Biggest List Of Free Online Video / Audio / Text Chat Website For Strangers (Girls / Guys)

I came across a list of sites that claimed to allow you chat with strangers (girls and guys)- video / audio / text chat. I visited the sites to check if these sites were legitimate and if they did work at all.


All those who plan to visit any of these sites
“Do not visit these sites if you are at work, school, or any public place where you can be humiliated. You’ll bump into strangers who almost always are wearing nothin !!”

Here’s my list according to my preferance (My main criteria were: ease of use, number of ads, unique features and server speed):

1> Omegle by far is the simplest of these type of sites. It’s very interesting, simple and clean.

2> : I had problems loading this site. I’m not sure if it was the browser or the flash version installed or server load at the time when I tried logging in.

They also flash this message targetted at Google Chrome users:

Chrome users:
If your Flash Player crashes often, please upgrade your Chrome or try a different browser.

I was on Chrome and was lazy to fire up another browser and test it, so I’m just going by what has to say.

3> FaceBuzz – Looks decent enough. They have an integrated Facebook connect option. It is a social network, allowing unknown people to meet randomly, via voice or video chat. On FaceBuzz it’s mandatory that you need to have a webcam, as it is meant for strangers with webcams only. You have an otion to avoid obscene not safe videos, though I’m not sure what stops people from surpassing this.

Some other interesting features are that you can auto reconnect if connection is lost. Clean the chatlog, clear the chat messages if you hit on with a new stranger and a report button that lets you voice your concerns.

Though it is fairly good, I feel that there are a lot of ads, which is a bit irritating and also the slow servers don’t help much !

I guess it’s a french owned company, and you can find their blog (available only in french) here.

They do have a contact form / page:

Please contact [email protected] for any question or bug report.

Everything supplied by the user, is not property of FaceBuzz and therefore FaceBuzz is not responsible for what you will find.

You should be 18 years old to use this service.

Thank you for using FaceBuzz !

4> Rounds : Fairly good, interactive Video Chat, you can take snapshots, play real-time games, watch youtube together, share pictures, listen to music, funny web cam effects and much more while you are online !

They have a Facebook application, Social community, wave gadget and they have a chrome extension too !

5> Lolichat : The only website which has an explicit warning :

If you expose your genitals or show porn video to someone…
We must report you to the Interpol’s cyber center right away, without any warnings!
Then we will capture your video.
And we will get your IP information.

Do you agree?

One of the most interesting feature is that this website has a translator, now just in case you stumble across someone who chats in a language you don’t know, isn’t that interesting ?

Though their unprofessional Feedback email id put me off : [email protected] . GMail, a free email service really ??

Some other regular options are you can change video position, auto reconnect, clean chat log and turn off / on chat sound. This website too is only for those users who have a webcam. Without a cam there is no way you can go ahead and chat..

6> Tinychat – You can create your own or join an existing channel !!

In each channel, all those who are subscribed to that channel and are online currently will show up. To report someone you have to hover your mouse on video and option to hide / report will pop -up. Advantage of TinyChat is that they have facilities for group chat. However, make sure you are on a very fast connection when you login to TinyChat. So many windows open simultaneously might alter and reduce your browsers performance.

Even when you are in a group, you have the option to send messages to individual and if the stranger and you want to move to a private room, you can do so.

To view who’s online and chat with them you don’t need to be logged in, however, if you want to leave a comment on any channel then you need to be logged in.

A few other ‘Chat with stranger’ sites that did not impress me much, however the users probably can find something good out of them :

7> CamZap – It’s available in English, Dutch, Espanol, French, Portugese and few other languages. Click on “start / zap” if you want to chat with a new stranger.

8> Spin the cam – This one doesn’t look genuine at all. It shows a lot of girls in the members last logged in, which is really hard to believe. It’s not just a cam chat site, it is a more like a social forum. They have informatin about people who have registered with them, for ex:

You can connect with them via Facebook, twitter, google, yahoo etcs, or create an account. If you want to get hold of more information about other members on the site, sign in required. I did not bother to create an account, as the site looks fake !

