Watch Adobe Acrobat Video Tutorials And Do Some More With Acrobat Reader

Watch Adobe Acrobat Video Tutorials And Do Some More With Acrobat Reader

One of the most popular PDF reader tool namely Adobe Acrobat is a free and it is extremely useful in publishing PDF applications. You could add various documents within a single portfolio in PDF format using this tool.

You may also add multimedia files, create self-signed digital ID and some secure attachments for the publishing of PDF files. It is seen that most of us use Adobe Acrobat reader for reading PDF documents only .

However, there are so many other stuffs which can be done with the help of Acrobat reader tool. To know extra uses of Acrobat reader you may read e-book tutorials of Acrobat. Also, there are online video tutorials which are more clear and comprehensive.

1. Video Tutorial Library – Adobe Acrobat Version 8 – Link to Watch here

2. Beginners Tutorial – Adobe Acrobat Version 8 – Link to Watch here

3. Tutorials For Adobe Acrobat Version 8 – Link to Watch Video Tutorial here

4. More Rading Tutorials on Acrobat – here

Improve Your Abilities By Getting Training Videos And Free Software Tutorials From Vtc

Improve Your Abilities By Getting Training Videos And Free Software Tutorials From Vtc

Most of the times, your job needs you to be familiar with a latest programming language, or else you have to use some latest software application for that very purpose. However, you have to pay money for gaining knowledge in these new skills at the training centers, especially if your company doesn’t allocate your allowances.

It is safe for you to save some money particularly in this economic disaster, and you can do this with VTC (Virtual Training Company). VTC is a free online instructor which fulfills you with the free software training videos and tutorials which allow you to discover DIY technique.

Users who wish to study on how to make use of software, or the ones who wants to learn latest programming languages, can go through VTC’s online video documentation. There are lots of video tutorials classified into different subjects for example audio, animation 3D, bundles, certification, business applications, graphics & page layout, database, internet & web design, operating system, multimedia, security, programming, networking, etc that offers you a virtual guidance for studies.

In order to get these free online video tutorials you have to sign-up to VTC. You must fill in all the appropriate fields in the sign up page. After that you have to put the correct “FileMaker Promotional Code”. For successful registration process, input “u5atr3alvtcfr33? (without quotes).

Users can have the benefit of free access to these training video clips for one week. Grab the opportunity to become skilled in these significant talents, and improve your resume, or pick up your market importance without having to lighten your pockets.

Keyboard-Tweaker Tool Alternative To Multimedia Keyboards

Keyboard-Tweaker Tool Alternative To Multimedia Keyboards

Keyboard Tweaker can be utilized by an individual who is hooked to few programmes on the system. A person who uses it everyday can actually assign a set of hotkeys on the key board to launch those programs. Keyboard tweaker is a tool which can be used to assign hot-keys on keyboard to make program processing faster.

Allotting hot-keys to programs on your system by selecting respective hot-keys on keyboard will permit you to commence programs instantly. This will makes your program processing time faster. It is a Freeware and simpler to load on system. By default few keyboard shortcuts or predefined hotkeys are already available in it.

Either one can add a new list of hotkeys to respective programs or can utilize the present keys. By default a set of few hotkeys for windows programmes contains keys such as “volume control”, “regedit”, etc. One can utilize several combinations on keyboard such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and any other alpha numeric characters to customize hotkeys.

After assigning hot-keys one can also pre-view the changes made by selecting the test-option before saving the settings. It also contains a set of features to alter letter size, display, font, etc. Keyboard-tweaker works like a substitute to Multimedia-Keyboards. Now, using keyboards any applications or programs can be executed using this tool on your PC’s.

Get Back Your Deleted Files From Any Storage Devices Using Glary Undelete

Get Back Your Deleted Files From Any Storage Devices Using Glary Undelete

Have you deleted your important files mistakenly? There is no need to get panic, you just be calm and try some methods to recover them. There are number of recovering applications available in the market. Here is one of the powerful applications named Glary Undelete, which helps you to get back your deleted files from the storage devices. The utility tool is perfectly designed to meet the requirements of the users, so you can easily recover your files that you have accidently deleted.

This application is compatible with windows file system such as FAT16, FAT12, NTFS, NTFS5 and image recovery from SmartMedia, Secure digital cards, and Multimedia. Users can easily find out the deleted files by searching or filtering them according to date, size, and phase. Recovering process will be longer depending on file size i.e. if the file is too short in size, and then it will not take much time to recover it.

Features of Glary Undelete

  • It can recover files from FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, plus EFS file system.
  • It can recover compressed files, encrypted, and fragmented files.
  • Recover files from removable media such as secure digital, MemoryStick.
  • Refine your search according to file size, file date, and name.
  • It is compatible with almost maximum operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and etc.

Download Glary Undelete utility application. While you will be downloading the application, you will be prompted to install this application including Ask toolbar. However, you can uncheck it and continue the installation.

Download The Samsung PC Studio For Free

Download The Samsung PC Studio For Free

The Samsung PC Studio is also known as Samsung PC Suite which allows users to access their mobile phones via the computer. It helps them handle their data stored in the mobile phone in a better and efficient way.

The latest version of this Suite, 7.2.24, helps users to manage text messages, contacts, backups, multimedia messages, audio and video files from their personal computers. The user just needs to connect the phone to the PC via Bluetooth or data cable and access the information via this suite.

The file conditions and irrelevant files can be handled by this application as it helps you permanently remove corrupted files and data.

Some of the features of the Samsung PC Studio are mentioned below:

  • Internet connections can be managed via the networking wizard
  • Enables the phone to be used as a modem and connect to the internet
  • MMS Composer to create multimedia messages
  • Text messages can be managed with the Message Manager
  • Multimedia and Text Messages can also be sent while connected to the computer.
  • Dial up connection can be established using the PC Sync

There are a lot of other features other than the ones mentioned above. The PC Suite creates a bridge between your computer and your Samsung Mobile.

Restoring MMS And VVM On Iphone If They Do Not Function After Applying The Tethering Hack

Restoring MMS And VVM On Iphone If They Do Not Function After Applying The Tethering Hack

Once you hack an iPhone, there is a great deal of chances that the phone’s Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) or Virtual Voicemail (VVM) functions are not working at all. This happens incase you do not pay anything to the mobile subscriber and try to facilitate internet tethering services.

This may happen for all versions of iPhone, be it iPhone 2G, the first generation of iPhone, or iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

The main reason behind the occurrence of this problem for multimedia messaging services or virtual voicemail functions is the fact that, when you try to enable internet tethering function, a new file with the extension of .ipcc is created.

This carrier file is used to enable the internet tethering function which is created with the loading of a new profile called as the Mobileconfig configuration profile. This .ipcc file would enable the internet tethering services, but would disable all the functions related to Multimedia Messaging Services or Virtual Voicemail service.

The simple solution to keep your internet tethering services in place as well as fix the problems occurring in Multimedia Messaging Services and Virtual Voicemail services is to reset the phone’s network settings.

For this you have to follow just a simple path, go to Settings select General, now select Reset and finally reset the phone’s network settings by choosing Rest Network Settings option.

There is one more alternative solution to fix this problem. However by following this path, you will disable all settings related to internet tethering and the option to it will no longer be visible for you. You can do so by following this path, go to Settings select General, now select Network finally reset the APN for Visual voicemail as adcs.voicemail and by taking the option Cellular Data Network.