Panasonic Lumix Phone Availability, Price, Review, Features

Panasonic has brought out the Lumix, their initial venture, in succession to its line of cameras. Speaking about the connection with cameras is a hint to depict the 13.2 mega pixel CMOS sensor camera and a 3.3″ VGA LCD. It bears almost the same weight as the iPhone, but double its thickness at 17.7mm. Characterizing a mobile version of Panasonic’s Venus Engine image chip, you can consider it a neat competitor to Nokia’s N8.

It was released on Oct 5th at the CEATEC 2010, electronics show in Japan, and probably may be restricted to Japan only. But as nothing is finalized as yet, it should not be an obstacle for people eagerly awaiting its release, to possess one of the top ranked MP cameras with a digital zoom obtained on any mobile cell phones. It has some regular features inclusive of Wi-Fi. Nowhere has mention been made about its video recording capacity, so it is ideal to wait and watch!

Panasonic is cleverly trying to capture the people’s interest by releasing a site, but withholding most of the details. The phone does weigh a little more, but that’s the trick of the trade. It has not disclosed any secrets of the form factor of the phone, a look alike of the Lumix camera. You can see a lot of questions directed towards a clam shell shape, the answers to which was revealed only on 5th Oct, with the official release of the device!

The interesting news is that this device appears to be a camera with a built-in cell phone, instead of the reverse. It also facilitates uploading pictures to Flickr and many other services as well as geo tag your photos instantly. The best part is that you would never forget to charge it each night, considering it a cell phone. You can notice new strategies, where electronic companies have made it customary to introduce new phones in the name of their already well known TV or cameras.

Just as Sony [Bravia] and Sharp [Aquos] have named their phones after their products, likewise, Panasonic gave their name Viera the brand name of its flat panel TV, to some of their advanced technology phones. Although it will initially be restricted to Japan only, Panasonic will gradually reach the European and US markets. It is largely depending on the promise of their Jump Picture Technology, for easily squirting shots to your near and dear ones!

What’s The Price Of Panasonic – The Jungle ? Where Can I Buy It In Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Madras, Kolkata

The present gaming market is being monopolized by iPhone and iPod Touch giving cause for marketing supremos like Sony and Nintendo to rack their brains, to try all ways to retain what best they can. So ideally speaking, it may not be the right time to enter the gaming arena at the moment. But Panasonic has not only dared to enter, but has also proved to be a strong competitor.

About 15 years ago [3D gaming console], Panasonic had tried their hand at gaming, but were not very successful. But now they have ventured with double the enthusiasm to introduce their latest Online Gaming-focused business termed Panasonic Cloud Entertainment in short PCENT, focused on introducing their one device THE JUNGLE. But it looks like Panasonic are still being a bit secretive about this project.

Now coming to the most important bit – The price of Panasonic’s The Jungle and availability in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Madras, Kolkota and other places in India… They haven’t yet released the price band and no one knows about the availability. Do not worry, I’ll keep you updated about it!!

This is how it should look. The Jungle is not just the title given to the handset, but also stands for the brand comprising of few other things. This is in addition of video content creation, which they have collaborated with to launch a new weekly show-Online Underground. It also includes working with third party developers.

If everything works as planned, the Jungle should be a clamshell, more like a dual-touch sensitive-D-pads, the display on the upper segment and a touchpad and keyboard. Concentrating on an online gaming and ‘content in the cloud’ is their main area of interest. They have been able to confirm only one game –Battlestar Galactica Online. BSG: Online is made by Big point- the creators of Flash based online games.

This device boasts of a 3.5mm jack, a micro USB port, a Mini HDMI port, and many more. The handheld is directed specifically at giving MMO [massive multiplayer online] players a way to get their game going and bears QWERTY keyboard, high-res display and a touch sensitive-d-pad and buttons. It has been created with the intention of taking MMORPGs [massive multiplayer online role playing games] along with you wherever you go. It may be running atop a custom linux build. Appearance wise, it seems to be to be a bit clunky, may have a touch of Nokia’s N-Gage gadgets. You can san The Jungle is more like a tiny PC, the first time MMORPG freaks will be ever going outdoors to play and level up their wizards.

