Send Free Text Messages Around The World With HeyWire

Send Free Text Messages Around The World With HeyWire

Would you like to save money for international text messaging? What about Heywire? Heywire is a application for sending text messages through Media friends, which enables the users to deliver free text messages anybody within their texting circle all over the world. They haywire is being built to enable the users to receive and send text on their MAC, iPhone, iPod and PC.

Apart from that, it also enables the users to chat and send messages on Facebook friends, Twitter, or Tweak while they are sending messages. To ensure the users to recognize their identity, every user will be provided an actual phone number for receiving and sending free text messages among Heywire users.


 Simplify texting encounter – texting, MySpace Speak, Tweets and IM.

Produce and send out the identical message by means of text message and MySpace Chat simultaneously.

A genuine telephone number as your text messaging identity.

Fast and reliable information delivery.

Information entries along with photos of one’s connections.

Inbound message push as well as seem notifications.

Text messaging to be able to as much as ten contacts at the same time.

Global coverage when message with HeyWire customers.

You can download Heywire application for iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch free from apple store:

Use Movavi Online Video Converter And Downloader Absolutely Free

Use Movavi Online Video Converter And Downloader Absolutely Free

Movavi is one of the most famous software developers, which are especially well-known for their Movavi Video Converter tool. Now, Movavi has brought the new feature as Movavi Online Video Converter, which is pretty useful for the people unwilling to purchase the Movavi or any other video conversion tool. Movavi Online Video Converter itself is a service that is able to download videos from the popular video hosting and sharing sites.

In addition, Movavi Online offers absolutely free online web service with which you could download your favorite videos from, Google Video, YouTube, DailyMotion, iFilm,,, Metacafe,, MySpace and some other video-sharing sites. After downloading, it automatically converts the video to cell phone, iPod, iPhone and some popular formats such as 3GP, MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, FLV and stores them. You could also upload your videos from you own computer with Movavi Online.


Movavi online service is totally free and there is no need of any installation or registration process at all. However, you would have to enter your email address to receive the download link of your converted video. The converted video will be stored in the database for 24 hours only. Movavi online includes the unique feature with which you could pick more than few downloaded videos and combine them to create one long movie. On the other hand, the Movavi Online allows maximum 5 uploads and each single file should be up to 100MB or should have the movie length of 10 minutes.

Hide Or Remove Ads With The Firefox Add-On

Hide Or Remove Ads With The Firefox Add-On

Advertisements are the main income or revenue earner for numerous websites. The websites use these as cover against the cost of maintaining the web page and other expenses like providing of bandwidth and service. Web sites like MySpace and Orkut use this technique to a great extent. Orkut has gone ahead to replace the space earlier dedicated to friends list with a banner for advertising.

Orkut, a popular networking site from Google is extremely common in India and Brazil, whereas MySpace is extremely popular in the United States of America. Both these networking sites have lost over popularity to Facebook but still have a considerable amount of users registered with them.

Advertisements annoy users and slow down the processing and uploading of web pages. For some users it is unethical to remove or hide ads from these free websites as they are the only source of income for the web providers. But at times some of the advertisements pop up in front of the screen and irritate the user.

Firefox provides a free ad-on which helps users hide ads on MySpace and Orkut. In order to use this ad-on you must have the Firefox web browser. The MySpace and Orkut Advertising Remover removes the advertising banner from these networking sites and makes these sites more efficient and hassle free. The ad-on is currently available as version 1.0 and the updated version is much awaited.

The MySpace and Orkut Advertising Remover can be easily downloaded for free from the following link Here

Android Apps That May Interest You

Android Apps That May Interest You

To those of you who don’t know what android is, it is a basically a mobile operating system built around the Linux kernel. This OS was developed by Android Inc. and later bought by Google in the year 2005. An important feature of this operating system is that it supports numerous applications, commonly called android apps.

There are a number of free apps available for download on the internet. If you are the lucky one to have just purchased an android phone, then these are some android apps that are sure to blow your mind.

Android Apps That Helps You Socialize

1) eBuddy Messenger – It is an instant messaging application that runs in the background, which therefore, is helpful when you are working on something else. This android app can be used to IM with your contacts on Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Gtalk and all other popular IM applications.

2) Facebook – Everybody seems to have a Facebook account these days. Using this particular android app you can update your status, share photos and videos, and keep a track of your friend’s pages. Android Apps That Keep You Entertained

3) Pandora – This is something like a personalized radio. Are you in the mood to listen to your favorite band or pop star? Just type in their name or the genre and this android app, Pandora, creates a station that plays that music.

