Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 For Free With 6 Month License Code

Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 For Free With 6 Month License Code



 Have you used different internet security software and still not sufficed? Here is one of the most popular internet security applications named East-Tec Eraser 2010. This utility is especially designed to protect your private and confidential information including clean all clues of internet activities quickly. You will definitely wish to keep your browsing history or data to be secured or keep away from the others reach. That’s why this utility is the best option to do so.


Compelling features of East-Tec Eraser 2010

• Delete or remove entire evidence of your online and internet activities such as visited web pages, photos, video clips, movies, e-mails, chatting conversation, and others.
• Remove the traces of documents and images that you have accessed earlier
• It supports highly-popular web browsers such as Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.
• It support wide range of programs such as news, messengers, email, players and others
• Delete cookies of your system
• Permanent deletion of all digital information for secure browsing or transaction over the web
Usually, it costs $49.95 for 1 year license key code. However, users can grab the free copy of 6 month license serial code easily. You just have to complete the registration form of the PC Authority.
• Initially, visit the promotional site page to complete the registration process
• Shortly, an email will be delivered to your mail account from the EAST Technologies Support containing a link to get free license key for 6 months.
• Click on the link and you will see a new webpage

 Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 from here.

Enable or Disable the Tabbed Browsing Option in IE 7

Enable or Disable the Tabbed Browsing Option in IE 7

Nowadays, the tabbed browsing feature has been added in nearly all browsers like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and etc. The tabbed browsing feature will be very handy once you learn to use it according to your convenience.

Conversely, opening too many tabs would be a real pain as it slows down your PC. If you don’t use the tabbed browsing feature while browsing on net, you can stop and remove it from browser.

Following is the step by step instruction set to remove this feature in Internet Explorer.

Removal of Tabbed Browsing Feature in Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer 7 window and go to Tools and then go to Internet Options.
  • Click on the General option and Tab Settings option.
  • Now you have to “UnCheck“ the feature of tabbed browsing. The tabbed browsing feature will be stopped in Internet Explorer.
  • That’s it.

You will see that all the links are opening in a new page rather than new tabs.

If you would like to add tabbed browsing feature in IE browser, go through the following steps.

  • First of all, if you don’t have Internet Explorer 7, download it from the following link Here.
  • After downloading and installing IE 7, follow the steps given above to go to the option named as Tabbed Browsing Settings.
  • In this option just enable and activate the tabbed browsing feature in IE.

You can remove or add the tabbed browsing feature in the IE 7. You can also make the tabbed browsing feature more easy and smooth by using the add-ons. Follow the link given Here to download these add-ons.

Use SpeedyiTunes To Boost Flash Video Downloading

Use SpeedyiTunes To Boost Flash Video Downloading

While watching the online movie, if it gets interrupted or runs jerkily because of slow internet connection, you will surely get frustrated. When the video clip tends to stream, it gets paused for a while and so you could not enjoy the smooth flow of the movie. In such situations SpeedyiTunes will surely help you out of this hassle. It reduces the buffering time of the video and creates a smoother effect.

You could use SpeedyiTunes absolutely Download for free. This allows you to speed up the streaming of an online video. All you need to do is install it once. After installing you could enjoy a quicker download time for the flash songs, movies, videos and etc. This application greatly reduces the download time and it doesn’t depend on the internet connection whether it is slow or fast. You could use this application more effectively while downloading or watching video clips on YouTube.

In addition with YouTube, this utility also works well with other video websites for example Yahoo video, AOL video, MSN Video, MSN video, MySpace video, Veoh and etc. With this utility you not only boost the streaming of the video but also you could make use of various features for example recording of the streaming MP3 while you are listening to it online. You just have to click on the record button and the recording of the music or songs will get started.

SpeedyiTunes works well with almost all the web browsers like Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, AOL, Google Chrome and etc. Just use the link given Here to download the Speedy iTunes tool for free.


Create Backup Of Web Browser Settings Using Favbackup

Create Backup Of Web Browser Settings Using Favbackup

Creating backup of all important files and data is the best way to keep the secured data from being lost or damaged. Mostly users backup their files and data in order to recover them when needed via various backup programs such as CopyChangedFiles and JaBack. Do you think that backup of web browser is essential? Since there are several applications for creating backup files, but backup web browser is different from common method of restoring files and folders.

