Appear Offline On Windows Live Messenger 2011

Appear Offline Now Even With The Windows Live Messenger 2011

Everyday, the big Software Development organizations like Google and Microsoft are working on introducing new features in their already developed applications to give their customers more user friendly applications. However, when they add new features, they remove some very useful attributes from their applications too. It happened recently with the launching of Windows Live Messenger 2011 in which many new attributes and characteristics were introduced and many popular attributes have been removed too. The main removed attributes among them is Windows Live Messenger 2011’s block list.

Block list facility in messengers and other application is always useful to stop unwanted messages and emails and to ignore the people whom you don’t want to interact with due to some personal reason or due to your busy schedule. When a user blocks a person on their messenger or email, it is not possible to see them appearing online or offline and message and email from the blocked person will not be delivered.

In new version of Windows Live Messenger 2011, the facility to block contacts has been removed. The removal of this has made all blocked contacts be reappeare at online status and are able to see the status of contacts who download the upgrade version of Windows Live Messenger 2011.  

Unfortunately, the users will not be able to block directly an unwanted person or contact in Windows Live Messenger 2011. However, they still can be on sn offline mode to the people or group of contacts by taking some workaround steps. This is notable that they cannot block the contacts, but can appear offline to the other parties and they will receive the messages and IM sent by other parties and the detail of the unwanted person like name will still be appeared in the contact list of WLM 2011.

If users want to appear offline to some contacts or group of contacts, then take below mentioned easy steps to do so:

Log in to Windows Live Messenger 2011. From your messenger’s list, right click on the person’s name in the list whom you want to be offline and click on the option “Apear Offline To This Person“. and it is done. That’s it.

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Offline

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Full Offline Standalone Setup Installer

As the form of challenge to instant messenger, Yahoo has introduced a new upgraded version, and it is called as Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta 1.

The new version of Yahoo Messenger has been built with couple of new attributes, consisting of social gaming like Happy Manner, happy harvest, Draw My Thing, Pool, Balloono, Fishville, Mafia Wars, and it directly connects and manages social networking website such as Twitter, FaceBook, Flicker, and Yahoo Pulse.

Features of Yahoo Messenger Beta 11:

Keep in touch with anywhere in the world: You can connect with the various social networking sites as it allows you to view the status, comments like the updates from Twitter, FaceBook, Flicker, and Yahoo Pulse.

Post One Status to Multiple sites: Since you are able to connect with multiple social media websites using this new Yahoo Messenger, you can simultaneously write a new status message on all of them at one go.

Chat with FaceBook Friends: Just like adding Window Live id, now you can also add FaceBook friends to your Yahoo contacts and chat with them.

Rich Experience across the devices: With this version of Yahoo Messenger, you can make video calls, share pictures and videos between PCs.

Contact from anywhere: You could start Instant messenger in PC, and then you can continue using them with internet enabled devices such as Android based mobiles and iPhone.

Quick Access to recent interaction: You can recover latest instant messenger discussion from any computer, where you have signed into yahoo messenger.

Download Yahoo Messenger here.

Download Direct offline installer here.

Currently Offline Gmail Is Only Offered To UK And US Users

Currently Offline Gmail Is Only Offered To UK And US Users

At last Google has officially announced the long awaited “offline Gmail” for free webmail service that is applicable for UK and US English users only. With this latest service provided by Google, the users can still browse the Inbox, read the email and can even draft email when their connection is in the offline mode.

This feature of offline Gmail can easily be activated through some simple setting. The users will have to go to the Gmail account, and then click “Settings”, after that go to the tab named “Labs”. Select Enable option near Offline Gmail and then save changes before you leave that page.

After this feature gets activated, technically the service provided by webmail makes use of the Google Gears in order to download the local cache of the user’s mail. Then the cache is made to synchronize with Gmail’s servers while users are online.

After the users go offline, the Gmail will automatically switches into offline mode. They can use the data stored in the computer’s hard disk rather than the information that is available on the servers. Presently this new feature of Gmail is still under the beta phase as further testing is being conducted. You can check out the guide here

Access Your Google Calendar Even When Offline

Access Your Google Calendar Even When Offline

The Google Calendar is an extremely useful integrated application for Gmail users. This application helps users to manage time as well as events conveniently. The application is absolutely free and provides various other useful features like event alert, calendar sharing etc. The only disadvantage of this application was that it could be used only when you are online.