9> ShufflePeople – Have to click on Start Playing once you open that webpage. When you try to start chatting initially it tries to send your information to a Facebook app and requests your permission to do so. Those who do not pay attention to these pop-up  messages, might just end up becoming a member of it on FaceBook, and your friends might get to know which site you’ve been visiting ;), which is not what you want ! To avoid such situation, when the facebook option pops up, deny it.

Once you are done with it, it flashes a message: “Sit tight we are finding a random person for you”. The slow servers force you to wait for longer than you expect.

Among other features, they have group chat option, an option to report as well. It is ad supported and you can select to stop playing once you are bugged with it.

10> Another website is CamStuble: First look, I did not like it and the reason is their title “For the attention deprived”. Assumption ! Who said only attention deprived people go online to chat with strangers !! ?

They have a forum here and a store You have group chat option as well

You can either stumble anonymously or with an identity. You can get your own identity by creating an account:

However, the site doesn’t seem to be very popular. So I’m not sure if it’s really worth the time you spend on that site.

11> College Only is another site : Even after two repeated attempts to load the website, it did not come up. May be I visited it on a wrong day !

All the services we have discussed above are browser based and they do not require you to download any software prior to start chatting with strangers. There are various adantages and disadvantages, without getting into let, lets see other different kind of services:

12> Cam frog – another service that lets you chat with strangers. However you need to download and install a software before you can start chatting with strangers.

For windows mac mobile:

For iphone and ipad:

User directory:

They have pro version available and with the pro version you can

Open multiple video windows.
Resize video windows to large sizes.
Locate what room a user is in.
Add text and cool effects to your video window.
Send files to your friends.
Remotely access your webcam from another computer to see what’s going on at your home.
IM and Room History. Keep a history of your IM conversions and rooms you joined.
Drag your contacts to the desktop to see their status when then Camfrog is closed.

You can download the pro version from :

It’s available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X. All software come with a one year subsrciption.

Another very unique service that deserves mention is :

Anybodyoutthere : AnybodyOutThere is a chat platform which helps users find the right people to talk with about what interests them.

Once you sign up you can filter results / refresh results based on your search criteria (either username and / or keyword).

The search result will list all popular topics on which the user can post, find, orgainze and personalize. One of the best platforms to catch up with strangers based on your interest !

You can see another list compiled here on FreeNuts.

Gmail Feature To change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

Converting feature of Gmail enables users to change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

A little while back Gmail labs introduced new feature in Gmail which helps you to convert contents of Gmail into Google Doc. You can also publish or share it through your own blog.  The main important characteristic of this feature is that it saves your time and effort.  There is no more worry to copy contents and paste email contents into word document and attach in email to share with your friends.

All you need to do is just enable Google Doc option in your account by following these steps. Open Gmail account go to settings>labs> create document>select enable to enable this feature.

Now just click on save to save these settings. It is so easy to enable this feature in Gmail accounts.  If you are working on internet explorer then make sure that you are using internet explorer 7 version and above, as old version of IE does not support view labs feature.

Remove Password & Restrictions For PDF Files Online

Remove Password & Restrictions For PDF Files Online

Usually many people like us are facing numerous problems regarding the PDF files. It is more painful when we secure these PDF files by means of a password, and if we forget the password after a few days. You may be experienced that most of times, you can’t save the images or copy any text as of a PDF file as the PDF files are limited for certain usages, which is indeed a security measure as well.

On the other hand you can avoid all the limitations including the text lock for images and password security. You can gain the access to copy all the data from the PDF file along with images and text. All you’ll need to do is install a simple online tool or utility to open the file by unlocking the password.