4) Kindle – Are you having one of those lazy days, and you feel like curling up in a corner with a book? Well, you don’t have to go to the bookstore anymore. You can read any book you like using kindle, one of androids many applications. You can choose from over 750,000 books ranging from best sellers to newspapers and magazines just for a moderate price.

Add Spice to Your Lifestyle Using These Android Apps

5) Need for speed: Shift – For all the racing fanatics this game provides the adrenaline rush you’ve been craving. Download this android app for a small fee and soon you’ll be racing your way to victory.

6) Gmote 2.0 – Ever had to walk to your computer to pause or play a movie. Well, now you don’t have to. With the Gmote 2.0 you can turn your phone into a remote controller for your computer. Now, that is something we’ve all been waiting for.

7) Wapedia – Almost everyone uses Wikipedia for information. Using the latest from android apps, Wapedia allows you to search wiki content in almost 150 languages. Now you can wiki anything you want on the move.

8) The Weather Channel – Need to plan a picnic with the family or a hike with your best friend? Check the weather for the day using this incredible android app. It’s easy to use and understand and you’ll find this really helpful.

9) Yelp – Ever found yourself confused what to do for dinner? Or are you looking for the coolest joint in town? This application helps you keep posted about the latest places to try out and the best places to be spotted.

10) TripIt – This android app can be your very own travel assistant. All you need to do is forward your travel confirmation emails to them and Bam! You have your very own travel itinerary. Bon Voyage!

Play Live Facebook Poker In Your Iphone

Play Live Facebook Poker In Your Iphone

Are you a poker fan and an iPhone user? Then it is a great advantage for you because iPhone subscriber can enjoy poker on MySpace and FaceBook. Zynga which has gained a high reputation for their social gaming supports over the web is now allowing a brand new version of poker that can be played with your iPhone.



All you need to do is to login to your FaceBook account from your iPhone and play Live Poker. Download the game for free from your nearest Apple application store and start playing with all your buddies.

How Can I Find The Best Tags For The Post/Article I Write – Zemanta The Best FireFox Add On

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...
Image by via CrunchBase

I wanted to write about Zemanta, one of the most powerful firefox addon I’ve used which has helped me speed up time taken to blog about anything.

I’d boldly say this addon has reduced the time I take to blog by around 20% – 25%.

What does Zemanta do ?
Zemanta does a whole bunch of things for me. It has a smart engine which understands what I’m writing about and gets me relevant
1> images (also ensures none of these images are copyrighted.)

How Can I Find The Best Tags For The Post/Article I Write - Zemanta The Best FireFox Add On

2> relevant links and,

How Can I Find The Best Tags For The Post/Article I Write - Zemanta The Best FireFox Add On

3> Best suitable tags for my post ( SEO advantage)

How Can I Find The Best Tags For The Post/Article I Write - Zemanta The Best FireFox Add On

How can I get Zemanta for my Blog ?

You can download Zemanta from . It is available as a plugin for firefox and there is an Internet explorer plugin too.

Zemanta is supported on a bunch of blogging platform, almost all the famous ones. Some of them are, Self-hosted 2.1+,, TypePad, Ning, MySpace, LiveJournal, MovableType, Tumblr, Drupal. Zemanta also has a version for Microsoft Live Writer too, that supports a number of other platforms through XML-RPC. Users have reported to sucesfuly use it with above platform as well as Vox, SquareSpace.

What Next ?

Once you’ve installed the Zemanta plugin, you are good to go. Restart Firefox or IE and you’ll see Zemanta integrated to your favorite blogging platform.

How Can I Find The Best Tags For The Post/Article I Write - Zemanta The Best FireFox Add On

Just start writing and you’ll see Zemanta in action :).

[ Download Zemanta ]

How can I delete a MySpace account?

One of those odd moments that you feel you did something wrong with your MySpace account, but it turns out that you would not have done anything wrong, but just created another MySpace account. Now you don’t know how to delete the new account !

Well here is the solution if you are wondering how:

When you ‘Sign-In’ and are at the home page click ‘My Account’

When you get to ‘My Account’ page click ‘Account’ and scroll down and it will say ‘Cancel Account’.

Click ‘Cancel Account’ and it’ll delete your MySpace Account.