Looking into the growing competition, Google has solved this drawback and has made it accessible when not connected online. This application can be accessed even in offline mode by using the Google Calendar Offline Beta. This new service provides users the benefits of using their calendars on the go. You can view your planned events and schedules even when you are offline, but you will not be able to edit them.

Other than the above mentioned utility, users can use another utility known as the GMinder. This application too gives quick and easy access to your Google Calendar even when you are offline.


GMinder is an application that helps users to access and download their scheduled events and calendar even with the browser closed. The application’s setup is extremely straightforward and simple. You just have to provide your username and password and then follow it by clicking on the “Download” tab. After being successfully downloaded, it will display a list of upcoming events mentioned in the calendar.

With the help of the GMinder, you can select any event of your choice and make the necessary changes. You can even add or delete events. There is also an option of alerting you about the events to come. The GMinder is compatible only with the Windows Operating System. Other than this it also requires .NET framework from Microsoft. Windows vista and Windows 7 have this framework inbuilt, but users of older versions of Windows need to install it.    

Browse Websites Offline Using BackStreet Browser

Browse Websites Offline Using BackStreet Browser

Many people like to read blogs or surf the web on their laptops while they are travelling. However, most of the times, the broadband network is limited and does not support. If you are one of those who like to browse while travelling, here is a software utility known as ‘BackStreet’ which is ideal in such situations.

‘BackStreet’ enables you to download websites and store them in your system’s local drive so that you can view the contents at leisure without having to access the network. It is basically an offline browser which has ability to download the entire contents of a website to its maximum link depth as defined by the user.  

The downloaded content of a website contains HTML, Java Applets, graphics, sound and many other user-definable files. After downloading the contents, the software utility will amazingly construct all the links as present in the original website even in an offline mode. Using BackStreet browser, you can also duplicate the structure of a website directory so as to migrate a website to a different server.

In case you happen to lose network connectivity while downloading the contents of a website, BackStreet browser has the capacity to resume the session and continue downloading from the point where it stopped once the connectivity is re-established.


To get updated contents of the website that you downloaded previously, BackStreet comes with a feature known as “Update Session”. You can re-visit the website to ensure that you have the latest files. The main screen of BackStreet browser contains quick-view browser windows that enable you to view all the downloaded files offline.

Quick-view browser windows also allow you to browse zipped website, i.e. you can view zip files without having to unzip them. However, it is not necessary that you view all the downloaded files using these quick-view browser windows. You may also view the files using any of your favorite browsers. 

BackStreet browser version 3.1 works with Windows 2000, 95, 98, XP, ME and NT. You need to have a system with a RAM of at least 64MB and hard disk space of 2MB for this freeware to work properly.

Enable Accessing Gmail In Offline Mode

Get Access To Your Gmail in Offline Mode

Have you ever imagined getting access your important mails in Gmail account when you are disconnected with internet? There is special feature available in your Gmail account that allows you to enable this function. Additionally you will be enabled to use all features of Gmail account in offline mode such as Labels, Trash, Search, Sent, Chat, Draft, etc.

Offline Gmail doest not download mails on your computer, so your inbox will be remain as it is while you can read and compose mails in offline mode.

Currently Offline Gmail is available in US English language interface. All you need to do is just enable this feature in your account, and you will start reading your important mails in offline mode. Here is a tutorial to enable the offline Gmail function in your Gmail account.

  1. Initially enter ID and password to login to Gmail.
  2. Navigate to settings> Labs. Or just click on the shortcut icon beside “settings” option in your account.
  3. Now just mark the option Enable under offline lab.
  4. Now click on “Save Changes” button when you are done.
  5. Gmail will display you new interface tab where you need to click on Offline link.
  6. Now Gmail interface will prompt you to allow this function or not. You need to make sure that you click on “I trust this site. Allow it to used” in Gmail Gears tab.
  7. Click on the Next option to continue enabling process of Offline Gmail.
  8. Now you will be prompted to specify the location where you want to place shortcut of offline Gmail access – Start Menu, Desktop, and Quick Launch Bar. Once you selected one of them, press OK to continue.
  9. Now Gmail start synchronizing your mails in the background of your account saliently.

  10. Once synchronization process will be completed, you can access to your Gmail account in offline mode.