“Stardock Fences” Freeware For Organizing and Grouping Shortcut Icons on Windows Desktop

“Stardock Fences” Freeware For Organizing and Grouping Shortcut Icons on Windows Desktop

Do you have a habit of creating shortcut icons of your favorite applications on the desktop for easy access? If yes, it is very important that you properly group and arrange the desktop items before your desktop starts looking messy. Moreover, as you tend to add more and more shortcut icons to your desktop, you will find it difficult to locate a desired application.

However, you can take care of this issue with the help of Fences, a grouping application by Stardock. This free Windows enhancement helps you organize your desktop shortcuts effortlessly by grouping the shortcut icons into fenced blocks with labels. You can add shortcuts to the suitable block and arrange them accordingly.

For example, you may create a block “Microsoft Office” and include the shortcut icons of MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Word into this group. You may also create a block named “Games” and fence all your computer games into it. With Stardock Fences, you can basically enhance the look of your desktop along with the accessibility.   

Stardock Fences is simple to use and extremely flexible. For creating a fence, you need to right-click on the desktop and simply drag your mouse pointer to draw a rectangle. It is also possible to resize or rearrange the fences as and when necessary.

Although the desktop shortcuts are better organized into fences, if you still feel that your desktop looks crowded with lot of fences and icons, Stardock Fences offers another feature “Quick-Hide Activated” to deal with this. This feature is able to hide/ show all the shortcut icons with a simple double-click on any blank space on the desktop.

Quick-Hide Activated feature in Stardock Fences also allows you to keep some selected fences or icons visible while you quick-hide the others. For doing so, you need to right-click on a fence and select the option “Exclude from Quick-Hide”.

This application can be downloaded free of charge from Here. Stardock Fences supports 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions of Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.

Organize Your Desktop Properly Using Deskcretary

Organize Your Desktop Properly Using Deskcretary

Usually we dump our most of the files and shortcuts over the desktop and never bother about organizing them properly to get an easy access. We do like that because we believe saving files, folders, programs and emails on the desktop is the best way to get an instant access to anyone of them.

However, it is not in the favor of your desktop appearance and computer performance as well. Dumping all the files on the desktop is not advisable because the entire desktop will be messed up with these stored files. Sooner or later users will face difficulties in order to locate any files and folders on the desktop. So what you need to do to incorporate, is arranging and organizing the entire desktop icons and folders in a proper manner.


There is an application named, Deskcretary that can assist you in organizing your desktop. It is a free application that allows you to organize your desktop manually or automatically at predefined schedules. It cleans-up the desktop and removes unwanted files and folders from the desktop. Besides this, the users can get access to stored files in the archive folder of Deskcretary. It means, whenever you are in hurry and want to locate any file or folder, you can easily find them using this application.

It is compatible with Windows Vista and XP. You can easily download it from here and install. Once you installed it on your computer this application creates a specific folder on the desktop. This folder stores all the archive and folders, and categorizes them accordingly like image files, text files, compressed files, and application files. Now users either can opt for Windows explorer to access the folders or use inbuilt Deskcretary Explorer of this application. You can easily access them via this application whenever you want without any hassles.

Arrange And Organize Your Programs Using Appetizer

Arrange And Organize Your Programs Using Appetizer

You have already read about Hawkscope application which allows you easy access to folders and files. Now you will get more additional features in an application that allows you to quickly access the programs and files. You can even launch any program faster with the help of this utility named, Appetizer.

If you really want to speed up your working efficiency, then it is a must that you have the utility. It is a complete freeware, which is used in launching the application easily and instantly.



You’ll have to just download and install Appetizer on your computer. You will be shown an icon on your computer screen. To use this tiny application launcher utility, you need to clink on the “+” sign and you will be able to browse all stored files and applications. Now you can add them to a convenient doc. From now whenever you need to launch any application just tap on the respective icon, program will be started instantly.

It is designed exclusively for the users who want instant access to any programs easily without following complicated process. Additionally, you can personalize the interactive user interface of this software according to your convenience. Apart from this users can hide this application after launching desired programs or files.