Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 with Free Unlock License Code

Download Ocster Backup Pro 5 with Free Unlock License Code

Are you planning to install Back-up programs for your computer? Would you like to try Ocster Back-up Pro 5? Ocster Back-up Pro 5 is a window based back utility, which supports local backup, online backup, Network backup and outlook backup. The Backup application is built to automatically generate backup files and simply maintain backup copies network drive, especially secured Oscter secure storage if necessary or an external hard disk. The Oscter Backup Pro 5 is furthermore incorporated with fantastic aspect, which is known as “versioning” for preserving numerous versions of data files, which can be accessible whenever you want.

Features of Oscter Backup Pro5


Fully Automatic:                   Generates fully automatic backup copies for your data

Versioning:                               Conveniently accessibility and restoration of diverse older variants of

                                                 your files        

Automatic Pausing:             Back ups are performed automatically in the background and are paused immediately in order to avoid slow down.

Outlook help –                         Support Microsoft Outlook e-mail as well as wall calendars using a individual mouse click.

Stop and Resume–                Backup copies could be stopped and started again.

Back-up Reports –                 Detailed back-up reports can be produced every time the actual backup is actually updated.

Backup statement emails– Back-up reviews can be instantly provided for their email.

Network help –                         Documents as well as folders about community pushes can also be backed up.

File encryption –                     Backups tend to be firmly encrypted as well as protected using a person password.

Compression –                         Backups are usually compressed intelligently to save lots of space.

Scheduled –                                Backup copies could be started either automatically with planned times or perhaps personally by clicking on a button.

Storage space Types –         Backup copies could be stored upon hard disk, USB sticks, network hard disks, and Ocster Safe Storage.

Incremental backup–          After a preliminary full back up just the adjustments towards the previous state is stored. This saves area and decreases move times.

Open document assistance – Documents and folders, which are used, can be supported as well.

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Error Message “Error In Message” While Replying / Creating Messages In Outlook Express 6

The error message- “Error In Message” in your Outlook Express (OE) is mostly because of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and not because of OE.

You’ll, in most cases, be able to receive emails but will encounter “Error in Message” pop-up while you try to send or create new emails.

To solve this problem – call up your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and request them to reset your connection. Also ask them to issue new password, if you are required to authenticate before you access internet.

You may have to reset your modem too, for which you’ll have to unplug your modem from your computer / laptop and leave it uplugged for a while before you reconnect it.

Once you are done with these two, your Outlook Express should work fine.

Move contact list from Microsoft outlook to Gmail or Vice Versa

How Easy to Move contact list from Microsoft outlook to Gmail or Vice Versa

It might be possible your maximum contacts are saved in company’s Microsoft outlook and you want to keep your contacts with you always. Now you are planning to get access of your important contacts while you are out of the office. For that you have to merge contact list of Microsoft outlook into Gmail account so you will get access your important contact whenever you want. So there are few steps to make your wish fulfill.

Copy list of the contact from Microsoft outlook to Gmail:

  • Start Microsoft outlook open file>import and export.
  • Choose “export to a file” and click next button

  • Select “comma-separated values” and click on next

  • Navigate to your list of contact and click on next
  • Give the file name and save it. This file will be in .csv extension

  • login to Gmail account
  • Click on the “contacts” on left pane and select “import” at right top corner
  • Browse to locate .csv extension file which you saved earlier
  • Now click on import to start importing contact from Microsoft outlook into Gmail account and save it with new name.
  • Once the process of importing completed you will get option to save it or not. Either you merge it or ignore if already contacts exist.


Copy list of contacts from Gmail to Microsoft outlook:

  • Open your Gmail account page and click on “export
  • Now select the contact list which you want to export
  • Click on export button to start the process. The file automatically will be named as contact.csv and save it.
  • Open your Microsoft outlook and move to import and export option. Select import option and click on next button to proceed this process

  • select “comma-separated values” and click on next
  • Browse to locate file created in Gmail account to export into outlook. In the new tab you will get option to deal with duplicate entries and reduce redundancy if required. You can choose the option to do not import duplicate files in outlook account.

