How to Repair Your Slowing down PC?

After a few months of using your brand new PC, it inevitably slows down. There could be a number of reasons for this. Here are a few things you can do bring back your PC to its former glory.

Extra software

If you are a typical PC user, you install a variety of programs on your PC. You use some of them all the time, but forget about the others. Installing too much software slows down your PC each time it starts. Also, when you install some software, it installs other programs that you never asked for and which sit on your PC just taking up space and memory. This also causes a lot of slowdowns.

To get rid of this problem, identify and make a list of software you have on your PC. Uninstall whatever you do not use. You will be surprised at just how many programs you have, many of which you haven’t even heard of. When installing new software, remember to untick wherever it asks to install other software, fondly called “bloatware”.


Your PC can also slow down over time because of toolbars. When you install applications and Windows, many times sub programs such as toolbars are also installed. If you open Internet Explorer and find tons of toolbars installed with little space for the actual content, you have a problem with toolbars.

With so many toolbars installed your browser takes ages to start up. Once it has started up, it runs very slow. The only way to deal with this is to remove all those toolbars by uninstalling them from the control panel. If you use Mozilla Firefox, remove unnecessary toolbars from that too.

Fragmented Disk

As your PC gets older, you keep adding and deleting files from the disk. This creates a lot of empty spaces that files that spread over the entire disk. When you open such a file, it will take a bit of time to open. This used to be a big headache a few years ago. Since disks have gotten faster and Windows is getting better, defragmentation is less of a problem.

Even so, if you find that files take a very long time to open and your PC takes a long time to start, defragmenting your hard drive should give your computer a speed boost. In order to keep your disks clean, go through the defragmentation process once every two months. You can either use the disk defragmenter that comes built into Windows or third party software such as Auslogics.

Hard disk

Even after doing all the above, you find your PC to be running slow, it is probably a problem with your storage disk. Hard disks are mechanical devices that spin at several thousand rotations per minute. Although they are usually reliable, they can just as easily fail, either due to manufacturing defects or physical shock.

If your computer is under warranty, contact customer support and have it replaced. Else, you may ask a technician to replace the hard disk for you. When you do this, you have to install Windows all over again and also all programs that you had running previously.

Fixing Problems with Your Hard Disk

All data on your computer is stored on the hard disk drive. Whenever you click on a file, the hard disk spins at thousands of rotations per minute in order to access the file. Over time hard disk storage has grown tremendously, while improving speeds all the time. These devices are also the most prone to errors and failures, which paralyzes your computer.

Not all hard disk problems are unsolvable though. Below are a few problems with your PC that boil down to problems with your storage device.

Disk full

Your hard disk needs some breathing space in order to function normally. When you fill your hard disk entirely with music, videos, documents and other files, it has to work harder to go to the file that you need. That is because files are scattered over portions of the disk. The more disk space you consume, the greater the seek time for your disk.

Ideally, you want your hard disk to be about 40% free. However, you should leave at least 10% free for optimal functioning of your hard disk. If you find your hard disk to be full and slow, try uninstalling any applications or programs that you don’t use. Over time, there is more software installed on your PC than you would like. Uninstalling them will free up a lot of space and make your PC run faster.

Add storage

Alternatively if you think that you need all the programs and files and don’t want to delete any of them, consider upgrading your hard disk. If you are running a desktop, you can buy a second hard drive and transfer all your music, videos and documents to the new drive, thus freeing up a lot of space for system files.

If you upgrade the hard disk on your laptop, you might need to reinstall Windows and all the applications, because there is no place for the older drive. You can also buy an external storage drive and transfer all your media and documents to it. Hard disks are quite inexpensive today. You can buy disks worth 1TB for less than $80.

Avoiding problems

If you use a desktop PC, and find that the hard disk slows down periodically, it might be due to excessive temperature. The hard disk operates at its best when its temperature is between 30?C and 40?C. Install a program such as SpeedFan. It monitors the temperature of your disks and alerts you when it runs too hot.


You might want to ensure that your desktop is placed in an airy part of your room so that it gets proper ventilation. Also take care to ensure that there are minimal chances of dust entering your PC. If you are using a laptop, place it on a raised platform, so that the base is completely touching the ground. The base has a few system fans that run to keep your whole PC cool.

