Resolve Folder Opens in New Window Problem

Resolve Folder Opens in New Window Problem

Few times you encounter problem of computer when you open any folder, and it opens in new window instead of opening in exiting window. Normally, you open any folder then it will open in the existing window by default.

It is not the permanent problem once you change the settings of your computer. You can easily fix this annoying problem. There are two specific ways to fix this problem. All you have to do is follow these steps properly.

Solution – 1

1. Launch new window (My Computer).
2. Now go to tools> Folder Options.
3. Now navigate to Browse Folders option under General tab.
4. Select “Open each folder in the same window”.
5. Finally click on Apply> Ok to implement changes properly.

Solution – 2

1. Navigate to Start> Run> Type Regedit> Press Enter.
2. Now search following key “HKLR/Directory/Shell”.
3. Right click on right side key to change value to 0.
4. Save changes by clicking ok and exit from Registry Editor.
5. Finally, you are done.

Now your problem has been solved, and all your folders will

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be opened in existing window instead of in new window. You can select any one of these two methods to redress your problem.

Open Multiple Homepages In Firefox Browser

How To Open Multiple Homepages In Firefox Browser

It is very time consuming process for you if you need to open your desired and most frequent used webpage every time when Firefox starts.

What if your required websites set to default home page in your web browser? Now you can set multiple websites in Firefox browser home page. With this effect Firefox will open your desired website automatically when the browser launches. Firefox has this inbuilt feature. You just need to alter some settings to get this particular job done. It will really make your surfing experience more easy and convenient.


Steps to open multiple homepages in your Firefox browser

  • Launch Firefox.
  • navigate to Tools>Options>Main tab
  • Here in homepage tab you just enter URL of each websites that you wish to open. However it should be separated by “|” (Don’t include “”).
  • For Google,  and yahoo website, type it as shown below
  • Click on “Ok” button to save settings.
  • Finally you are done.

Windows vista and XP keyboard shortcuts

Windows vista and XP keyboard shortcuts

In Windows Vista or XP you can open, close, save, exit or even navigate anywhere within the system by the help of shortcut keys. Instead of dragging the mouse pointer here and there and then clicking on the file or option to open the documents or any window, it can be easily done with keyboard shortcut keys.


It makes the computing process real fast, easy and convenient. In the support section of windows, they have posted the complete tutorial of the keyboard shortcut keys for Vista and XP system. To know all the shortcut keys refer the support pages.

Windows XP Shortcut Keys

Windows Vista Shortcut Keys

Windows 7 Shortcut Keys


Configure Internet Explorer 8 To Open Or Load Websites In Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode

Configure Internet Explorer 8 To Open Or Load Websites In Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode

Microsoft offers IE8 which is a new version of Windows Internet Explorer that replaces the old IE7 version. However, it has been noticed that the new version IE8 has a number of compatibility issues. The main complaint related to IE8 includes frequent freeze, hang or crash issues while browsing or sometimes while opening a new tab.  

The cause of this issue is the rendering engine in IE8 which behaves in a different manner as compared to IE7. In IE8, by default the rendering engine used is IE8 standards mode which might not be compatible with some of the websites, thus causing problems while loading them.

However, to resolve this compatibility issue related to IE8, Microsoft offers webmasters with a Meta element which they can choose to put on their web pages so as to open or load the web pages in Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode.

From time to time, Microsoft also updates the IE8 compatibility/ incompatibility list which includes all the websites which are compatible/ incompatible with Internet Explorer 8. But, not all incompatible websites use the Meta tag offered by Microsoft. Some of the websites might not load efficiently on Internet Explorer 8 if they are unable to comply with the stringent browser protocols.

Therefore, it is better to make necessary configurations in Internet Explorer 8 so as to open or load all websites in Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode. In IE8, you can easily identify whether a website needs to be loaded in compatibility view or not, as for such websites, IE8 displays a small “broken paper” like icon towards the end of URL/ address bar.

To reduce the possibility of browser crashes in IE8, you need to display all websites in Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View mode which would automatically open web pages in Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode. To turn on or enable the Compatibility View mode in IE8 for displaying all websites, follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. You need to click on the “Tools” menu and then select the option “Compatibility View Settings”.
  2. Within the dialog box that appears, check or tick the checkbox corresponding to the option that allows you to display all the websites or web pages in Compatibility View mode.
  3. Finally, close the dialog box after you finish.


Once you have done this, all websites in IE8 will open in Compatibility View mode i.e. in Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode.

Disabling Skype To Use, Open And Listen On Port 80 As Well As 443 On Local PC

Disabling Skype To Use, Open And Listen On Port 80 As Well As 443 On Local PC

If you really want to install any web server, or maybe an application that requires web pages which is to be served through common HTTP or may be HTTPS ports, i.e. on port 80 as well as on port 443, an error message may appear and suggest that port 80 or port 443 was in use or is being occupied by any other application. It could also happen when there is no web server like Apache or IIS currently installed or running on that system.