  • Now click on next button to forward this process to its end. And finally you got your contact list merged.

MS Office Outlook Connector To Access Your Hotmail Account In Outlook

Use MS Office Outlook Connector To Access Your Hotmail Account In Outlook

Users having an account in MSN Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail (more popularly known as just “Hotmail”), were previously able to configure their Hotmail account to MS Outlook with the help of HTTP connection. However, the HTTP connection method no longer works and Hotmail users need to subscribe for the paid Hotmail Plus service.

The moment a user attempts to configure Hotmail to MS Outlook through HTTP connection, he/she gets an error message saying that the user need to subscribe in order to access Hotmail via MS Outlook and prompts the user to sign up via the URL

Sometimes a different error message might occur notifying the user that the login credentials are invalid and Outlook might keep on prompting the user to input the correct password even though the user has already entered a valid one.

However, you may resolve this issue and access your Hotmail account from Outlook by using MS Office Outlook Connector, a free utility provided by Microsoft. This connector can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center. It is also available as a Windows Live Essentials component.

Configuring your hotmail account to Outlook using MS Office Outlook Connector has a number of advantages over POP3 and HTTP connection. This connector allows you to access and efficiently manage your Hotmail account including contacts, email messages and calendars from Outlook itself.

Within Outlook, you can apply rules, Junk Mail filter, macros, alerts, etc. to your synchronized email messages. To use this connector, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Once the installation process is over, launch Microsoft Outlook. The MS Office Outlook Connector will ask you to input your login details and the sender name which needs to be tagged with the outgoing emails.
  • Once you have entered all the required information, you will see a new folder “Hotmail” added to your Mail Folders tree of Outlook.
  • You need to expand the node “Hotmail” so as to access your Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Junk E-mail, etc. You will find new additions namely “Contacts” and “Calendar”.

  • For syncing your emails in Hotmail account and MS Outlook, all you need to do is click on the “Send/Receive” button. Sometimes, Outlook will automatically receive your emails based on present interval.


You may also access multiple Hotmail accounts using the MS Outlook Connector. For doing so, you simply need to go to the menu bar, click on the pull down menu for Outlook Connector and select the option for adding a new account.

You may use MS Office Outlook Connector with MS Outlook 2003 and 2007 versions only. For rest of the email clients, Hotmail is in a process of adding SMTP and POP3 to enable users to retrieve their emails using POP3 protocol.

For Office 2010

Change The Default Open Folder At The Startup Of Outlook

Change The Default Open Folder At The Startup Of Outlook

Usually the Inbox folder will be displayed at the time when you start on Outlook. You can manage and the high priority and essential emails below dissimilar folders and you have a desire for view them quickly.

If you already have the rules set up for receiving your important emails on any particular folder, and if you desire to have that folder open first whenever you run the Microsoft outlook, please follow the below mention steps to change according to your preference.

  • Click Tools and then go to Options tab

  • Then go to the tab ‘Other’ and hit the button Advanced Options

  • Next, click Browse button under General settings tab. You can select now the folder you would like it to be shown while Outlook starts. Don’t forget to click OK and save the entire setting.

  • Close Advance Options window by clicking on OK.
  • Click OK button and close the Options window.

Now when close and restart Outlook then you will see that the shown folder has been altered to the preferred folder that you choose going on above steps.

Download Extraoutlook V1.2 To Open Two Microsoft Outlook Instances

Download Extraoutlook V1.2 To Open Two Microsoft Outlook Instances

Most of time, the Microsoft Outlook service users might need to open two different Microsoft Outlook profiles at the same time. Additionally, you may perhaps open two Microsoft Outlook windows all together but the second one window will be identical to the first one and that will not help out to the users.

