Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

If an individual has a picture with wordings displayed on it, and likes to store only the wordings but not the complete image with quote on it, then ideally he has to manually type them on any text editors and store for a future reference.

If a large numeral of picture files with a pretty longer wordings printed on them fascinates an individual, and they tend to save them by typing each wording on text editors will be very taxing for them. In order to minimize the time consumption in storing these wordings printed on image files, a newly launched software is out which can be utilized to extract just the wordings and store them as text files.

This software comprises of tools which support in extracting only wordage from an image, as this tool is powered through O.C.R (optical character recognition) engineering. These utility tools mostly support image or picture file formats such as jpeg, bmp, png, etc.

It initially transforms the images through codes to system, then after the transition, computer will assess to distinguish the portion of images as text and other elements, and then it will just extract the wordings.

This O.C.R engineering actually transforms images to system perceivable format. This tool concept appears with a sky-scraping value tag.

As it has consumed pretty huge amount of time in development and testing expenses so, companies aren’t ready to release this merchandise as a freeware.

If individuals think of purchasing this tool, then there are two of tools to choose from. First tool is called Abbyy fine reader and second named timer snapper. Users can also search on web for OCR plugins.

However, there is one Free OCR online Service to help users in extracting wordings from images. This online utility is called as “Free OCR”, which will help users in pulling out just the wordings out of the images.

As this tool is online based, users need to scan the images and then upload it to the “Free OCR” to utilize its brilliant support.

Download JOCR To Capture Text From Images

Download JOCR To Capture Text From Images

At many occasions, you might need to copy some text from an image or a protected webpage that might not allow you to do so. In such cases, what you would normally do is, type the desired text from the protected webpage or image manually. Now with JOCR, you no more need to waste your precious time in typing out the text.  

JOCR is a powerful software utility which allows you to copy the desired text from a protected webpage or an image file by using a technology known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR technology converts images or protected web pages into useful characters for further processing.

You need to capture the protected webpage or image using JOCR. Once you have done this, the image/ webpage will appear on JOCR screen. All you need to do is, click on the button “Recognizer” for copying desired text from the webpage or image file.


JOCR is an easy-to-use utility which supports 20 different texts including Danish, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, English, German, French, Hungarian, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Spanish.

You need to have MS Office version 2003 or higher and MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging) installed on your system for using JOCR. You can easily download JOCR from the internet, free of charge.