Alter Hard Drive Label or Partition Name in DOS

Alter Hard Drive Label or Partition Name in DOS

It is easy to change hard disk partition name in any windows operating system. Users just choose the option of renames from the contextual drop down list. Generally, users can create a new label name for volume during formatting of windows operating system

Label.exe is the command-line utility for changing the labels of names of the hard disk partitions. It is available in most Microsoft DOS and windows operating system including windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, windows 2000, windows ME, and windows server 2000.

To use this label.exe utility you need to use this syntax:

LABEL [drive:][label]


Label c: Music

Note: label.exe utility command line will work only if hard disk is not write-protected

Alternatively user simply enter “label” command to change or view current partition name on working operating system’s drive. It means through this command user can view or change label of the hard disk partition.   

Please bear in mind that the labeling of hard disk partition takes place with ASCII characters, and if you make mistakes, the Scandisk recognizes these characters, and assumes it to be corrupt or incorrect label of volume. The Scandisk then starts to fix that label. However, if scandisk start fixing label of volume, it may remove or delete all the space and information in that particular hard drive partition.

AeroBar To Display Folder Name In Windows Explorer Title Bar In Windows Vista

Use AeroBar For Displaying Folder Name In Windows Explorer Title Bar In Windows Vista

If you have switched from Windows XP to Vista, you must have noticed a prominent difference in connection to Windows Explorer Title Bar. Anytime you open a folder in Windows XP, name of the folder is shown in the Title Bar in Windows Explorer whereas Windows Vista does not display the name of the folder in Explorer’s Title Bar.

However, if you wish to display the name of the folder in Explorer’s Title Bar in Windows Vista, you may do it by using a utility known as “AeroBar”. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Download “AeroBar” utility from the internet and save it in any folder on your local drive.
  • Double-click on the utility to execute it.
  • Now, open any folder. You will notice that the name of the folder is displayed in Explorer’s Title Bar.
  • If you wish to run this utility in your system all the time, you need to simply copy the file “AeroBar.exe” into your system’s StartUp folder.


If you wish to stop this utility from running on your system, you may open Task Manager and search for the process “AeroBar.exe” under the tab “Processes”. Select the process and click on the button “End Process” to stop it.

Display Your Name In IE’s Title Bar

Display Your Name In IE’s Title Bar

Customizing internet explorer’s title to the user’s name is fun and very easy to do. A little fine-tuning is all one needs to Do in order to view their names on the title bar of the IE. Every IE page displays a page’s title when opened. However, showing user’s name beside the title is quite easy, which is by editing registry. These tweaks are cool and simple, and sure shot way to impress people. Follow the simple steps shown below to view your name on the IE’s title bar.

Altering IE Title Bar With User’s Name:

  • Browse to Start and click on Run
  • Write Regedit and hit Enter key.
  • A window for editing the registry opens. Now scroll down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, select Software, then choose Microsoft, choose Internet Explorer and select Main.
  • Few names and values for each registry are found to the right side of the window. Look for a name in the registry list named as “Window Title” from the list.
  • Edit the value of “Window Title” registry to the user’s name. Save the changes and shut the registry window.
  • Resume the internet explorer and view the new changes.

After this, IE will bear the user’s name on its title bar. User’s name will be displayed on every single IE page adjacent to the page’s title.