Try Out These Free Media Converters For Converting Unsupported Media Formats

Try Out These Free Media Converters For Converting Unsupported Media Formats

The internet is full of entertainment media including TV drama, videos, songs, movies etc. and you can easily download the media of your choice. However, the problem arises with the format compatibility of these media files. You can play these downloaded media files on your PC but many a times they cannot be played on other devices like MP3 player, portable media player or mobile phone.

Nevertheless there are a number of media converters that can take care of this format compatibility issue by converting the unsupported media format to a supported one. Have a look at the media converters which can be downloaded and used free of charge.

1) Quick Media Converter

This audio and video conversion program developed by cocoonsoftware comes loaded with excellent features. It offers the user with simple and user-friendly interface which happens to be the main highlight of this application. Users can opt to handle this tool in its “Easy Mode” or “Expert Mode”.

If you are a non-tech user, the easy mode would suit you the best for easily converting media files by using a simple drag-n-drop technique. However, skilled users can go with the expert mode with which they can explore the features of the Quick Media Converter and customize various conversion settings like cropping frequency rates, bitrates, aspect, sizes etc.

This application allows you to convert media from and to different formats like avi, xvid, iPod, psp, 3G2, DIVX, TS, VCD, MPEG2, WAV, m4a, vob, h264, wmv, h263, wma, mov, mp4, amr, MP3, MPEG, DVD, XVID, AVI, 3GP, iPhone, mpeg4, divx and flv. It is compatible with only Windows Operating Systems.

2) Format Factory

This is a full-featured and multifunctional media converter that allows you to convert media files from and to the formats mentioned below:

• Can convert all media to MP4/ MPG/ WMV/ SWF/ FLV/ AVI/3GP/ MP3/ AMR/ AAC/ WAV/ OGG / WMA.
• Can convert all media to JPG/ PNG/ ICO/ TGA/ GIF/ TIF/ BMP.
• Ability of Ripping a DVD to a video file and a Music CD to an audio file.
• Supports RMVB.
• MP4 format files support iPhone/ BlackBerry/ iPod/ PSP format.

The interface is quite easy to use and gives a clear display of the various conversion options available. Apart from converting media files, Format Factory also has ability of repairing damaged audio and video files. It can also reduce the size of a multimedia file. Format Factory v2.0 comes with the following significant changes in comparison to its predecessors.

• Come with additional features like “All to RMVB” and “Audio Joiner.
• Includes “AviSynth” feature to support SSA effect and AVS script.
• Bugs related to missing WMA, MP3 tag info and MOV conversion have been fixed.
• Issue related to selection of MKV audio stream has been resolved.
H264 error level of Zune Mobile Device and IPod has been fixed.

This application supports over 50 different languages and is compatible with Windows OS only.

3) MediaCoder

MediaCoder allows you to convert audio and video media files from and to various different media formats. This open source media converter is periodically updated with latest conversion formats and Kanske ar casino Floor det natcasino som har allra flest spel. features in order to make it capable of supporting new devices.

Unlike the two media converters mentioned above that support Windows Operating Systems only, MediaCoder is compatible with all platforms including Mac and Linux. Below mentioned are some of the main features of this powerful media converter.

• Allows batch conversions between popular audio/ video formats.
• Offers a Multi-threading design which is enhanced for multi-core processors (Over 90% CPU utilization while working with quad-core processors).
• Fully controllable transcoding parameters.
• Easy-to-use user interface for mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod, PSP etc.
• Completely standalone. Does not depend on any system codecs/splitters.
• Offers a Transcoding Platform for expanding user interface and improving user experience.
• Supports formats like MP3, AAC, AAC v2/HE-AAC v2, Speex, WMA, mp3PRO*, Vorbis, AAC /HE-AAC, MusePack, AMR, RealAudio, FLAC, Monkey’s Audio, AAC Lossless, Waveform, WAV/PCM, WavPack, OptimFrog, TTA
• Also supports H.264, RealVideo*, Theora, Dirac, MPEG/VOB, MP4, RealMedia*, Quicktime*, DVD, SVCD, HTTP*, RTSP*, XviD, CUESheet*, MPEG 1/2/4, FTP*, Flash Video, OGM*, 3ivx*, Matroska, DivX, Windows Media Video, AVI, PMP, ASF, CD, VCD, and UDP* formats.

4) HandBrake

This is yet another multiplatform media converter that supports various platforms including Linux, Mac and Windows. This open-source application comes in two flavors, command line and graphical. HandBrake mostly suits users who are looking to encode videos from DVDs into other formats.

