Facebook versus Google Plus

With more and more users turning to the internet each day, social networking sites have become highly popular. No site has surpassed Facebook in popularity, but recently a new contender has stepped up to the challenge: Google Plus. There are many features which mimic those of Facebook, but it also has some new ones that many consider vast improvements. Below we will compare and contrast the pros and cons of each social networking site to find out which one is superior.


Google Plus


  1. Google Plus Circles offer a unique way to group your friends and contacts.
  2. Google Plus games are not obnoxious and are not pushed by everyone, making it easy to go about your business without being interrupted.
  3. Posts can be edited on Google Plus, making it easy and convenient
  4. Better security/privacy features but apparently you cannot use an ‘alternate’ or made up name or your account will be deleted.
  5. Here the chat box can be resized to fit your needs.
  6. No apps here…..yet!


  1. Facebook doesn’t have anything similar to circles, people are your friends or aren’t your friends.
  2. Facebook has a wide variety of addicting games but the notifications/invites and spam can be really annoying when you aren’t interested in the games.
  3. Your post is concrete here, forcing you to delete it and repost if you’ve made a simply typo
  4. Here you can have whatever name you want without fear of being banned, however the other privacy features are still lacking and often abused by malicious internet users.
  5. The chat box here cannot be resized, only minimized.
  6. Facebook apps are often spammed and obnoxious.


As you can see by the corresponding features there are quite a few elements that are pulling towards Google Plus, but will it be enough to draw die hard Facebook users towards their social networking site? Google Plus is still new and doesn’t have the ‘big name’ that Facebook does, and doesn’t have near enough users yet. While the features for Google Plus are unique, new, and surprisingly fresh, Facebook will surely counter their new threat with upgrades and new features of their own.

Google Plus’s arrival into the social networking site was bold, but only time will tell if Google Plus will make Facebook the next MySpace or will it die off as other contenders have.

Now Safe Mode in Windows 7

Starting Safe Mode in Windows 7

Safe mode in windows enables accessibility for resolving issue of your computer. Safe mode is useful where your computers are not able to start normally. Below are the three fast steps to follow for starting system in safe mode having windows 7.

Step 1: Firstly, you’ll need to shut down your computer and restart it. Before the windows splash screen appears, press F8 key, this will take you to the advanced boot options. If it does not take you to the advance boot option page, then you must have missed it. Restart you computer and follow this step again.

After reaching advanced boot option page, you will find three safe mode options such as safe mode, safe mode with networking, and safe mode with command prompt. Now look at the meaning of these options. First one that “Safe Mode” stands for a default option, it is one of the best options to use, since it will load merely the steps you need go through. “Safe Mode with Networking” loads those processes, which are needed for running windows, and it requires internet access. “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” starts only those processes, which are required for starting Windows and subsequently open command prompt.

Command Prompt enables you to solve the window problems, executes batch files etc.

Step 2: for all these options, you will have to make use of keyboard keys to select the option and press enter.

Step 3: Make sure that whenever you want, any troubleshooting, you must log in as Administrator. After finishing troubleshooting, restart your computer.

Can We Downgrade / UnUpgrade / Revert Back To Old FaceBook Messaging?

Facebook recently revamped the way Messages, Chat and E-Mail functions work. The new changes made will integrate e-mails, IMs and texting in a unified inbox, and everything will be available in your message inbox.

As of now you can only upgrade to the new messaging product, as facebook doesn’t offer a solution, yet, for you to downgrade to previous messaging system. There is NO way to TURN OFF the new messaging system either.

FaceBook might come up with a solution in future, but that’s being speculative as no one is sure if FaceBook will ever consider requests of those who want to migrate back to FaceBook’s old messaging system.

Instead of cribbing about the new messaging system, we should learn to use it and accept the change.

I personally feel it is much easier and helps us to better organize our conversations in one single place. I’ll write in detail, how to use the New FaceBook Messaging system, step-by-step and I’m sure once you learn how to use it, you too will like it !

New Tag, UnTag, Tag Suggestions Feature On Facebook

When you talk of Facebook, one person stands bright in our minds and that is Mark Zuckberg, who incidentally was named the TIME’s person of the year. And now this social networking site, is proudly serving over 500 million users allover the world, always bringing in better updates to add to its features.