Backup web browser settings allows you to recover your bookmarks, extensions, plug-in data, thumbnails, history, frequently visited sites etc while you have formatted your computer. There is an innovative application named FavBackup, which allows you to access backup your web browser settings and other important data, so that you can restore them easily whenever it is required.


It is a standalone application that doesn’t require any installation, rather runs on the executing the file directly of your system. Additionally, it is available to download for free. Presently, it supports only five web browsers namely IE 6-8, Firefox 2-3.5, Opera 3-4, and Google Chrome 1-3 version.


  • Initially, you have to download executable file of FavBackup on your system and run.
  • Click on the backup option followed by web browser type.
  • You will be prompted to select your desired files and data from the various options to add in backup list.
  • Now select the folders where you will intend to store or save backup files.
  • Once the backing up process completed, you will be shown a green check sign beside each items that you have selected for creating backup.

FavBackup version 1.1.2 supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and completely free to download and use.  It only consumes 3.3 MB space of your hard disk. Finally, if you find it useful, download it from here.

Change Your Web Browser With Just A Single Click

Change Your Web Browser With Just A Single Click

These days users can enjoy benefits from a number of free web browsers available in the market. Some of these web browsers are Opera, Safari, and Firefox etc. If a user just has a single browser installed in his system, he might face some problems regarding displaying the web page and sometimes some of the web pages might not open. For this reason it is always advised to have at least two web browsers installed in your system.

Having multiple web browsers in your system is always advantageous, but it might come with its own problems. One such problem is setting the default web browser. Changing one web browser to the other as a default one is pretty time consuming. These days a utility known as the Browser TraySwitch is available that helps the user perform switching of web browsers easily and efficiently.

The Browser TraySwitch, a utility that comes for free allows its users to change the default web browser of the system with clicking the mouse only once. After being installed and run, the utility doesn’t launch any interface but places itself in the system tray. The utility reads and adds all the browsers to its list and the user can easily select the desired one from the list.

The advantage of making any web browser as a default one is that on clicking any web link, the link is opened with the browser selected as default. Thus we see that this tiny utility comes of great help to its users.

Simple Steps To Completely Remove Internet Explorer From Windows Vista And XP

Simple Steps To Completely Remove Internet Explorer From Windows Vista And XP

All editions of Windows Operating System come with Internet Explorer as its default browser. Though Microsoft is inclined towards Internet Explorer, this browser possesses minimum features and maximum bugs.  Internet Explorer doesn’t meet user requirements as compared to various other superior browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

If you are a Windows Vista or Windows XP user and do not use Internet Explorer, you might as well uninstall it from your computer. For doing so, you need to follow some simple steps as mentioned below.



For Windows XP:

  • Click on the Start button to open Start Menu and choose “Control Panel”. Select “Add/Remove Programs.
  • Check the check box for the option “Show Updates”.
  • Look for “Internet Explorer “within the list of programs.
  • Once you find it, click on the option “Remove” so as to remove/ uninstall Internet Explorer.



For Windows Vista:

  • Click on Start button to display the Start Menu. Go to “Control Panel”.
  • Check at the upper-left of the window for “Control Panel Home” and click on it so as to deactivate classic view.
  • Choose the option “Uninstall a Program” and then select “View installed updates”.
  • Windows will take some time to display the list of all installed updates on your system.
  • Once the complete list appears, go through the list to locate Internet Explorer.
  • Once found, highlight it and click on the option “uninstall” located on the top of the list.  


The above procedure will completely remove Internet Explorer from your system.

Steps To Open Internet Explorer In Mozilla Firefox

Steps To Open Internet Explorer In Mozilla Firefox

Nowadays we have lots of option for web browsers from which we can choose the best. Some of the web browsers that are available in the market are Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Although we have lots of option for viewing some of the websites, we are bound to use Internet Explorer. Any Microsoft related websites such as SQL Reporting Services, SharePoints and many more like that only opens with Internet Explorer.