However, it will not happen with a simple software utility in place. The software ExtraOutlook v1.2 supports you to open an extra Microsoft Outlook profile, which can be linked to dissimilar substitute server at the same time in one PC system. This feature enables extra proficient multi-tasking environment for the Microsoft outlook users.

Download a zip file of ExtraOutlook, extract it and then save it below C:\ExtraOutlook. So as to run it properly, you have to open a command prompt then put the following commands given below:

1) Unzip the ExtraOutlook and save to C:\ExtraOutlook
2) Type the following commands: extraoutlook.exe “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Outlook.exe” /profile “Karl Gechlik” in the command prompt.
3) Hit enter to carry out the command
4) Second occasion of Outlook will be opened

On the other hand, you can copy the following commands in the notepad and then save it as a Batch File, by giving the name ExtraOutlook.bat:

cd c:\ExtraOutlook
extraoutlook.exe “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Outlook.exe” /profile “Karl Gechlik”

When you execute the ExtraOutlook.bat batch file, the second instance of Outlook will be launched. The ExtraOutlook performs fine in Microsoft Outlook 2003 as well as 2007.  You should be able to run this feature easily on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

Integrate Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Skype And Hoovers With Xobni In Outlook

Integrate Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Skype And Hoovers With Xobni In Outlook

Xobni is a popular Outlook plug-in that has been collaborated by some of the leading software development companies. It provides you with the simplicity to get the information, along with the ability to process and react to it in convenient and much faster way. You will stay connected to the central grouping of people, and you’ll stay informed always with some latest news .

Xobni plugin contains sidebar with which the well-known services like Yahoo! Mail, Skype, Facebook, and Hoovers are integrated. Also, there is no need of registering for an account in order to be able to use these services. You may select any one service that you are using frequently.

Each new capability added to Xobni sidebar is previewed as below.


This application displays your and your friends’ profile, pictures, messages about the status and even fresh updates into the Facebook profile.


you can send instant messages and SMS furthermore make a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls by using this app. In addition to this you can verify online status designed for Skype contacts without any problem.


This feature allows the preview and reply to Yahoo email right from there. In addition to this your contact lists in Yahoo will be shown on to the Xobni sidebar.


This feature is used to access the information of e-mail sender companies, which are screened according to the email domain within Xobni profile. When you launch the Outlook, Xobni will run automatically. While running for the first time it tends to capture few seconds to sync your e-mail data. Xobni plug-in merely occupies 11.55MB space in the hard disk. Download Free

Fix Invalid Credentials Error Massage In Gmail IMAP

Fix Invalid Credentials Error Massage In Gmail IMAP

When you access the Gmail using IMAP access and via an email client along with Apple Mail, iPhone, Outlook and Thunderbird you will be greeted with the error message. This error massage requests you to enter the user name and password manually once again to validate through Google’s Gmail IMAP server again. The error massage will be prompted as

Your IMAP server wishes to alert you to the following: Invalid credentials (Failure)

This error massage seems like a Gmail security system to defend against some automatic scripts, and most likely to prevent and stop irregular bandwidth deployment (download and upload) or misusing the account actions. For example, preventing the use of Gmail like a storage-space, or transferring other mail account toward Gmail.

Gmail Help provides instruction to a mail client for verifying latest messages one time in every 10 minutes. This could also be one of the reasons for the error message to pop out.

If you’re extremely confident that you are utilizing an accurate username and password (using the prefix following the user name), and if you do not check Gmail’s webmail Inbox more often, you might really want to unlock and clear the CAPTCHA. To unlock and clear CAPTCHA intended for Gmail account, just follow the URL given below:

Note: If you are using Google Apps, you should visit instead, with as the valid domain name.

Enter the email address, password on behalf of the Gmail address, after that enter the exact Captcha confirmation. Hit on “Unlock” option to repair the IMAP breakdown error massage.

If you still face the difficulty after unlocking and clearing the Captcha, you might want to make use of a substitute IMAP server in its place, which is on SSL port 993.