There are countless e-books under copyright act and are available in PDF format, but they don’t permit to save images or copy text from the e-books. Lots of Banks as well as other companies issue the invoices and statements in PDF format files which are protected by the particular password. If in case you have forgotten the password, and you can’t access that PDF file, don’t worry any more, here is a key to crack the password.

First of all, just upload the provided PDF file on the website and the wait for a little bit. You will be provided with a link so that you can download your PDF file that you had uploaded in the beginning. After downloading the PDF file you will observe that the password security has been detached allowing you to copy image or text of your PDF file. However, please be reminded that you are uploading the file to a third party server, and therefore you might want to decide beforehand on which files you could share, and more importantly the ones that you shouldn’t. 

Now Get Adsense Reports In Your Mail Inbox Online

Now Get Adsense Reports In Your Mail Inbox Online

The Adsense reports can now be viewed directly in your email inbox. Now you needn’t log onto your Adsense account and check your earnings when you wish to. The Adsense has introduced their email system option, with which any user can get reports directly in their inbox!

This recently introduced Adsense feature has been discussed by the Adsense team in their blog. For setting up the reports via email service, first you need to log onto your Google Adsense Account and then click Reports.

Choose “advanced reports” and search the report for a data range. After this you need to save this report as a Report Template and check this saved Template in the Report manager.

Once this is done, you can choose the frequency of getting reports from daily, weekly and monthly. The service will ask you the email address which you would like your reports delivered to. You also have the option of giving another email address other than the one given for setting up the Adsense account.

Once your settings have been changed, save it. This completes your reporting setup activity, and from now on you will get all Adsense reports on your email id.

Online Remote Drive From Opendrive Providing 1 GB Of Free Space

Online Remote Drive From Opendrive Providing 1 GB Of Free Space

Creating a backup for all your important data has never been so easy in this technologically advanced age. One can store, create back up, share large files with devices like DVD, pen drive, portable hard drive. The stored data can be transferred easily with these resources.

One can upload files using hosting services and later download from any part of the world. Sharing data using Hosting Service Providers allows many users to get an access to the data at the same time from different locations. These services do not come without any problems; first of all they are costly. A new service called “opendrive” will be a befitting answer to all your uploading, downloading and cost issues.

Opendrive is a distant drive which offers approximately 100 gigabytes for a single computer. One can store, create backups, and share any number of files on internet from your personal computer. It is easy to upload, create backups for huge data files, save on this drive without using any web browsers. One can drag & drop, paste files from your local drives on this remotely accessed drive.

Files stored on Opendrive can be shared with other people if you have authorized them to read, copy, and save these files. Such people are also required to be opendrive users to share, view your stored files. An opendrive account can be accessed with the help of an internet device from” website.

Users who are concerned about virus attacks, security, and data theft need not worry as Opendrive has solution to these problems too. Its Privacy Policy assures users that such a thing will never happen.

The latest opendrive version is 1.1 and available for both Windows XP and windows Vista operating systems. Mac users are deprived of this drive.

Presently opendrive users can register for a Beta Account. They are provided with 1 Gigabytes of memory space. All registered users are charged $1 for 1 gigabytes size annually, an additional opendrive space of 100 GB can also be obtained on request. This service is great for users who are always on travel for business purposes.

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

If an individual has a picture with wordings displayed on it, and likes to store only the wordings but not the complete image with quote on it, then ideally he has to manually type them on any text editors and store for a future reference.

If a large numeral of picture files with a pretty longer wordings printed on them fascinates an individual, and they tend to save them by typing each wording on text editors will be very taxing for them. In order to minimize the time consumption in storing these wordings printed on image files, a newly launched software is out which can be utilized to extract just the wordings and store them as text files.

This software comprises of tools which support in extracting only wordage from an image, as this tool is powered through O.C.R (optical character recognition) engineering. These utility tools mostly support image or picture file formats such as jpeg, bmp, png, etc.

It initially transforms the images through codes to system, then after the transition, computer will assess to distinguish the portion of images as text and other elements, and then it will just extract the wordings.

