Akismet to your WordPress so that you can stay away from those irritating spam, and most importantly you can save your time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The very useful tool called Google XML Sitemaps Generator is used to generate an acquiescent of Google sitemaps XML – sitemap of your blog in WordPress. When you add the comment or post, the sitemap will be automatically updated. As a result all sitemap protocol supporting search engines for example Google, MSN,, Yahoo etc will be informed on scheduled update. Your blog will be optimized in search engines by using this plug-in and hence your post will be indexed effectively.


You keep track of your blog activities by using different tools. For example, the tool Popularity Contest helps you to check and monitor, with which you can know which one of your posts is the most well-liked, most often viewed, etc. All you have to do is download the Popularity Contest.

One more tool FeedBurner FeedSmith helps you to control RSS feeds, and you can also keep track of your subscriber base. This is one of the most recommended plug-ins. With this, you will be able to identify every method to provide your feeds.  Furthermore, it redirects them toward your FeedBurner feed, thus you can keep in track all probable subscriber.

Reader Interaction:

To make your blog extra interactive and exciting, bloggers can endeavor a few of these plug-ins in the WordPress. For example, you can conduct reader review, polls and quiz. Presently there is countless plug-ins which allows of the bloggers performing all the activities mentioned above. Additionally, you may attempt these: survey WordPress plug-in, polling WordPress plug-in and quizzin WordPress plug-in.

To promote readers in a direction to put forward their comments and share the ideas, you may try some more plug-in in the WordPress. The Show Top Commentators plug-in can be used to show names and the number of top participants and also shows their comments. This will recognize their endeavor in order to persuade more feedback from other readers.


For security reasons, it is very important to save the backup of the central database, so as not act from any data missing and data files getting corrupted. To save backup of the database, you could use the WP Database Backup. It is a dependable backup application and will make sure that you if you have perfect backup plan in if in case things go out of hand.


The most essential WordPress plug-in named as Global Translator the plugin, which you can’t afford to discount if you wish to globalize your Blogs. This Global Translator plug-in provides the translations into different languages for example French, Chinese, German, Italian, plus Arabic, along with others.

Publishing Tools:

There are lots of publishing applications, with which you can make you publishing work greatly easier in the WordPress. It is recommended to use EasyTube while adding videos into your blog. EasyTube permits the WordPress users to embed YouTube and Google Videos easily along with a simple tag. All you have to need is placed a preview image of the YouTube videos embedded within your RSS feed connected to that video.

In order to provide trouble-free navigation, make use of the plug-in named as Evermore. This plug-in will reduce the size of very post automatically when all the posts shown on top of a multiple-post page, for instance the central page of blog.

It results in placing <!–more–> important ones to the first section of each post. All tags regarding to HTML and formatting are conserved in the shortened post.

There are a few thousand plugins for WordPress. What we have discussed is just a small portion. These plugins are pretty useful, especially for those new kids who are just venturing into Blogging.

Check Available Space In Your Hotmail Account

Check Available Space In Your Hotmail Account

There is new scheme that has been incorporated in Hotmail, which automatically increases available space on your Hotmail account when your inbox is out of space. When you open your hotmail account, you will be shown message “Ever growing unlimited space limit” on your account home page. 

This new feature provides as much space as your inbox needs.  This is unarguably best feature for those who frequently use their mail accounts in order to receive and send huge numbers of mails. Users are now free as their problem regarding space has been acknowledged and resolved by Hotmail team directly.

It’s pretty good that your account space automatically increases as per the need, but what if you desire to know how much space is left or used? How much space you have been allotted by Hotmail?  Previously, users could easily find out their used and left space on their account, but now it is replaced with text “You have ever growing storage”.

You can still check your Hotmail account available storage space by following the given few methods

Method 1 – Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector is an add-on for MS outlook, which can be downloaded for free. It enables users to access Office live mail and Windows live mail accounts via MS outlook. Additionally, it allows users to sync mails, tasks, contacts, and notes of Windows Live calendar. In this MS outlook connector, all the available space is allocated to every section, so that you can easily find out the usage space of Hotmail accounts.  Users will find out the storage information of Hotmail at Mailbox Cleanup function.



Outlook Connector (x86) for MS Office 2010
Outlook Connector (x64) for MS Office 2010

Method 2 – MSN Explorer

MSN explorer is a web browser that integrates Windows Live and MSN Live features such as Windows live mail and Windows live messenger with web browser. Once Windows live mail id is opened, MSN explorer will show the maximum folder size, which symbolizes total storage space left on Hotmail.

By applying one of these two effective techniques you can easily explore or find out the available storage space on your Hotmail account.

Recently, Hotmail has increased the limit of the storage space up to 500 GB, which means more freedom to send and receive mail on or from your account without worrying about space. However, do remember that if your usage crosses the limit of 500 GB storage space, it will be the subject to termination of services to receive or send mails.


It means the moment when your Hotmail storage space has reached the limit or crossed it, you will be suspended from the services. In order to activate again your account you have to delete unnecessary emails from your inbox. You need to keep deleting unwanted mails until your account storage space usage comes under the prescribed limitation level 500GB. Once you are done with this process, you will be able to recover you account again, activate it, and start receiving and sending mails via your account.

Integrate Your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Accounts Using Digsby IM Client

Integrate Your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Accounts Using Digsby IM Client

Who doesn’t want to get instant access to their social networking sites’ notification timely? Therefore, Digsby IM client integrates all IM, email notification along with social networking sites to allow you get instant access. Usually Digsby client integrates multiple accounts such as Yahoo, Gtalk, Jabber, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and MSN in one single Window.

Thus you will not need to download separate clients. It is completely feature rich IM client which offers users to customize and personalize client according to their preferences and conveniences using different widgets.

The best part of this client is that it integrates Facebook, MSN, AIM, MySpace, Twitter, Gtalk accounts along with various email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. It is also useful for adding social networking websites and get quick access to them via single window.

Key Features of Digsby IM Client

  • You can chat from various accounts such as Gtalk, Yahoo, Facebook, etc under single window.
  • Popup alters feature enabled when you receive new messages.
  • You can rename friends and send messages by single click.
  • Save all conversation and search for them later.
  • Get instant access to Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc. accounts.
  • Popup alerts for every new receiving mail.
  • you can send email to any contacts by single click
  • You can get latest updates from your Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • You can send multiple files at a time using transfer manager feature.
  • you can see the new friend request, upcoming birthdays etc via Digsby IM client