While trying to investigate this issue by identifying the application that is being used on port 80, we suspect that the root cause might be due to Skype which allows the users to use the port 80 and the port 443 for alternatives as incoming connections. It uses port 80 as well as 443 for allowing Skype behind firewall in order to connect to the peers or to accept incoming connection with peers though NAT. This wouldn’t be able to connect through the restrictions or firewall that block other ports from opening.

Skype that listens, opens and occupies port 80 as well as port 443 may prevent other applications that require such port for working properly. So, the ability of the Skype for using port 80 as well as port 443 has to be stopped immediately, turned off and it should also remain disabled.

In order to turn off for disabling Skype usage for and listening on the port 80 as well as port 443, we have to open Skype window, after that click on the menu for Tools and then select Options. Then click on the Advanced Tab, after that go to the Connection sub-tab. Here Untick or uncheck that check box for the use port 80 as well as 443 for alternatives of incoming connections option. Lastly, click on the Save button then restart the Skype for making the change effective.

Change The Default Open Folder At The Startup Of Outlook

Change The Default Open Folder At The Startup Of Outlook

Usually the Inbox folder will be displayed at the time when you start on Outlook. You can manage and the high priority and essential emails below dissimilar folders and you have a desire for view them quickly.

If you already have the rules set up for receiving your important emails on any particular folder, and if you desire to have that folder open first whenever you run the Microsoft outlook, please follow the below mention steps to change according to your preference.

  • Click Tools and then go to Options tab

  • Then go to the tab ‘Other’ and hit the button Advanced Options

  • Next, click Browse button under General settings tab. You can select now the folder you would like it to be shown while Outlook starts. Don’t forget to click OK and save the entire setting.

  • Close Advance Options window by clicking on OK.
  • Click OK button and close the Options window.

Now when close and restart Outlook then you will see that the shown folder has been altered to the preferred folder that you choose going on above steps.

Create A Shortcut For IE8 Browser To Open In Inprivate Mode

Create A Shortcut For IE8 Browser To Open In Inprivate Mode

The new security feature in Internet Explorer 8 is introduced which is known as InPrivate. This application helps the users to identify and control if the browsing history data and cookies plus some other type of data are being saved or not. While browsing is run while enabled InPrivate mode, it will remove all the possible traces of the browsing activities.

When the InPrivate is enabled, the browser will not stop saving any fresh cookies, passwords, from data. It will also stop saving the typed URLs on the address bar. The history information will not be stored, and the temporary Internet files are automatically deleted when you finish the Private Browsing.

With the help of some simple command lines you can change your Internet Explorer shortcut and set it to open in the InPrivate mode.

·         First of all, right-click on desktop and select New then Shortcut

·         The Shortcut window will prompt, type the following line:
“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” –private

·         Hit Next.

·         Give name to the new shortcut as IE8-InPrivate or whichever name you want.

·         Click on Finish button.

You can now start browsing the net privately without anyone else being able to trace your usage activities. 

Open Multiple Tabs with Single Click In Firefox With InstaClick v1.4 Add-on

Open Multiple Tabs with Single Click In Firefox With InstaClick v1.4 Add-on

Most of the times we need to run more than few web browser windows at once in Windows system. While in the Firefox browser, you may be experiencing the middle mouse button useful, which simplifies the opening of the new tab with just a single click. If you are using touchpad or laptop then you cannot open a new tab with middle mouse button. Relax, now with the new add-on utility in the FireFox namely, InstaClick could make this job done easily.

All you have to do is simply download the add-on and restart the Firefox web browser and this new function will take effect right away. When you right click, you will instantly have the new browser window or tab open, instead of the old context-menus, which are displayed after the right click.

You’ll find this tool more useful, especially when you use the cross reference way to study different websites. When you simply right click on any of the hyperlinks, you will get the respected website opened in the new tabs. If you would like to revert back to classical normal condition, you just have to hold CTRL and SHIFT keys and right click. You’ll be brought to the context-menus automatically.

On the other hand, to disable this feature just go to Tools, select Add-ons and click on the “Disable” button. InstaClick v1.4 works well with Firefox 2.0 to 3.6a1pre, and you could download it by using the link given Here making use of your Firefox more effective.

Enhance The Performance Of Adobe Reader To Open Files Quickly

Enhance The Performance Of Adobe Reader To Open Files Quickly

There is no doubt that acrobat adobe reader is the most popular application to read PDF files and documents. Since it features rich software and uses several plugins, it consumes more computer resources in the startup process.

It is really annoying and irritating when you find it slow while opening a PDF file to read. You definitely want to get rid of this frustrating problem. There is a simple tweak, which can boost up the performance of Acrobat Reader.


Generally, Adobe uses several plugins during startup in order to support multiple file formats. As we know most of the files come in PDF format hence we can disable all other plugins of Adobe Reader. Now follow the simple steps to disable extra plugins and speed up Adobe Reader.

  • Go to Adobe PDF Installation folder
  • Here tap on the Plugins folder and select all plugins.
  • Now move them elsewhere for backup.
  • Finally, you are done

Now plugins folder is completely vacant hence Adobe Reader will be loaded faster and open PDF files to read quickly. Now, the Adobe PDF reader will work at much faster speed.