Synchronize Your Passwords Online Using RoboForm Password Manager

Synchronize Your Passwords Online Using RoboForm Password Manager

RoboForm, which is a popular password manager, has introduced a web based interface to help users synchronize their passwords between multiple systems. RoboForm’s web based service enables you to access login details and passwords from anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a computer with an internet connection.

The form-filler function of this useful password manager remembers your login details and allows you to auto-fill any online forms. If you happen to use multiple PCs and feel a need to synchronize your login information, RoboForm is the best online tool. You can use this free online utility as your own password manager.

You need to simply register with RoboForm for a free online account so that you can keep your login information at another safe place apart from your PC. No other person can access your login information without logging in to your RoboForm account thus making your confidential data safe and secure.



Follow the below mentioned steps to configure RoboForm to synchronize passwords online.

  1. You can download RoboForm Password Manager from Here. and Register with RoboForm to get an online account.
  2. Go to “Options” and select “User Data”. Click on Sync and go through the setup process.
  3. The moment you finish with the setup process, RoboForm will synchronize all your identities, login details and confidential data with your online RoboForm account.

 To take advantage of various other features of RoboForm Password Manager you need to subscribe to RoboForm Pro version.

Firefox Won’t Remember / Save Passwords For AutoComplete – How To Fix It?

Settings The Firefox To Remember Password And ID Permanently for Always Auto-Complete

Firefox web browser is one of the best browsers. As we know there are lots of features in this browser, lets that is now look at another one of its innumerable features. Firefox web browser contains an inbuilt feature which is password manager.

Password manager feature saves and stores usernames, passwords and other information to auto-fill or auto-complete the signing up process or any logon text fields, which will help the users when they visit the website for the next time.

On the other hand, both the Firefox version 2 plus Firefox version 3, are incapable or did not really prompt of offer the user an option to memorize and save the password. Hence Firefox would not store up the password and information for AutoFill or AutoComplete.

We have found the work around with “Save Password Bookmarklet” which compels the Firefox to remember and save the ID and password on the websites which are using.

The “AutoComplete=Off” setting can also be tweaked to initiate browser to save the common fields.

However, the bookmarklet which is based on JavaScript has to be run and activated each and every time when user needs Firefox to prompt choice to remember password, or else it would not allow the password saving on the web sites.

Additionally, some user might even show their dissatisfaction by saying that the hack provided for bookmarklet doesn’t works correctly in Firefox version 3, to compel Firefox browser to store and save the password and ID.

Now here is one more trick to make Firefox disregard all turned off or stopped AutoComplete requests by the websites like Yahoo!, PayPal, email service providers, Internet Banking service providers, and some of the other protected sites.

Due to this security measure, the browser will offer the user with an option to remember or save the ID and password temporarily. For a second time, the hack merely works on that websites which uses the “AutoComplete=Off” type of parameter to stop the ID and password saving characteristic in web browser.

You have to go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components file folder, after that edit the file named as “nsLoginManager.js”. This enables the user to Auto Complete password and ID on all websites or on all the web pages, regardless to the setting of the respective websites.

Then locate the given code lines (locate around the line 725 to 727 in Firefox version 3). Here you have to comment out the lines by using the simple codes // (the double slash) where the lines begin. Basically, you will be converting those code lines as mere statements or text by using the double slash.

Follow the code lines given below


if (element && element.hasAttribute (“autocomplete”) &&
element.getAttribute (“autocomplete”).toLowerCase() == “off”)
return true;


// if (element && element.hasAttribute(”autocomplete”) &&
// element.getAttribute(”autocomplete”).toLowerCase() == “off”)
// return true;

As soon as the editing ends, save file and then restart your Firefox browser. Now all the passwords are saved along with ID.

How Can I Master Reset My Main Password In Mozilla Firefox

Steps To Reset Main Password in Firefox

Nowadays, Mozilla Firefox has completely ruled out any other browsers with their tight security.  They have a highly powerful, tight and user friendly password manager. You can store and retrieve your username and password, just in case you tend forget at times. Firefox provides a great facility in these matters. Now, the main question arises is that what should be done if you have unfortunately forgotten the actual code word for the Mozilla Firefox password manager.

Resetting your master password for Mozilla Firefox is very easy and trouble-free but there is one disadvantage, which is, all the saved information will be erased including your saved passwords and username. After the master password is reset, Firefox will sort your password and username, automatically, in the process.

The steps for resetting password are as simple as it reads. Following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox by clicking firefox icon on the desktop or from the program option in the start menu.
  • Paste the below mentioned link in the address bar:


  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • A notification box will appear to finish the resetting process. You will then need to click on reset button and that’s it, alls done.