Perform Batch Conversion Of Picture Images Using ArtResize

Perform Batch Conversion Of Picture Images Using ArtResize

There might be number of occasions when you have to share picture images with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut etc. When it comes to uploading images on web, sometimes there is a size limit which might force you to resize your images. In such cases, ArtResize turns out to be quite handy.

ArtResize offers batch conversion and delivers excellent images at the right resolution within the maximum size limit. Therefore, if you have 100 images to be resized, you don’t need to resize/ convert them individually, one by one. You may choose a preferred format and size and convert all the images together in a batch.

You need to download ArtResize and install it. Once it is installed, launch it and click on the option “Add Images” (you may alternatively use the shortcut “Ctrl + D”). Browse and locate the picture images that you wish to convert.


Within the right window panel, you will see some options that you can configure. The options include Resize resolution, Output destination folder and Conversion format (PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP etc.). The output resolution will be set to 640 X 480 by default which fits well with most websites including Facebook.

The main advantage of this free utility is that you may choose to convert any number of images and ArtResize will do the conversion efficiently as per your settings. You may also rename the images by just ticking the rename option. ArtResize will rename all the images within the batch in a sequential increasing order. You may download ArtResize for free by going to

Free Gifting Of $50 Credits To Advertise Your Wares On Facebook

Free Gifting Of $50 Credits To Advertise Your Wares On Facebook

Some parts of publication which is sold for public notices or advertising is catching adequate marketplace in online industry. Most of the firms are utilizing either CPM or PPC ad patterns to promote their events on online sales or increase dealings on their respective websites.

Other accomplished online ad-networks such as Ad brite, Double-Click, Chitika, Ad words etc, with big trademarks draw in more advertisers to a group and collectively function as a unit. In this melee of online ad networks, FaceBook also pioneered its involvement.

To a great extent Facebook is pulling in more people with it’s advertisement on free gifting of $50 credits. Hence it’s a great option to undertake their possible free online Ad-credits, anytime.

FaceBook with its many features is a well accomplished and most visited Social Networking site worldwide. It commenced its online Ad network to display various advertisers’ ads on main visible pages.

However, Indian advertisers are seen utilizing Orkut and FaceBook are not practically popular in India with respect to advertisements. Still attempting to utilize online Ad-network with Face book’s free coupons will be a good start.

Through Recent online survey conducted by a team, demonstrated that Facebook’s online Ad network’s C.P.C ratio is low and C.T.R ratio is very low. One can barely anticipate any mouse-clicks from those networks, as most login to Facebook for building friendship and social networking.

They are inclined to dismiss Ads, as the ads are displayed in a particular place which is known to surfers. But if advertisers are looking for a long term relationship then they may have to offer a user for a lower CPC rate.

To initiate an account with Facebook’s online ads and start displaying your ads in next few minutes, all you need to do is log on to Facebook with your existing or a new account and enjoy free coupons.

Also logon to Google to get free $10 to $50 coupons and utilize the same on Facebook.

Modify/Change Profile Photos In New Orkut

Modify/Change Profile Photos In New Orkut

Orkut is one of the best social networking websites which allows users to chat, check profiles, photos and other information of their friends easily. If you want to change to change your profile photo in new orkut theme, you have to follow the given steps to do so.

  • Login to your account
  • You will see an option “change Photo” under the profile photo at top left corner side.
  • Browse for desired photo and select from the computer.
  • There will be an option to crop image will be displayed on the screen. Finally, tap on the “Save

Hide Or Remove Ads With The Firefox Add-On

Hide Or Remove Ads With The Firefox Add-On

Advertisements are the main income or revenue earner for numerous websites. The websites use these as cover against the cost of maintaining the web page and other expenses like providing of bandwidth and service. Web sites like MySpace and Orkut use this technique to a great extent. Orkut has gone ahead to replace the space earlier dedicated to friends list with a banner for advertising.

Orkut, a popular networking site from Google is extremely common in India and Brazil, whereas MySpace is extremely popular in the United States of America. Both these networking sites have lost over popularity to Facebook but still have a considerable amount of users registered with them.

Advertisements annoy users and slow down the processing and uploading of web pages. For some users it is unethical to remove or hide ads from these free websites as they are the only source of income for the web providers. But at times some of the advertisements pop up in front of the screen and irritate the user.

Firefox provides a free ad-on which helps users hide ads on MySpace and Orkut. In order to use this ad-on you must have the Firefox web browser. The MySpace and Orkut Advertising Remover removes the advertising banner from these networking sites and makes these sites more efficient and hassle free. The ad-on is currently available as version 1.0 and the updated version is much awaited.

The MySpace and Orkut Advertising Remover can be easily downloaded for free from the following link Here

Facebook’s Photo Album Gets A Face Lift – Brings In The Theater Effect

Guess it’s time now that FaceBook starts pulling out some features from Orkut.

