Windows 7 – Create And Add New Libraries

Windows 7 – Create And Add New Libraries

Microsoft has introduced an excellent new feature in Windows 7 known as “Libraries” which helps you organize and manage your data in a systematic manner. By default, Windows 7 comes with a number of Libraries such as Contacts, Communications, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music. Vista users might also be pretty familiar with these names.  

However, Windows 7 Libraries are somewhat different by nature. Windows 7 Libraries are not just individual folders but every library folder is a collection of assorted folders. Every Library is customized to store specific content. For Example, you will find the URL links of your downloaded files stored within the Download Library.  

If you feel that the built-in Libraries are not enough and you have some specific needs, Windows 7 Operating System offers you with the option of adding more Libraries as per your preference. To add a new Library to the Windows 7 Libraries List, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Click on the “Windows Orb” present on your taskbar. Go to “Accessories” and then to “Windows Explorer and open “Libraries”. Alternatively, click on the start button to display the Start Menu and click on your user name. From your personal folder that opens, click on Libraries.
  • In the Libraries Window, place your mouse-pointer on an empty space and right click to display the right-click context menu.
  • Go to the option “New” in the context menu and select “Library”.

  • Give a name to your new Library.
  • Now that you have created a Library, you need to decide on what to include in your new Library. You need to simply right-click on the library and select the option “Properties”.
  • Next, you need to click on the button “Add” and browse to choose a folder/directory to be included in the library. Once the folder is been selected, click on the button “Include Folder”. Repeat this step if you wish to add more directories to the library.

  • For optimizing the library, click on the dropdown that allows you to optimize the library for correct type of content such as Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Internet or General Items. Select the preferred type of optimization.

  • If you do not want the new Library to be displayed inside the Navigation Pane, simply uncheck the checkbox for the option that allows you to show the library within the Navigation Pane.

Use Gsplit for Fragmenting the Big Files to Smaller Pieces

Use Gsplit for Fragmenting the Big Files to Smaller Pieces

Usually sending files having big size is always a problem for many users. The other problem is sending the files, and the users also have to keep confirming if the recipient received the files, which the user has sent, especially if the file size is too large.

If this is the problem that has been disturbing you for long, you can opt for an alternate solution by probably considering using an application of file splitter known as GSplit, which will split the large files into smaller number of files known as pieces.

GSplit comes free to the users. It is a versatile as well as reliable file splitter. Using GSplit, the users can split large files in various formats for example music, zip archives, images, video, documents, backup file, etc mainly based on the user-specified parameters.

The process of splitting is quite simple. The users just have to select the desired file, and then choose the destination folder in which they want to keep the split files. Then they can proceed further to the process of splitting. When the process of splitting is completed, automatically an executable file will be created by GSplit.

Splitting will be done by GSplit into two basic options of file splitting: disk spanned and blocked. With the disk spanned option, GSplit will split desired file chosen by the user in size which is automatically calculated by GSplit itself and is based on the availability of free disk space.

Users can split files into a group which consists of same size files by opting for blocked option. As for example, the users can split 500MB file to 5 pieces of files for 100MB each. Other notable features provided by GSplit are that it stores file properties such as file dates, file attribute, which is quite easy to restore.

Users desiring to do send files more easily can download GSplit from Here.

Use Firefox Add-Ons To Download Music And Video Files At Fast Speed

Use Firefox Add-Ons To Download Music And Video Files At Fast Speed

There are bunch of video sharing websites from where users can get their favorite and relevant videos or music files either for work or leisure. Some of them are YouTube, Metacafe,, Google Videos, Myspace, Dailymotion, etc. whatever are your purposes, these websites will give you plethora of videos and music files to download.

Usually the savvy kind of users who belongs to non-tech background encounter problems while downloading videos or music files from the video sharing sites. Probably they assume that this is quite cumbersome process and demands proper knowledge of IT. If you think that and find yourself in trouble while downloading videos, then there are many Firefox Add-ons available as helping hands.

As we know Firefox web browser is one of the most popular browser and being used by many users. So you just need to download and install particular Firefox Add-ons that will help you in downloading videos and music files from video sharing sites. One of the Firefox Add-ons is Download Helper, which enables you to download video files and music files from video sharing sites easily. Once you installed this add-on in your Firefox browser, you will see an icon in the toolbar.


The only thing you need to do is just browse through any video sharing sites and select the video that you want to download. Now you just tap on the icon of Download Helper at toolbar and this add-on will detect video and start downloading automatically. Once the video will be downloaded successfully, you can thence click on the video to watch it. Besides this, you can also convert the video to your preferred formats with the help of this add-on.

So if you want any particular video, then download it from here. There are several other Firefox add-ons available that provides similar functions to users such as NetvideoHunter. It is meant to be used in downloading videos and music files from video sharing sites. It works on the same mechanism of Download Helper.


Once you download NetvideoHunter in your Firefox browser, you will get blue button at the Firefox toolbar. When you open any video sharing website then click on the icon of NetvideoHunter and it starts downloading video automatically by opening next tab from the downloading link of the video file.

Both of these Firefox add-ons support almost every video sharing websites. You can download NetvideoHunter from here.

MP3 Players For Kids

MP3 Players For Kids

MP3 players are just not limited to teenagers and elders. These days MP3 players are coming up to be considered as a kid’s favorite toy. The product is so much in demand that it even beats Barbie’s as the most sold products in different stores.

