Chrome OS, Availability, Pricing, Reviews – Will It Be In India Anytime Soon?

I’m sure many of you are eagerly awaiting Chrome OS from a very long time. It was Acer which heralded the news of Chrome OS being launched soon. Well, Digitimes says that it will be released this month before the holidays. The information was leaked out by ‘component players’ the middle men, who are busy working on iPhone 5, and still can find time to make such comments.

News is out that the Google will be launching a self-branded device and has its mobile OS slightly better suited for bigger screens. But all this is yet to be seen! Although Chrome OS cannot be obtained as a download to install, it can only be shipped on other hardwares from Google’s partners. Due to the fact that the sole application on the device will be a browser through a media player, Google Chrome OS targets those who are at their PC most of the time.

Google Chrome is initially meant for secondary devices like netbooks, rather than for user’s PCs and will run on hardware using an x86 or ARM-based processor. It utilizes one-sixtieth of the drive as Windows 7. Considering the fact that Chrome is an open source project, it is sure interesting to view the Google Code page often, to be aware of the changes that take place.

In can be technical most often, but they do come up with a few interesting features/designs as well. Its main aim is to give us a light weight Linux distribution for a great web browsing feel.

Some of the software features are:-  GNOME 2.30 desktop environment, Google Chrome 8.2.552 web browser, Flash Player 10.1 plugin, Google Picasa 2.7 photo manager, Wine Windows emulator 1.2, Open 3.2 office suite, GIMP 2.6 image editor, Pidgin 2.6 instant messenger

Chrome OS requires a processor –[Intel Pentium, Xeon or newer, AMD Duron, Athlon, Sempron, Opteron or newer], RAM – min.256 MB; Hard disk-min 1GB; and Graphics card which supports most of the latest graphic cards!

Free Word Processor – Export To HTML, MediaWiki Or PDF Format

Export Word Documents To HTML, MediaWiki Or PDF Format

OpenOffice Writer 3.0 is simple software with a lot of utility value. Part of the versatile OpenOffice suite, the writer is a comprehensive word processor with an added facility to export the document directly to many popular formats such as PDF and HTML which can be conveniently used in websites or for emailing purposes.

While emailing, the writer ensures that there is no loss of design or layout and the message remains fully compatible with the software solutions which the receiver may have. The writer gives all the added frills which make the message great looking while you concentrate on the contents of the message.

Though OpenOffice Writer has some great advanced features which make it truly fantastic word processing software, it is also simple enough to be used for generating a quick memo. It is powerful enough to generate books and acts as a very good desktop publisher.

The writer has wizards which take care of generating general documents such as faxes, minutes, agendas and letters. The wizards are also capable of creating complex tasks such as mail-merging the documents. You can either use the available templates or create one on your own.

There are also other features such as AutoCorrect dictionary to correct the spellings and AutoComplete to ensure that your words and phrases are complete.

[ Download Open Office Writer ]

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How can I Email A Powerpoint slide ? I got a powerpoint slide through email – how can I view / see it ?

Recently one of my reader had a query. He had a made a PowerPoint and sent it across to few of his friends. While some could successfully download and view the presentation, a few others had problems viewing the downloaded presentation. The reader was curious to know how to make the PowerPoint presentation everyone’s computer friendly 🙂 .

Well the problem was, some of those friends who could successfully open the PowerPoint presentation had some version of Microsoft office installed on their system and quite obvious that they were on Windows operating system.

Those who could not open the presentation were either on some other OS or did not have Microsoft office installed on their system.

The solution for this is quite simple. Microsoft has a free stand alone PowerPoint player. This can be attached in the mail or even better a download link can be added. The link is :

Even better solution is to ask them to download Open Office suite, which is a replacement for most of Microsoft office products and the best part is it comes with GPL license.

Users can play Microsoft PowerPoint with OpenOffice.

Hi i have made a PowerPoint Presentation slide show for my Christmas promotions and i want to email it to all my clients. Trouble is that after sending it to my friend i have found that she cant open it as she does not have PowerPoint on her computer. does any one have any ideas how i can make it email friendly for everyone computer???

You can get a free stand alone PowerPoint player from Microsoft. You can either attach the player to your emails or include the link so they can download it.