Now once we make other web browsers as a main browser, we need to open Internet Explorer separately to work things out, and this can be a slightly tricky job. With the help of a new add-on for Firefox we can now launch Internet Explorer as a tab inside of Firefox. This is a great achievement, because it throws out the entire problem that had to be faced before.



Now we can open Internet Explorer in Mozilla Firefox with the help of IE tab add-on in Firefox. If you want to open any link with Internet Explorer browser, simply right click on link and choose the option as Open in Internet Explorer tab. As soon as you choose that option, you link will be opened with internet explorer in a new tab of Firefox.

This add-on lets us to work in efficient and in much easier ways, because we don’t have to switch between two web browsers to make it work. Thus download and install the new add-on as fast as possible.

How To Import Email Accounts To Opera From Other E-Mail Clients

Opera E-mail client has it’s own set of advantages that sets it apart from rest of the e-mail clients, some of the brilliant features being:

1> An e-mail client that handles (POP3/IMAP) which has an integrated messaging client. The beauty of this messaging client is that when ever you have conversation with anyone, it keeps track of the information of people who you’ve had conversation with,

2> In built news reader (NNTP),

3> In built RSS or Atom feed reader,

If you’ve made a shift to use Opera e-mail client or thinking about making a shifting to use Opera e-mail client there is one fact about Opera that you should know, that is Opera does not support importing contacts from other famous and widely used e-mail clients / software like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook express, Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail and such.

Manually typing address and other details of contact from one E-mail client to another can be a dreaded task. To simplify and ease this process, you need a third party tool which will save your time by speeding up the process of importing the contacts and coOpera is one such tool.

First, export contacts from your other email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook express, Yahoo! mail and gmail) in CSV format and save it in a folder on your system. Open the CSV file with coOpera and it will bring up a screen showing the list of your contacts contained in the CSV file. Choose the contacts you would like to be converted to Opera Browser format and export those contacts to a fresh ADR file or a pre-existing ADR file.

Leave the rest to coOpera and it will migrate all personal information about your contacts like E-mail, Phone, Web Site URL and Address automatically.

Import Email Accounts To Opera From Microsoft Outlook Express Gmail Yahoo! Mail

What otherwise would take hours to accomplish will be finished in matter of seconds. coOpera is free for personal, non-commercial use.

coOpera works on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista systems and requires Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer.

[ Download CoOpera ]

How To Import Options, Bookmarks From opera 9.63 To Google Chrome

Today I noticed that, Google Chrome was not detecting Opera 9.63 and hence was not able to import the bookmarks.

Here’s how you can import bookmarks from Opera to Google Chrome :

1> Open Opera, go to File menu and select “import/export”.

2> Find a way to export the bookmark as a .html file. While importing ensure you rename ‘bookmarks.htm’ as ‘bookmarks.html’.

3> Open Bookmark Manager in Google Chrome: Tools –> Import and import the ‘bookmarks.html’ file that you have exported from Opera.

Auto Refresh / Reload Web Browsers : Google Chrome, IE 8, Opera At Regular Intervals

Some browsers provide you with auto refresh/reload feature to refresh web pages in tabs at regular interval.

Related Post: Auto Refresh / Reload Web pages At Regular Intervals In Internet Explorer 6 and IE7.

The above post solves auto reloading or refreshing problem for IE 7, but what about the rest of the world. A good number of people use: other better and secure web browsers like : Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome. In this article we’ll deal with how you can auto refresh Google Chrome, IE 8 and other browsers.

Auto Refreshing Or Reloading Web Page / Tab In Firefox:

Get the plugin Reload Every. This is a very useful extension, using which you can set options for each tab in firefox to refresh or reload after a specific interval.

Auto Refreshing or Reloading Web pages In Google Chrome, Internet Explorer / IE 8, Opera and other browsers:

Some browsers do not have extension feasibility like Firefox. If you use such a browser then you can make use of Auto refreshing service from the following websites.

1> Site Reloader :

Google Chrome IE 8 Firefox Auto Refresh Reload Web Page Tab<br />

2> Page Reboot :

Google Chrome IE 8 Firefox Auto Refresh Reload Web Page Tab<br />