Forcefully Prevent The G-Mail Spam Filter From Functioning

Forcefully Prevent The G-Mail Spam Filter From Functioning

As we know, Gmail or Google Mail service is one the best web mail services, as it has been provided with a fabulous spam filter. This spam filter has the capacity to completely scan the incoming emails and move the spam-tagged mail messages to the Spam folder. All spam-tagged emails in this folder are deleted automatically after 30 days, trimmed and cleaned as of the mailbox.

However, there is a possibility that the legal emails would be marked as bulk or spam, and they are moved to Spam folder because the spam filter assumed that they were Spans. While using the Gmail web mail service, this performance completely acceptable since user may constantly check Spam folder to verify and look at emails labeled as spam automatically inside the Spam folder. If there is any non-spam email will be discovered, just by clicking on “Not Spam” option, the email will restored in the Inbox automatically.

However, the user will have to face an issue while downloading the email from Gmail server via free IMAP or POP3 access by means of Microsoft Outlook (desktop email client) or the Mozilla Thunderbird.

In general, email present in the Spam folder can not be downloaded whilst the email client is downloading the received emails using IMAP or POP3 protocol. It is highly recommended you to check the Gmail account by using the web interface and check the Spam folder in any case once in 30 days. If you fail to check spam folders in every 30 days, you will lose a legal email that been labeled and treated mistakenly as spam.

Gmail doesn’t categorize emails received from the senders as spam, if their email address has been enlisted in your contact list. On the other hand, in order to add up contacts to Gmail, one still needs to log in. additionally, the user perhaps we’ll have to enter a large numbers of email addresses for families, friends, buddies and business contacts that are ever growing, so as not to miss a single mail they send.

The greatest workaround intended for users who don’t utilize the Gmail and only make use of Microsoft Outlook for downloading emails via IMAP or POP3 is to stop or turn off function of spam filtering in Gmail. The Gmail doesn’t permit you to turn off the spam filter. Hence for stopping the spam filter, a special workaround should be utilized.

Gmail supports the filter function to categorize the incoming mail according to the rules that you create. The filter may be formed so as to force every one email received to stay in Inbox (which can then be downloaded by means of POP3 or IMAP). To make a filter to put out the spam filtering or to disable spam filter in Gmail, just click on link “Create a filter” next to the search box (otherwise go to Settings and Filters and then Create a filter).

In Has words: text box, you have to put anyone of the following expressions:

in:spam or is:spam or label:spam

Go to the Next Step, and then click on OK button. Check the checkbox intended for not sending it toward Spamr. Just click on “Create Filter” button to stop and turn off Gmail spam filter along with instant result.

Add Extra Features To Outlook Using The Taglocity 2.0

Add Extra Features To Outlook Using The Taglocity 2.0

Handing emails can sometimes become very eventful, even to the professionals, especially if they have to take care of many mails in their every day function. An email managing add-in designed for Microsoft Outlook 2003 plus 2007 named as Taglocity 2.0, helps out users for efficiently handling their email.

Taglocity 2.0 offers the most excellent efficient Gmail features into e-mail client, Outlook like conversation threading, enhanced search, tags, attachment handling, automation, new group collaboration and contact centric views.

Taglocity allows users to allocate infinite keyword “tags” for contacts, email, calendar entries and so on. It has an all improved Outlook search functionality which can come very handy while looking up for any particular e-mail.

Moreover, Taglocity 2.0 also delivers one more popular Gmail characteristic to Outlook which is the accurate chat screening. With just single clicks, the emails can be sorted out sequentially. Furthermore, the software allows turning the e-mails into appointments or into specified folders, and you can automatically move message, and assign additional tags.

The free standard Taglocity version is available for free download, whereas you will need to purchase the professional version. The paid version is designed for enterprise customers and it includes extra features. You will need to first create a Taglocity account for free in order to activate the program.