5) Super
Super is a universal media player render and encoder. This simplified application serves as a front-end tool for various command-line utilities like MEncoder, FFmpeg, x264, MPlayer, monkey’s audio, wavpack, musepack, true audio, ffmpeg2theora as well as theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn. This application is compatible only with Windows Operating Systems.

Super supports numerous video/ audio formats like MOV, Flash video, PSP video, DIVX AVI, MPEG, real media, 3GP etc. In contrary to others, this conventional tool possesses a pretty cluttered and messy user interface that needs the user to spend a while exploring the features and getting familiar with them.

6) Any Video Converter

Any media converter is similar to HandBrake and has ability of converting video files to different formats. It supports input formats like asf, rm, flv, mpg, m4v, YouTube videos, avi, mov, rmvb, mkv, 3gp, vob and many more. It efficiently converts video files to different output formats including avi, wmv, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, mp3, ogg, wma, aac, mpg (PAL /NTSC), flv and mp4.

The best thing about this video converter is its fast converting speed and simple user interface. Its easy-to-use user interface makes this application ideal for even non-tech users who are not so familiar with media conversion.

Reveal The Hidden Menu Items In “Send To” Menu In Windows 7

Simple Trick For Revealing The Hidden Menu Items In “Send To” Menu In Windows 7

In all Windows Operating Systems, the option “Send To” which appears in the right-click context menu allows you to send any file or folder to another destination easily and instantly. The “Send To” feature basically copies the files/ folders to the destined location.

The moment you take your mouse pointer to the “Send To” option, you will get a submenu which typically displays menu items which include Desktop (create shortcut), Compressed (zipped) Folder, Mail Recipient, Documents, CD/DVD RW Drive, Fax Recipient etc.

Normally, if you wish to copy or send files/ folders to other destination folders such as My Documents, Downloads, My Pictures, My Music, Saved Games, My Videos, etc., which are not present in “Send To” menu by default, you need to add them to “Send To” menu or copy and paste the files/ folders to the preferred destination manually.

However, this is not the case with Windows 7. In Windows 7, you do not need to follow this lengthy procedure of adding your preferred destination folders to “Send To” menu anymore. Windows 7 comes with a hidden expansion to your “Send To” menu.


To activate this hidden expansion, you need to simply press and hold the “Shift” key, while you right-click on a file or folder. Microsoft has implemented this technique in Windows 7 and Vista for revealing hidden context menu items such as options for opening Command Window, copying as path etc. as well as for revealing the right-click context menu for Taskbar’s pinned icons.

As “Send To” is one of the items in the right-click context menu, when you press and hold the “Shift” key while right-clicking on a file or folder, not only will the right-click context menu reveal extra hidden items, you will see some extra/hidden folders and directories in “Send To” submenu as well. The folders and directories displayed will belong to the current logged on user.

The extra/hidden items which will be revealed in “Send To” menu include folders such as Desktop, Contacts, Downloads, Links, Favorites, My Music, My Documents, My Pictures, Saved Games, My Videos, Tracing and Searches.

TapeLink Digitizes Cassette Tapes and Enjoy Your Old Classic Song Collection

Use Alesis’s TapeLink to Digitize Cassette Tapes and Enjoy Your Old Classic Song Collection

Compact cassettes were in great demand from 1970s to 1990s and so were cassette tape players which were used to play them. But, gone are the heydays when cassette tapes used to play magic in the house of almost every music lover.  Basically the magnetic tape recording format is no more interesting and cassette tape players are nearly extinct and outdated.

However, if you have still preserved the cassette tapes containing your favorite memorable songs, you don’t need to be disheartened that you cannot play them anymore. Now, it is possible that you digitize your cassette tapes and listen to your classic song collection by using Alesis’s TapeLink, a USB tape deck.

Alesis’s TapeLink is a dual-cassette deck that delivers a CD-quality digital-audio output through USB. This excellent converter has ability to convert or digitize your magnetic tape format cassettes and efficiently store your exceptional recordings on a hard disk or flash. You may also burn your favorite songs to a CD or transfer them to your iPod.

To record the recordings to your system, you simply need to connect TapeLink to your PC and play a cassette tape. This digital archiver delivers digital-audio output at 44.1 kHz (16-bit) which precisely captures tape recordings to ensure safe digital archival.


TapeLink USB is equipped with a software suite that contains three applications namely, BIAS SoundSoap™ SE software, EZ Tape Converter and Audacity audio-editing software. BIAS SoundSoap™ SE is noise- reduction application which efficiently removes any kind of hiss, rumble, room noise, electrical hum or any background noise.