Now it is the turn of Facebook Photos, frequently used feature to undergo a makeover. Well, this update carries a lot of apprehensions much to the annoyance of many of its users. Instantly advices users as to the people they can tag in their photos, all of it depending on the facial recognition technology. It is called Tag Suggestion and is proposed only for US users as of now.

It’s quite simple to comprehend Tag Suggestions. Options are provided to tag groups of their friends together in an album. Facebook with the help of its facial recognition technology and with the aim of combining similar faces in a group, will in turn advice the user regarding who they should tag along with their photos. Facebook does the simple job of filling in the ‘Who is this?’ box along with its share of advice/suggestions and makes your job simpler by just clicking on the ‘save tags’ button to agree.

Assuming that you are one of those who are extra careful about privacy, there is no need to worry (earlier there were loop hole where people could looking to private albums in Facebook), Facebook provides you with a choice of opting out of ‘tag suggestions’.

Just go to your privacy settings to disable the ‘suggest photos of me to friends?’ to some, photo tagging can be quite a boring and time consuming task, in spite of the fact that Facebook is well known. It is Tag suggestions aim to simplify things and quicken the tagging process.

Facebook being extremely popular, there are thousands of people adding themselves to the Facebook network everyday. They include more than 100 million tags to photo, mainly because it is the simplest means to preserve and share photos and memories. The uniqueness in tagged photos is that it encourages you to re-live wonderful moments, maybe from the most thrilling experience of your life to the most memorable event in your past.

To speak in the words of Chris Cox, Facebook Vice-president of Product, this product took ideas of the in-house as well as technical ideas from other partners [unknown]. You can say, Tag Suggestions are quite clear and open. Whenever the need arises to tag groups of your friends to your albums, Facebook uses its facial recognition technology to help you.

Delete Orkut Account Permanently

Delete your Facebook or Orkut account permanently

Let us find out how to delete orkut account for ever:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Navigate to settings, on the left hand side navbar.
  3. Scroll to bottom of the general menu.
  4. Click on the option called delete my orkut account from My Account section.
  5. In the confirmation page again click the option called Delete my account.
  6. Your account will be deleted permanently.

It will take approx two days to delete the account.

Also read delete Facebook account forever.

If I Remove Someone As A Friend On Facebook, Will They Be Notified ?

This is a common question that might come in any facebook users mind:

If I remove someone as a friend on Facebook, will they be notified?

The answer to this is ‘NO‘, you friends will not be informed that you have removed them from your list. When you try removing your friends you’ll probably get a message which will read :”This person <name of your friend> will not be notified of this action.”

However, there are two sticking points you must know:

1> If your friend has subscribed to ‘Unfriend’ application, then they will be informed when you unfriend them from your facebook list.

2> Heard of reciprocal links ? You link to me and I’ll link to you, that’s the concept of reciprocal links. Facebook friends list works on a similar concept. If you unfriend a friend, it is as good as telling facebook that you are not interested in being on your friends list either, and hence you too will be removed from their list.

Guess we’ve cleared all doubts here.

How Can I Save and Access Multiple Network Settings Profiles

Save and Access Multiple Network Settings Profiles with Ease: Use NetSetMan

If you have a traveling job that involves visits to different companies / institutions / universities all the time, you have to hook up with the local internet network at the place you are visiting. This is the case if you don’t have a personal wireless broadband connection. However, the problem with going to these places that have their own internet network securely set up is that you have to enter a different set of proxies and internet settings every time.

Consider the situation that you had to visit a place X twice in a month from place Y, thus you have to change your internet and wireless networking settings four times within the span of a few weeks. This can be quite frustrating if this has to be done all throughout your life.

Well, it turns out that a software called NetSetMan can save you from this mess. This application stores the various internet settings and then you can load these settings as and when you please – all without having to enter all of those 8-9 digit IP addresses.

NetSetMan can support 6 different profiles with different internet settings and these profiles can be imported selectively into your network connections settings. The settings details include the typical internet settings that you encounter in any web browser. You have to enter the IP Address, the Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary /Secondary DNS Server addresses, the DNS Domain, and the WINS Server. You also have settings for Computer Name, Workgroup, Run Scripts, and the default printer. Thus, NetSetMan stores settings for the printer drive and configuration settings for network drives as well.

Further, the FastSwitch option on the taskbar allows you to switch between two profiles with just two mouse clicks. This software is compatible with all Windows versions and is freely available. You can download it from here.