Get Updated For New Gmail Arrivals With Gmail Notifier

Get Updated For New Gmail Arrivals With Gmail Notifier

Gmail notifier is complete software from google to inform you of new mail arrivals into your gmail account. Following the installation of gmail notifier, it will display a blue colored mailing icon in the system tray.

Select the icon, left click it twice to open gmail information login page. Now, select the ‘”remember me” Option to get notified of every Incoming-mail without being logged into the account.

This will commence automatically each and every time the computer system is rebooted.

It establishes connection to a Gmail-server every couple of minutes to assure arrivals of any new mail. With respect to arrival of a fresh gmail a beep sound is made to notify that you have received a new mail.

It also sets gmail as your default mail account for any outgoing mails.

Email Notifier Tool has been launched with two versions. One of the notifier tool works on windows platform and the later one works on Mac’s platform.

However, gmail-notifier is compatible with windows2000, xp and vista and can be downloaded on both windows and Mac-systems.

A Brief Review On Notifier Privacy Practices

A Brief Review On Notifier Privacy Practices

You can be carefree while using Google’s products like Google Notifier and Gmail Notifier as Google respects and takes good care of your privacy.  When you run Gmail / Google Notifier on your system, Google does not store any of your personal data other than what is generally gathered while using Gmail.

Gmail /Google Notifier come with only single software which is needed during the installation. Google makes it a point not to trick you into installing any other software on your system. From time to time, the Notifier contacts Google server to make sure that you have the most recent version running on your PC. If Google detects that the Notifier version is not the latest one, it automatically updates it.    

A small portion of text from your unread messages is stored by the Notifier in your PC’s temporary memory. No permanent data is stored in the Notifier or transmitted back to Google.

In case you select the option “Remember my Password” while signing in to your Gmail Notifier, it is stored by Windows in ‘Protected Storage’ which is the location where Internet Explorer stores all its passwords. Your Gmail password remains encrypted to prevent other users from accessing it.