EZ Tape Converter enables easy and convenient transfer and Audacity audio-editing software allows you to perform basic modifications. Alesis TapeLink works with most Windows Operating Systems as well as Mac OS X. The key features of this brilliant tool are listed below.

  • A simple plug-and-play (PnP) USB interface that does not require any drivers.
  • Saves a lot of time with its high-speed and normal dubbing modes.
  • Offers a CD-quality digital-audio output at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz.
  • Cleans up old tapes with active noise-reduction software.
  • Has ability to work with CrO2 as well as metal tapes.
  • Contains software suites such as BIAS SoundSoap SE, EZ Tape Converter and Audacity.
  • Its full auto-stop prevents breaking of aged tapes.
  • Offers a quick visual reference with the help of LED level meters.

Use Openedfilesview To Recognize The Process Which Locks The File

Use Openedfilesview To Recognize The Process Which Locks The File

You must have noticed many times that you get an error message while deleting a file. The error message says that the file cannot be deleted due to a sharing violation as the source/ destination file might be in use.

Sometimes the error message says that the file cannot be deleted as another person/ program is being using that file and you need to close any such program and try deleting the file again. If you are able to recognize the program that has been locking the file, you can close it and try deleting the file again.

However, sometimes, even after you close the program that has been locking the file, you are unable to delete it. This means that there might be some other Windows process running which might have locked the file. In such cases, rather than restarting your system, you may use a utility known as “OpenedFilesView” to identify the programs and processes which have locked the file.

As OpenedFilesView happen to be an executable file by itself, you do not need to install it or execute any DLL. You simply need to launch it to view the entire list of open files along with all the running processes which have been locking the files.


OpenedFilesView also displays additional information such as the path of the open files, time of creation and modification, handle, read/write/delete access, ID of the process, path of the process etc.

For identifying the proper process which has locked a particular file that you have been trying to delete, you need to locate the particular filename by looking through the filename field. Once you find the required file, check for the corresponding process in the column “Process Name”.

In order to release the locked file, you may close the corresponding process from the OpenedFilesView interface itself. You need to right-click on the file and select the option that kills the processes for the selected file.

For easy access, the OpenedFilesView software utility can be configured as an option within the context menu of Windows Explorer. For adding OpenedFilesView to the context menu, all you need to do is, launch OpenedFilesView, go to the Options menu and check the checkbox of the option that enables Explorer Context Menu.  

If you right-click on a particular folder and select OpenedFilesView from the context menu, it will display the open files which are located inside that particular folder only. Likewise, if you right-click on a particular file and select OpenedFilesView, you will be able to view all open handles for that particular file.

OpenedFilesView is supported by most Windows Operating Systems including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and 2003. This tiny utility consumes just 40KB of your system’s memory space and is definitely worth being a part of your system. Moreover, OpenedFilesView is a freeware and can be downloaded free of cost.

FileAssasinFileAndFolder Unlocker and Unlocker are some of the other alternatives to OpenedFilesView.

Use Cutepdf Form Filler To Easily Fill In PDF Forms

Use Cutepdf Form Filler To Easily Fill In PDF Forms

Most of us face a big problem in filling the electronic forms which are sent in Portable Document Format (PDF) format while applying for a new job or filling forms to enter university. The problem is that you cannot fill in the electronic forms available in PDF format right away because to do so the PDF file form doesn’t allow you with the write features.

You can get some free PDF converter utilities from net or else you can use online services for converting the form in an editable format. Most of the time these utilities fails to keep the alignments, layouts, fonts and etc as the original form. Also the converted form will look much different from the original form.  

Now, you can use CutePDF Form Filler utility with which you can properly convert the electronic forms in PDF format. The utility CutePDF Form Filler is a PDF converter which is especially designed to save interactive electronic forms available in PDF format on your computer.

When you finish the filling process of the electronic PDF form, you can deliver the finished forms (all the completed forms are kept in original format) to the recipients by means of email or send for printing the files. CutePDF Form Filler provides a 128-bit encryption or password protection utility with which you can protect your confidential PDF documents.

The much important utility CutePDF Form Filler is not a free utility to use. Price for this utility is only $29.95 and the price is relatively inexpensive as compared to Foxit PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat and some others. This cool utility supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista operating systems.

Unrar Recover And Extract The Best Utility To Extract Password Protected Files

Unrar Recover And Extract The Best Utility To Extract Password Protected Files

Protection of “RAR files” with passcode is the safest method to store them securely. If anyone attempts to open data files from a protected “Winrar archive”, they’ll be prompted to enter password, without which the Winrar will not let them to extract any files from the Archive.