Just follow the above few tips and you should have no problems with your PC and it will run just fine for a long time.

Everything For Searching Files/Folders On Your PC Instantly

Use “Everything” For Searching Files/Folders On Your PC Instantly

Whenever you need to find a missing file or folder on your PC, you normally use search function which effectively searches files or folders with the help of the criteria provided by you. But slowly as the storage capacity of your local files and directories grows bigger, things start getting complicated and the searching capability of the search function goes down.

If you feel that your search function is not delivering the desired output, you may try out “Everything” which is a powerful searching utility. “Everything” search tool offers a fast searching capability and is able to locate a file or folder by filename.

Its interface is quite user-friendly and you need to type a keyword or simply the partial file/ folder name and “Everything” search utility displays everything associated with it instantly along with other details such as directory paths, size and modified date. It allows you to match case, path or the whole word which in turn makes searching more accurate.

Apart from all this, incase you aren’t very sure of the proper keyword, “Everything” search utility allows you to enable “Regex” to enhance searching. In contrast to other searching mechanisms which take time to build up their database, “Everything” does it pretty quickly by indexing the file and folder names within seconds.


For example, “Everything” is said to have a capacity of indexing a newly installed Windows XP operating system at the rate of 20,000 files per second. So, you can easily gauge how useful this tool could be. This software is entirely standalone and can be easily carried along anywhere in a thumb drive for use with another PC.

“Everything” search utility is genuinely a great tool for searching files/ folders on your PC instantly. It supports most Windows Operating Systems including Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003. This utility, being a freeware can be easily downloaded from Here, free of cost.

Portable version

Download Videos From Browser’s Cache To Your PC Using VideoCacheView

Store Downloaded Videos From Browser’s Cache To Your PC Using VideoCacheView

Many times it so happens that after watching a video online, you like it so much that you wish to save it to your computer so as to view it again in the future. But there are many websites that do not allow visitors to download videos. However, you may now download videos from whichever website you wish by using VideoCacheView, an all-in-one video downloader utility.

The moment you view a video online on any website, the video automatically gets downloaded on your system and remains stored in browser’s cache. VideoCacheView just extracts the videos stored in the cache of the browser and saves them to your PC.


It has ability to automatically scan the total cache of browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and locate all video files which are cached. VideoCacheView also allows you to copy these cached video files to another location of your choice for watching them anytime in future.

If you have a movie player such as VLC media player installed on your PC, you may even play the videos directly from the web browser’s cache. This utility can be easily downloaded from the internet free of cost.

Disabling Skype To Use, Open And Listen On Port 80 As Well As 443 On Local PC

Disabling Skype To Use, Open And Listen On Port 80 As Well As 443 On Local PC

If you really want to install any web server, or maybe an application that requires web pages which is to be served through common HTTP or may be HTTPS ports, i.e. on port 80 as well as on port 443, an error message may appear and suggest that port 80 or port 443 was in use or is being occupied by any other application. It could also happen when there is no web server like Apache or IIS currently installed or running on that system.

While trying to investigate this issue by identifying the application that is being used on port 80, we suspect that the root cause might be due to Skype which allows the users to use the port 80 and the port 443 for alternatives as incoming connections. It uses port 80 as well as 443 for allowing Skype behind firewall in order to connect to the peers or to accept incoming connection with peers though NAT. This wouldn’t be able to connect through the restrictions or firewall that block other ports from opening.

Skype that listens, opens and occupies port 80 as well as port 443 may prevent other applications that require such port for working properly. So, the ability of the Skype for using port 80 as well as port 443 has to be stopped immediately, turned off and it should also remain disabled.

In order to turn off for disabling Skype usage for and listening on the port 80 as well as port 443, we have to open Skype window, after that click on the menu for Tools and then select Options. Then click on the Advanced Tab, after that go to the Connection sub-tab. Here Untick or uncheck that check box for the use port 80 as well as 443 for alternatives of incoming connections option. Lastly, click on the Save button then restart the Skype for making the change effective.

Unique And Simpler Technique To Render Your PC Speed!

Unique And Simpler Technique To Render Your PC Speed!

PC Booster is a freeware, used to fulfill Computer needs, and it makes them faster and stable for better performance. It avoids .dll errors that are frequent either while downloading or executing the program applications.

