Mac Users Can Now Use Staroffice Version 9

Mac Users Can Now Use Staroffice Version 9

The latest version of the StarOffice productivity suite from Sun Microsystems is now supported on the Mac. StarOffice 9 is the first version with native support for Mac systems, aiming to be a low cost alternative to the popular Microsoft Office.

Like the 3.0 which was released sometime back, StarOffice 9 is an open source as well, sharing the same code with the

With this release, Sun Microsystems also added support to read Open XML files which was introduced by Microsoft in Office 2007, but options to edit existing XML files or to save new XML files are missing.

According to Iyer Venkatesan, the Product Manager for StarOffice, StarOffice may add full Open XML support in the future if the market demands it. Beside that, it also has support for other file formats like Open Document Format (PDF) which can be read and edited as well.

The software cost $35 for individuals and $25 for each user inside a business.

Use PDFtoExcel Online Tool To Easily Extract PDF Tables To Excel Format

Use PDFtoExcel Online Tool To Easily Extract PDF Tables To Excel Format

Most of the times, we have to reuse the table having the tabulated data in the PDF file format. Earlier, we had to edit the tabulated data manually from the PDF file, which creates hassle while using such edited data to excel format. Now, a simple online conversion tool named as PDFtoExcel Online tool will surely help you out of this problem. By using this tool, you could easily convert PDF tabulated data to the excel format while maintaining the original quality for the efficient work.

This appealing useful tool is absolutely free to download and comes without any installation or registration process. With this tool, you simply get the tabulated PDF data converted into excel format in just few simple steps.

  • First of all, go to the link Here. 


  • Now, browse the particular file from your hard disk drive.
  • Put in the email address where you want to send the converted file.
  • That’s all!

After completing the above steps, you’ll need to wait for while. During this wait period, the actual conversion process is carried out and you will then receive an email with the converted file. This time depends upon the file size and the network stability.

This free online service retains all the important things while converting the format such as styles, font size, colors and etc. Even if it can not produce an exact appearance similar to the original tables, it could produce a precise XLS format to use again. Moreover, as one of the important things, this online tool produces output files that are then used to work with OpenOffice, Google Docs and many other applications in word processing.