Naturally, assigning a password is the safest way, but it can be a troublesome when you want to extract or open data files from loads of passcode protected “RAR files”. You may end up entering the secure codes manually for each and every archive.

However, individuals can utilize a freeware called unrar extract and recover to unfold files from protected “RAR files”.

Key features of “Unrar Recover and Extract” are as follows:

  • The best feature of this service program is that individuals are not required to enter the secure codes to open data files from each Winrar archive.
  • Just enclose all your secure codes (if users have applied many passwords for various “RAR” files) and connect it with Unrar Recover and Extract Tool.
  • It will automatically link up passwords from the starting to the end of each textual file till it supervises to open registers from those protected winrar archives completely.
  • It makes your task more comfortable by getting these matters automatically completed without your involvement.

This service tool provides compatibility with most of the Windows-Operating-Systems like Win XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Install or Download “Unrar extract and recover” to extract data file from Password Protected winrar files with no trouble, today.

Enable GODMode In Windows Vista And 7

Enable GODMode In Windows Vista And 7

The two most popular operating systems Windows 7 and vista are extremely enriched with several useful features. One of the useful features is “GODMode” which enables users to operate computer easily and access to almost maximum functions of the system. Nevertheless its functioning resembles to control panel but it is simpler and easier than control panel.

You could try this unique feature to see the difference of functioning and improve your working on system. In order to enable this feature in your computer follow the given steps watchfully.

Note: This feature can be enabled in Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit. But, in windows vista it works only on 32-bit version.

  • Initially, make a new folder in your desktop.
  • Rename it as given name “{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”
  • Now you will see a new icon replaced with folder, this is GODMode.
  • Now double click on the icon and instant access to several options.

Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage And Internet Traffic With iTraffic

Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage And Internet Traffic With iTraffic

Many of the internet plans for which users pay on a monthly basis impose a specific data limit depending on the plan chosen. In such cases, if you wish to utilize the limit to the maximum without hitting the peak threshold, you can make use of iTraffic, an excellent freeware that helps you monitor the internet traffic data flowing from/ to your PC along with the bandwidth usage.

The moment you install this software utility and run it, you need to choose the network interface that you wish to monitor. For Example, you can monitor standard LAN Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port, VPN client packet or Bluetooth transmission and wireless transmission. Once you configure the utility, you can supervise network bandwidth in a graphical view.


To check the network bandwidth usage, you may just view the summary by clicking on the option “Reports” that appears in the right-click context menu. The summary will be displayed on daily, weekly and monthly basis offering an overall idea if your internet data plan is under-used.

Apart from this, you can also monitor the connectivity speed so as to keep track of any interruption in the connectivity, especially when you are in a process of downloading a massive file. This utility supports all Windows Operating Systems and can be downloaded free of charge.

Easier Way To Check Your System Compatibility

Easier Way To Check Your System Compatibility

With the number of Operating Systems launched in the market, the competition gets better with the number of users. Users using the older versions want to update to the latest one and keep updating themselves with the ever changing world.

Before upgrading to a better and newer version of the Operating System some constraints need to be checked and it is needed to be known whether the system’s compatible to the newer Operating System.

The latest release from the house of Microsoft is its Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5. This application checks the compatibility of your system and evaluates your system too. It also contains all necessary documentations and tools which are needed to evaluate and verify your systems compatibility.

The ACT (Application Compatibility Toolkit) also helps in determining any setup issues and other compatibility issues with respect to any software. It can also be used to fix some of the issues relating to the software’s compatibility.

Requirements to get most out of the Speach feature in Office XP:

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

One of the most exciting features for me on Office XP is voice dictation and voice-activated commands. If your computer is outfitted with a speakers, sound card and a microphone (you can also manage with an earphone headset), you can dictate information into your Microsoft applications, such as word and excel. You can also make use of this feature to activate the menu system in most Microsoft Applications.

Requirements to get most out of the Speach feature in Office XP:

To make the Speech feature useful, you will need a fairly high-quality microphone. Microsoft suggests a microphone/headset combination. The speech feature also requires a more powerful computer than the other Office XP applications typically need. Whereas Office XP needs only 32MB of RAM (memory) on a computer using Windows 98/Me (64 MB of Windows 2000).

According to Microsoft a Pentium 2+ with 128 MB RAM is ideal, but with computers going cheap day by day, one can go for Intel Core duo with 1 GB RAM, which is optimum according to me, as a computer exceeding the normal standards get the best out of the Speech feature.