Watch the video:

Intel forays into Home Energy Management

Launching a website last week showcasing its Home Dashboard Concept, Intel has announced that it is ready to enter the home energy management sector (apple’s energy management solution). This emerging niche already has biggies like Panasonic, Google, Apple, and Microsoft making forays into it.

Apple has already applied for two patents for a home energy management application – in which an Apple device connected to the main power line will direct the power consumption at all outlets. Consumers can track their power use and get tips to reduce power consumption on an LCD, according to the patent.

Microsoft is offering the Hohm application that allows customers online access to bills and real-time snapshots of power consumption. However, you need to install specialized smart-meters for the Hohm. Google has its PowerMeter, that disseminates power-usage information to users to help them devise ways of cutting down on their power bills. It releases this data through partners that make smart meters such as Energy Inc. – makers of the home-monitoring utility, The Energy Detective (TED).

Intel’s Home Dashboard Concept will act as a hub to manage and monitor power devices that are connected to it with smart plugs. This device is also a WiFi hub, and can get energy guidelines from the Internet directly. Moreover, it has profiles such as “Away” that automatically puts everything on standby and turns down the thermostat.

Even though it is still at the concept level, the design released by Intel promises to be more sophisticated and advanced than the existing products, such as the TED. However, the big question that remains is the price tag that the company is going to put on it – and how much consumers are willing to pay for technology that saves power to save money.

How To Block Spam SMS’s On Symbian OS Phones Like Nokia, Sony Ericsson

If you are tired of receiving SMS spam on your cell phone / mobile phone, then SMS Spam Manager will help you block those unwanted SMS’s from reaching your phone. You can set filters or rules according to which the SMS is either let in or flagged as SPAM. SMS spam manager helps you keep the junk / unwanted messages from bothering you.

Once you install Spam Manager, you’ll have the control to set up filters (there are 6 different type of filters available), which will act as a gateway or condition checker when SMS’s come in. If the incoming SMS passes or adhere’s to the rules set by you, it’ll land in your Cell phones inbox, else will be deleted without any further notice or indication.

Using the 6 different available filters, user can tune the phone to work in 4 different modes, and they are :

1> Accept all: If the SMS Spam Manager is turned off or inactive mode is turned on, then you will receive all the messages coming in.

2> Block all: If you do not want to receive any incoming messages at all, you can turn on the Block all mode, which will ensure no message reaches your inbox. This might be very helpful, if you are in any important meeting and you do not want to be disturbed.

3> Accept Phonebook Only: If you turn this on, then your phonebook will act as a white list. If you get messages from people who are listed in your phonebook, then the message is let in, else it will be treated as Spam.

4> Block From Black List: You can create rules to black list messages on various parameters. They are – telephone numbers, prefix numbers and text match. If you get a message from a telephone number or from a number which matches the defined prefix number or the text matches the pre-defined text, such messages will be flagged as spam and ignored.

Note that all the messages that you block using different modes will be stored in “Blocked SMS log“, you can go through those messages and restore if in case any important message was blocked by mistake.

There is a trial version of this software available which will let you test the software for 20 incoming messages. You’ll have to buy the registration key in order to unlock the full version of the software. Each registration is for one single phone, which is based on the IMEI number of the phone and hence you will not be able to use the key on other phones.

SMS Spam Manager works on Nokia S60 5th edition, Nokia S60 3rd edition, Samsung S60 5th edition, Samsung S60 3rd edition, LG S60 3rd edition, Sony Ericsson UIQ3, Sony Ericsson UIQ2, Motorola UIQ2, Nokia S60 2nd edition, Panasonic S60 2nd edition, Samsung S60 2nd edition, Lenovo S60 2nd edition, Nokia Series 80.

Go here to check the complete list of phones that are supported.

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