If you’ve used Orkut, then you definitely know how the albums work there. They look more or less like slide shows.  And now Facebook has come up with a similar feature.

By the way, how many of you remember the famous LightBox JS feature by Lokesh Dhakar, which was followed by LightBox 2, an upgraded version of LightBox JS? Those who have no idea what LightBox feature is please click on those links and experience it by yourself.

After going through Orkut’s album feature and the lightbox feature, don’t you guys think Facebook’s latest album feature is nothing but the result of cross the two: Orkut’s album and LightBox 2 ?

Personally, I do not like the way the whole thing is presented. It looks shabby to me. May be it’s just me, who is not ready to accept changes, and again may be I might start liking it in future. I’m curious to know what you guys think !!


1> How to go back to old photo viewer in Facebook.

Delete Orkut Account Permanently

Delete your Facebook or Orkut account permanently

Let us find out how to delete orkut account for ever:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Navigate to settings, on the left hand side navbar.
  3. Scroll to bottom of the general menu.
  4. Click on the option called delete my orkut account from My Account section.
  5. In the confirmation page again click the option called Delete my account.
  6. Your account will be deleted permanently.

It will take approx two days to delete the account.

Also read delete Facebook account forever.

How To Close / Delete Gmail And Google Account Permanently

How to Go About Permanently Deleting the Google Account and Any Google Services

Google provides lots of services and products to the users across the word world via Internet. These services are mostly free of cost to all web surfers and internet users. The most accepted and most prominent service of Google is undoubtedly the Gmail.

Besides Gmail, Google provides other services and products like Blogger, Alerts, Calendar, Docs, Orkut, Groups, G-talk, YouTube, Web History, Checkout, Google Analytics, Adwords, and AdSense and the list goes on with time.

If you wish to stop the use of some or all of the above Google services for very short period, you may cancel or remove any number of above the services from the Google Account. If in case you wish to delete or close your Google Account permanently, including all the services along with the information which is related with your Google Account, below is the trick to delete Google services or account completely:

  1. Firstly Sign in to your Google Account at “
  2. Click on Edit button and then go to “My products” link.
  3. There will be two parts, first “Delete a Service” and second is “Close Account”.
      If you want to delete and remove any service from Google Account then select the suitable “Delete <service name>” option.
      To stop and delete your Google Account plus all the services at one step, just click on link Finish account as well as delete all services and information associated with it.
  4. When you select to delete the services, a warning message will be displayed such as “Please read this carefully”. After that just Click once to make a tick mark in the check box which says “Yes, I wish to remove permanently <server name> from my Google account” otherwise “Yes, I want to delete permanently <email address> and close from my Google account
      If you wish to delete any of the Gmail service, you are required to give a new email address with the help of which you can sign into Google Account. It is suggested that if you remove Gmail service, it is good to remove Google Account in total.
      When you decide to close and end Google Account, click to all check boxes for the services that are presently coupled with your Google Account. After that, click on the deleting account permanently option, by agreeing to take responsibilities to any liabilities that might occur.
  5. Follow the text box and re-enter your current password.
  6. Hit on “Remove <Service Name>” option or “Delete Google Account” option to execute the removal.

When the confirmation page is shown, the chosen services are detached as of Google Account, or in simple words, the Google Account has been removed.

Software To Create My Own Social Networking Site

After looking through, you can just forget about other social networking sites. Because it facilitates creating your own network sites. Ning is useful for those who do not want to build just another community on Facebook or Orkut, but instead want to create a new social networking site where they get to decide what the looks like and decide what functions should add to your network, and much more.

The advantage of social networking is you get to stay in touch with all those you have already know or with those who share a common interest. That’s how Facebook started – the founders wanted to keep in touch with their school friends and as a result Facebook was born.

If you are an owner of a company and want to enable your employees to be well acquainted with each other, let them enjoy having fun sharing information about what’s going on within and outside their world, then is aptly suited. Some companies may prefer Facebook communities / pages for this purpose, but facebook offers so much more than just the office needs that it might adversly affect your companies performance!

If Ning is on a public domain, then you can join other communities that have already been formed and made public, make new friends just like any other social network. The only difference is that now you can control you own space and make it as exclusively or inclusively as you please.

The founders said, “Marc and I founded in October 2004 to give equal opportunities to create their own social networks. Two years later, Ning powers over 30,000 social networks and still counting.”

You can say that Ning is perfectly suited for office communities, fraternity and sororities, and other groups to keep photos, videos and all other information on what’s going on in the group in one location.

Ning, like Yahoo Groups, but with much more interfaces, is easily manageable, so that anyone can create their own groups without any tensions.

If you’d like to use Ning, you can use their 30 day trial, and if satisfied you’ll have to opt one of their services from this page.