This O.C.R engineering actually transforms images to system perceivable format. This tool concept appears with a sky-scraping value tag.

As it has consumed pretty huge amount of time in development and testing expenses so, companies aren’t ready to release this merchandise as a freeware.

If individuals think of purchasing this tool, then there are two of tools to choose from. First tool is called Abbyy fine reader and second named timer snapper. Users can also search on web for OCR plugins.

However, there is one Free OCR online Service to help users in extracting wordings from images. This online utility is called as “Free OCR”, which will help users in pulling out just the wordings out of the images.

As this tool is online based, users need to scan the images and then upload it to the “Free OCR” to utilize its brilliant support.

FREE Online Animation Support To Customize Email-Signatures

FREE Online Animation Support To Customize Email-Signatures

Online animation industry is very vast and growing quickly each day, now with its support for creating email signatures with animated touches has given a refreshed look to these signatures.

These signatures appear at the end of an email, displaying sender’s name and wishes to receivers. By adding customized email signatures on it, it beautifies its presence as elegant, stylish and professional.

Till date users were utilizing just the normal text email signatures. Now with this utility they can get their email signatures customized as they desire it to be.

There are numerous websites available online offering customization, but only a few offer creations of these email-signatures for free and others they charge depending on the styles they do.

Professionals may charge customizing these signatures for “10dollars to $100dollars” depending on the image selection and its creation process.

Now, individuals can get these signatures customized through online service namely “mylivesignature” for “FREE”. This online utility tools utilization is free with its finest quality custom email signatures.

In order to customize your emails, individuals aren’t even asked to register an account with them, but if they do register they will get other additional benefits which they offer.

Online support of Mylivesignature provides three sets of choices for user such as:

  • Users can get the complete signature customization wizard (here users can create their own signature utilizing several pre-defined options )
  • Users get tools to convert their free hand signature customized into animated signatures. (Here users can create their free-hand-signature utilizing mouse).
  • Users can get signature created from any scanned digital images( here users can cut and paste the scanned images of signatures)

This isn’t their end of support, they do also provide various animated signature options, through which users can give a new well-designed look to their email signatures.

Free Online Pdf – Excel Converter

Free Online Pdf – Excel Converter

An online tool to convert all pdf files to Microsoft office excel format is available for free of cost. This online tool called “Nitro pdf” provides greater flexibility for converting PDF files to excel files.

Nitro PDF produces the highest quality Microsoft office excel file. It also maintains all the tables associated with PDF files in Microsoft office excel format. This feature makes editing easy for all users.

Nitro PDF comes free so that users need not pay a heavy price for converting their PDFs to MS excel files.

The team which produced this free tool has made a provision to detect and validate the entire table associated with a PDF file. Few tables which did not add any value to the converted files are discarded by the tool. The resulting excel file is of the highest quality and that too free.

One should try the online PDF to Excel Converter to know its quality. The converted excel files will be made available as xls, Microsoft office excel format.

There are many online converting tools. The most frequently used tools amongst them are as follows:

Determine Your Internet Speed Using Online Tools

Determine Your Internet Speed Using Online Tools

Internet surfers want a good speed of net connectivity to browse and download quickly. Few individuals with broadband connectivity experience adequate net speeds while other users with cable, DSL and dialup connectivity experience slow speed.

One can check their respective net speed using speed meters available online for free and determine the net speed provided by their internet service provider for downloading and uploading. These tools are freely available and will display the exact statistics of your bandwidth.

There are thousands of websites which provide tools to test your net speed; you can Google to find one suitable for your needs. The best websites which provide accurate results on net speed are as follows:

Browse the above websites and run a test. These online tools will then download a script on your computer system & resend them to check with their server. This is how they are able to figure out your upload and download speed. This is the best method of checking your internet speed against the one provided by the internet service provider.

These tools give you accurate results and help you in nabbing any internet theft too.