The latest MP3 player also known as Ribbit is a MP3 player that looks like a frog. The player features two eyes just like those of frogs and a round shape resembling that of a frogs head. The dimension of this product is 1.5 x 1.27 x .93 inches. This is not just portable but is pretty adorable too.


The main features of this player are a memory of 1GB, OLED display, playlist support, eight different EQ modes and voice recorder. The player has seven languages pre-installed in it. Marked at a price of $25, the Ribbit is available in colors like green, pink, grey, blue and purple.

How To Play Lyrics Of Songs In My Music Player ?

MiniLyrics : Displays song lyrics in your favourite Media Player

MiniLyrics is a third party tool which provides you with the song lyrics no matter in which media player you run the song. Check out the reasons for having this tool in your pc:

  • It is a freeware/ shareware. You can have unlimited free trials before you purchase the product
  • It gets installed in your machine in no time. Fast installing capability
  • It supports almost all kind of Music player
  • It works for almost all kind of songs. It is not necessary to run English songs to avail this feature, you can also play local language songs and you will get the lyrics of them too

The music players that MiniLyrics supports are mentioned below:

Windows Media Player Real player
Foobar 2000
QCD Player
Jet Audio
BS Player
Yahoo! Music Jukebox
VLC Media Player
And lots more….

It is highly recommended to download the MiniLyrics and to enjoy the songs much better. If there is any the music file of which the wordings are unclear, it will solve that problem.

[Download Minilyrics]

My Music Library Is Missing In My iPhone / iPod Touch, Solution To Fix It

iPhone, iPod Touch users who have updated iOS 4.2 in the recent times, have been complaining of noticing some weird issues. The update is available for download over iTunes introducing various new features. But this update seems to spell trouble for all music on your iPod app is vanishing! Users launching the iPod app on their devices may discover that their favourite music library no longer exists!

When then attempted to open their library after updating, they found it missing. If any of you have gone through the same problem, don’t worry for the library has not been erased, but it is just not being shown on your device. This is caused by a bug in the iOS 4.2, for which here is a solution too:

  1. Make sure your iOS device is connected to your Mac or PC. Once connected open iTunes.
  2. In the left column, you’ll see your device listed, select it.
  3. Under your device, select ‘music’ and play a song.
  4. You can re-sync your iTunes with the music library by clicking on the ‘sync’ button.
  5. Next when you open your iPhone / iPod, you’ll notice that your library will be freshly populated.

It may be easier to sync your iPhone with the computer you are used to handling. It is a quite weird bug and coming right after the daylight saving alarm bug, it has been an unpleasant journey for Apple users who are not familiar with uncertainty of any kind!

Search Engine To Download Music, Games, E-Books

It is always very simple and easy to download music, games, e-books and much more through latest search engine Goofind; which is best suited to utilize Google’s wide range of database to look for the files to match you r search. In spite of improvised search methods and parameters, which can be used on the Google search, while downloading files, Goofind too functions much on the same lines baring the fact that it limits the result to certain pages that connect to the files that tally with the enquiry.

Here it is important to note that the highest record of results come from unprotected user servers or directories. Generally speaking, users have their own special space to save data required, when they take help from a certain server or directory.

But then, many directories do come unprotected and even if the search engines do ultimately find their texts, they land up with search engines’ entire index, including what they do not require. Therefore, to find directories with required files, simply enter a search term in the form and press the search button. Goofind will then publish all this, with light advertisements on the sides.

Goofind’s duty is to broaden your search results by giving you details of the unprotected server data too, making your search a much more effortless one. You need to enter and enter the search details. Goofind will come back with 10 hits/page along with a great many ads too on the sides. Google Chrome users can utilize the Chrome extension as well.

Go to

Create And Listen To Free Internet Radio Stations – Free Music Online

Grooveshark comprises of a peer to peer music file sharing group, that helps music file transactions between the members. They charge for the songs exchanged between them, and compensate the copyright holders and users at the same time provide convenient selection of P2P file sharing in an online music community.

All Grooveshark files are void of the Digital Rights Management [DRM] technology, thereby allowing users to play songs they buy on any computer, laptop or digital player.

A true delight for all music lovers !!!!

[ Visit Grooveshark ]

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How-to configure Amarok with Nokia 3500 Classic

I own a Nokia 3500 Classic and it’s meager 256MB memory card is almost enough for my music on the go. This morning I was fiddling with “Transfer to Media Devices” feature in Amarok, apparently it doesn’t handle USB devices (I connect to my phone using a USB data cable).

I was pretty darn sure they must be work around and I found this script: usb_device_amaroKscript.

Here’s how to get things running,

1. Get the script and drag drop the tar ball into the script manager of Amarok (Tools> Script Manager). That should install the script.

2. Now try running it, if you have mp3info installed (Mandriva systems do by default) then the script should run fine and you could skip to read step 5.

3. If the script complains that mp3info has not been found then install it from here. I suggest you get the source tar ball and fire up the terminal, navigate to the the extracted tar ball folder, run “make” and then “make install”.

4. Try running the script again, if things are fine, it will tell you so, in the status bar of Amarok.

5. Go to Settings>Configure Amarok>Media Devices. Here you should see your USB device already recognized and sitting neatly, select the Generic Audio Player plugin for it and click OK.

6. Go to Media Devices in your Amarok sidebar and click connect and done 🙂 you should see your USB device’s file listing.

You can add new directories right from that display, transfer music (both from & to the device).