OLPC plans to step in India …

I recently spoke about how smart kids from ‘developing nations’ were misusing the One Laptop Per Child opportunity.

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), which basically is an American nonprofit organization, has be working on developing low-cost, connected laptops for children in the developing countries. OLPC plans to sell one million laptops in India in a year, and this was announced in The Economic Times.

Now, this is good news for us Indians. So far OLPC has set up its office in New Delhi. According to the company, it already has sponsorship commitments from key corporate houses for the project. The laptop is priced at $300 including deployment and maintenance. Although an XO-1 laptop costs only $100, additional features such as video camera and USB ports would increase the cost up to $200. With maintenance and deployment costs, the cost shoots up to $300.

According to OLPC, the laptops will be available only as charitable donations to primary schools in the country. However, an individual wishing to buy the laptop for personal or corporate use will be charged $400 for two laptops, one of which will be donated to a school of his choice. OLPC also offers to print the brand of the company on the laptop in case of a large order.

In the next  12 months, OLPC plans to amalgamate with 30 key corporate houses and spokespersons and work towards increasing the literacy of information technology in India. However, the project may face competition from Intel’s Classmate PC, which has already been deployed in some schools. Intel’s Linux- based  Classmate PC costs nearly $300 and is aimed at secondary school children. OLPC focuses on primary schools for its XO-1 laptops.

The laptop has a waterproof and dust-resistant keyboard and wireless mesh network capability. According to its makers, it can receive nearby frequencies up to 350 metres. The XO-1 laptop offers many features unavailable in conventional laptops. However, OLPCs needs to find corporate business partners to achieve their target.

Source: ItExaminer

How Smart Kids Can Turn Things Around – OLPC ( One Laptop Per Child) Had To Taste A Bit Of It ;)

A few months ago, if you took a peek into any tech news channel and you’d find plenty of news about the OLPC foundation and the laptop design for kids and about how children in seventh-world countries were going to gain wisdom through education by using those laptops.

Wise they have become. They did get educated, had their classes of sex education, got an idea  of what grown-ups do in bed. Which isn’t really bad and was as planned, per se, but sex education via porn was how most ‘smart’ kids learnt it. This wasn’t what OLPC (One Laptop per child) foundation foresaw, that’s something which they liked, and had to plan and do something about it.

The news came via the Nigerain News Agency. Formally, they said the laptops that some kids in that country received were being used to surf porn sites, well kids will be kids, guess OLPC forgot ‘curiosity kills the cat’.. in this day and age, of course. These are no normal kids, they are the ‘Neo-kids’. So, anyway, reporters from the Agency visited classrooms where the XP operating system fitted laptops were being used. They noticed more flesh on the screens than should have been there. One of the scribes borrowed a laptop to browse through the system and was shocked to see tons of sexually-explicit images and videos stored in it.

By now they should have worked on a solution to tackle this issue, the best being implementing porn filtering software, so the children won’t be able to access What ‘Big Boys’ Want, involuntarily or otherwise. But I can bet these little perverts will always end up figuring a way to bypass the filters. Because kids will be kids … ‘Neo-kids’, I’d say.