Microsoft Office Suite Diagnostic Tool For Troubleshooting And Fixing The Problems

Microsoft Office Suite Diagnostic Tool For Troubleshooting And Fixing The Problems

Microsoft office suite is one of the most essential applications package for everyone. Most of the professionals and office workers work on the Microsoft office suite, whether while they are preparing a presentation on power point, or preparing worksheet on excel or writing on the word document. However, what if MS Office suite does not respond or show some technical errors while you are launching it. The users will surely get frustrated, as they will not be able to perform their task seasonably. Usually, non-technical individuals try to open again and again the MS Office application, but it doesn’t work and finally, they rush to tech person in charge who is well aware of the problem and fixes it.

It can be very critical and serious problem, especially when you are working on important projects and MS office suite shows errors. Therefore, you’ll need to know how to diagnose and troubleshot the errors of MS office. Many of the MS office users are not aware of inbuilt Microsoft Diagnostic Tool, which diagnoses the MS office application and displays the results mentioning root errors and their causes.

This is quite useful tool, which is accessible in MS Office 2007 suite. The inbuilt feature of this tool conducts number of tests in order to find out the real problems and provide users set of options to fix the occurred trouble. The diagnosed data will be stored into the computer for further reference. If you find that the problem is more critical to be understood and fixed by you, just send the error report to Microsoft for later assistances. However, Microsoft Office Diagnostic surely fixes the basic problems. Here are some tests given conducted by Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

  • Setup Diagnostic: Diagnostic tool scan office 2007 setup and registry files to find out the corrupted and malicious files. There are many situations when your office suite corrupts due to attack of viruses and incorrectly configured hardware.
  • Disk Diagnostic: As its name depicts, it scan the hard disk sector to find out any errors. Through this check it will show hard disk errors regarding Self-monitoring logged errors, SMART, etc.

  • Memory Diagnostic: This test is just for ensuring that computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory) is integrated with computer properly or not.
  • Update Diagnostic: This test checks for any latest updates from Microsoft service suite. There are many service packages that update and increase the features of MS Office. You will be promoted to update your MS office suite by Microsoft Office Diagnostic tools which find out the latest updates for MS office.
  • Compatibility Diagnostic: This test refers to identifying the conflicting version of any two applications such as Microsoft outlook. Users cannot run two different versions of Microsoft outlook on one single computer at a time.
  • Check for Solutions: It checks all the bugs and crashes that have been stored into MS office. Once it finishes the checking, connect your computer to server in order to check form any available solutions.

In order to start Microsoft Office Diagnostic, users just need to navigate to Start>>All Programs>>Microsoft Office>>Microsoft Office Tools>>Microsoft Office Diagnostics

Create Powerpoint Presentations, Word Documents And Spreadsheets Online For Free

ThinkFree Online is a freeware office suite offered by Microsoft available within your web browser. This application helps users to create power point presentations, word documents and spreadsheets online. Optimization of this application is an ideal solution for professionals who commute everyday to reach their work stations or attend to their distant clients.

ThinkFree Online is by all fair means one of the most efficient utility driven applications loaded with essential features like Write ( word processor) , show (presentation program), Calc (spreadsheet), Note (blog editor) and WYSIWYG HTML. This multi-utility application encompasses the main highlights of programs like Microsoft Office, Power Point and Excel which makes it an easy use even by novice users. With this application you get a storage space of 1GB which is quite enough to store numerous large sized and medium sized files. This application easily allows you to connect with other system users on your important documents which you can further put to share on your website, blog or a social networking site.

If ThinkFree Online is installed in your system, there won’t be any chance of data leak or loss owing to the protective data storage means offered by this application. You can further access your online stored files from any random system located at any part of the world. While traveling in a plane, you can easily disconnect from internet without having to loose your work. In fact, with this application, you can continue working without a validated internet connection as well. You can further share your documents to other users optimizing this application on their system.

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Full-Featured Office Productivity Suite That’s Compatible With Microsoft Office

Star Office is a feature oriented software that encompasses important programs for spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, database, drawings, calendar, Web publishing and mail. This software is one of the most versatile and accessible software used for enhancing the productivity of the day-to-day office work. The most important advantage of this software is that it is easily available on Macintosh OSX, Linux Platforms, Microsoft Windows and Solaris Operating Environment.

Installing this software makes most of your office oriented tasks much easier and faster. It is specially designed to meet the productive needs of users engaged in both small and large scale businesses. Some of the tasks include, ease at PDF import, providing tools that ensure participation in web, like blogs or networking sites, automatic alerts, more user-friendly icons, automatic installation of updated programs etc.

This multi-feature driven software has been designed by Sun Microsystems. It can be downloaded for free from Google pack, software designed by Google where users can download varied software for free. To access Star Office, all you need to do is install Google Pack in your system, search for the software you want to download and just click on it to initiate the free download process.

For installing Star Office, it is advisable that users get access to a broad band connection for a fast download of this 210 MB sized software. You would find most of the features in this software in form of extensions, which is easily available for usage once you download the software.

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