Installation and configuration of PC Booster is quite simpler. It secures the PC by acting as a system-guard and helps the computer in increasing the speed and it stabilizes the performance quite significantly. You’ll feel that your system has been reborn again.

Tasks Performed by PC Booster on Computer are:

  • This PC Booster’s minimises the consumption of booting time and avoiding computers from hanging.
  • It keeps a routine check on computer for any registry-conflicts, or unnecessary files and deletes them.
  • Along with this it also keeps a check on many other issues on computers and optimizes it.
  • It demonstrates a graphical view of a PC’s Performance before and after usage of PC Booster
  •  It also provides maximum efficiency to your R.A.M (Random-Access-Memory), ensuing quicker admission to any Installed program.

Trick To Alter The Registered Organization And Owner Information In Windows Operated Version PC’s

Trick To Alter The Registered Organization And Owner Information In Windows Operated Version PC’s

In reality changing or modifying registered organization and owner information works for Windows-XP operating system, and for other Window’s Operating System Versions, such as

  • Windows Server 2008,
  • Windows Server 2003,
  • Windows 7 and Windows-Vista

Users will only be asked to type in organization and owner’s information at the time of installation. A few O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer) computer systems equipped with soundless automated installation do not even demand any of this information.

The default-factory-settings like O.E.M manufacturer information would be utilized when a server or personal computer begins loading the previously installed transcript of Windows Operating System.

Another potential example is altering proprietorship of computer, when an old Personal Computer is purchased, or if the organization has been merged or acquired with a new group.

Hence, to change or modify the registered organization and owner information in Windows Operating System, utilize the registry crack provided below:

  • Select windows start option and select the Run option
  • Now type in the letters “regedit” and hit enter on the keyboard to open registry editor window.
  • Now, navigate and locate the Registry Key: “HKEY Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version

  • Now, in this window screen on the right hand side pane, find the “REG_SZ” (String) value cited as Registered-Owner. Select and Click twice on it to modify and edit the data value to alter the Registered-owners-name information.
  • Now, again in the window screen’s right hand side pane, find the Registered-Organization option. Select and Click twice on it to modify and edit the data value to alter the Registered-owners-name information.
  • Now, Exit out of the Registry-Editor Window to get the changes made effect instantly.

Hint: to view the changes made for Registered organization and owner information in registry editor window, check the about windows dialog box by selecting “Help-About” option on windows-explorer page. Optionally, you can just run simply winver or winver.exe file.

Simplest And Easiest Way To Download Facebook Videos On PC

Simplest And Easiest Way To Download Facebook Videos On PC

The largest well known social networking site in the world is FaceBook. Users utilise FaceBook account for various purposes, however if any of the individuals utilise it mostly to view FaceBook video recordings, then you shall be happy to learn as how to effortlessly download FaceBook video recordings without any other application. 

While viewing your preferred videos through your web browser on facebook, users need to just save it from their computer cache. Possibly most of them would be confused about what this computer cache is. 

Let’s learn to how to save the videos from a cache by following the steps provided below: 

Steps illustrated underneath for users to save facebook-videos either through IE or firefox web browsers: 

1) Steps to be followed by users to save facebook-videos on their PC through IE are: 

  • First of all completely watch the entire-video on internet explorer browser.
  • Now, once the entire video has completed, proceed ahead to save.
  • Now, select the tools option from internet explorer menu bar, under that select the settings option and then select the view files option.
  • Now, users can see a large-sized-file under that option with an unknown type and lengthy-file name.
  • Now, just copy that file and store it any easily reachable drive or folder on your system.
  • Now, provide a name to that file (somename.flv), note the file name should end with .flv extensions
  • Now just play the video through any media tool like VLC-media-player or FLV-player.

2) Steps to be followed by users to save facebook-videos on their PC through firefox are: 

  • First of all completely watch the entire-video on firefox browser.
  • Now, navigate through c: drive and then through documents and settings option and then select user name, and then select the local-settings, now select the application-data, and lastly select the Mozilla-firefox-profiles
  • Now follow the step 3 and step 6 from above session 

This completes the saving process of storing FaceBook-videos on your computer system with the methods as illustrated above. So from now on you can just follow these steps mentioned above and save as many videos you like to store.


AVADirect Nano Cube – Compact, Powerful And Reasonable – