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Windows Live Office Web Apps – Free Access Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote Online

Office Web Apps are the web-based solutions by companies for word, OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, which has been launched along with Office Mac 2011 and Office 2010. With the help of these applications user are able to create, view, edit share and collaborate them with the documents, presentation, worksheets, and notes from almost anywhere with the internet accessibility. The best part of these applications is that they are free of charge apps and everybody can get himself or herself registered for these services irrespective of the fact whether they have the license key for office 2010 or not.

These online office web apps are based on cloud technology and they efficiently switch to Offline Live Workshop. These apps have availability in two variants, first is Windows Live, this is free for home users through interaction with the Window Live SkyDrives and, on the other hand Enterprises and Corporate can install app on self hosted SharePoint 2010 along with volume licensing agreement.

Office Web Apps offers web based version of Excel, Word, OneNote and PowerPoint presentation, which offers up to 25 GB of data storage on SharePoint 2010 Or Window Live SkyDrives for files with any kind of extension. Office web apps also provide you with option to store the documents on your local computer along with the online data storage. With these apps, you do not have to search for extra viewer such as Visio 2010 or PowerPoint 2010, because the documents are going to be opened in web browser and you do not have to worry regarding compatibility.

Microsoft is regularly making improvements in Office Web Apps. In recent times, numerous attributes has been combined with office web apps such as ability to take print out in addition to view, ability to insert clipart and charts, auto fill option etc.

Apart from the basic editing features in office web apps, it does not have enhanced features, which come with desktop applications. Users can directly and effortlessly open the document in office web application, which has already been opened in desktop application, without the need to transfer the file manually. After the completion of editing, the file will automatically take the backup on the web server without the need for manually saving.

Office web apps full version has been made available for user of many countries including UK, US, Ireland, Canada and more, a few might not be in the local language. You can access the office web apps on with the supported browser, which are, for Windows Internet Explorer 7 or above, For Mac OS Safari 4 or above, and for Windows, Mac, and Linux Firefox 3.5

How to Publish and Store Documents on Office Web Apps

Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentation, Word Documents can be directly saved on Window Live SkyDrives  with the help of “Backstage View” of Excel 2010, Word 2010, OneNote 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 just by clicking Share >Save to SkyDrive. Users can make a new folder or save the changes in existing folder on SkyDrives.

Alternate Method, follow one of these procedures for accessing office web apps and upload the file directly using the web browser. You can also upload the file with desktop application “Window Live SkyDrive Explorer”

Accessibility and Usage of Microsoft Office Web Apps

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Install Microsoft Mathematics Add-on For OneNote And Word

How To Install Microsoft Mathematics Add-on For OneNote And Word

Microsoft Mathematics add-in is a set of tools that enable users to create 2D and 3D graphs, calculate numerical questions, solve equations, inequalities, and simplify the algebraic expressions. This add-in is designed for Microsoft word and OneNote notebooks.
The aim of designing this add-in is to help those professionals, teachers and students who need to perform mathematical calculations and plot graphs in notebooks and word documents. Besides, this add-in featured with extensive collection of mathematical structures and symbols.

Users will get simple formatted expression that will help them to insert graphs easily into the word document and notebook.
Tasks that can be performed by the Microsoft Mathematics Add-in are following:

• Calculate standard mathematical functions such as logarithms and roots
• Calculate trigonometric equations such as cosine and sine
• Users can fine derivatives, limits, integrals, sums, and products of series.
• It performs matrix operations such as addition, multiplication, and inverses.
• Plot 2D graphs in polar coordinates and Cartesian.
• Plot 3D graphs in Cylindrical, spherical coordinates and Cartesian.
• Solves inequalities and equations
• Simplify the algebraic expressions.
• Factor integers and polynomials
• Calculate statistical equations and functions.
The latest add-in supports Microsoft word 2010, Microsoft word 2007, and Microsoft OneNote 2010. In order to get the free Microsoft mathematic add-in, just follow the below given steps.
• Download add-in “MASetup.exe”.
• In order to execute the installation program double click on the setup file and follow the onscreen procedure to complete the installation.
• Once the installation completed, start the word or OneNote program and you will see the computation, graphing options and new equation on the mathematical tab.
• That’s all.

Finally, you will be able to use the latest equation functions to solve the difficult inequalities.