Open Multiple Homepages In Firefox Browser

How To Open Multiple Homepages In Firefox Browser

It is very time consuming process for you if you need to open your desired and most frequent used webpage every time when Firefox starts.

What if your required websites set to default home page in your web browser? Now you can set multiple websites in Firefox browser home page. With this effect Firefox will open your desired website automatically when the browser launches. Firefox has this inbuilt feature. You just need to alter some settings to get this particular job done. It will really make your surfing experience more easy and convenient.


Steps to open multiple homepages in your Firefox browser

  • Launch Firefox.
  • navigate to Tools>Options>Main tab
  • Here in homepage tab you just enter URL of each websites that you wish to open. However it should be separated by “|” (Don’t include “”).
  • For Google,  and yahoo website, type it as shown below
  • Click on “Ok” button to save settings.
  • Finally you are done.

Check Out the “Multiple Inboxes” Feature Under Gmail Labs

Check Out the “Multiple Inboxes” Feature Under Gmail Labs

Gmail has added another feature known as “Multiple Inboxes” in the Gmail Labs option. By using the “Multiple Inboxes” feature, you can have several inboxes within your Gmail view. This feature offers you with multiple viewing panes within one browser window. It also helps you view your saved searches and important labels instantly.

To enable this feature in your Gmail account, you need to simply follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and turn on Multiple Inboxes in the Gmail Labs. You can then continue with the below mentioned procedures, if you wish to view email messages from other Gmail accounts within your main Gmail account.
  • Login to the other account that you wish to view from the primary or main Gmail account. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option and add your main Gmail account as the forwarding address, so that a copy of each email is sent to your main Gmail account.
  • Repeat step no. 2 and 3 on your other accounts if you wish to forward emails from any other Gmail accounts into your main Gmail account.
  • Now go back to your main/primary Gmail account and click on “Settings” menu. Open “Multiple Inboxes” menu. You will notice default “is:star” and “is:draft” in two panes which will place all starred emails and draft messages in these two Inboxes. In every pane just type “to:” and the email ID of the forwarding account (the other account that you wish to view from the primary or main Gmail account), for example, “to:[email protected]
  • Once you do this, your “Multiple Inboxes” will start running. However, the messages will come into the inbox of the main/primary Gmail account too. You may tackle this issue by creating a filter.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu in your main/primary Gmail account and click on the option “Filters” and create a new filter. In the text field corresponding to “To”, enter the email ID of the forwarding account. Click on “Next Step” and select the option “Skip the Inbox”. Then click on “Create Filter”.
  • You may also use search option an “additional” resource for finding the emails of any particular address. 

Toggle To Multiple Inactive Tabs Using WizMouse

Toggle To Multiple Inactive Tabs Using WizMouse

If you are working on a project report and typing information after searching the relevant information over the web, in the meantime if you need to open the inactive window to see the matter and content by clicking on the window. In this process you need to minimize or close your current window on which you are working and start on other window which you refer for information. It is really annoying for many users who want to concentrate on their work and maintain their consistency.

Therefore, Antibody software released an application which transforms your mouse into scroll bar and you can easily scroll to inactive window without getting closing your current window.  The name of this application is WizMouse, which enables users to get their content or matter easily without clicking on the specific window. It enhances the mouse functionality and you just need to move mouse pointer to the required window tab and you will be able scroll up and down to the window though it is inactive.

It means this enhances the mouse features and makes it more useful. Now your working will be easier by having this software. If you find it useful for you then download WizMouse from here.

How To Run Multiple Instances Of MSN Messenger On The Same Computer At Same Time

If you use different MSN accounts for different purposes, like one account to keep in touch with your friends and family and the another one to keep track of your office details, then you’ll definitely need MSN polugamy messenger.

If you have the default MSN messenger set up, then you will not be able to login to two different accounts at the same time from the same computer.

Here’s how you can login to multiple MSN messengers from the same computer at the same time :

Download and install Multiple MSN Messenger Hack from MSN Messenger Polygamy. They have support for most versions of MSN, which includes version 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and 14.x ( Windows Live Messenger).

Double click on the exe to run the program and you’ll be propmted to click the patch button. That’s it you are done. After you have installed MSN Polygamy on your system you can run more than one copy of MSN Messenger simultaneously on your system!

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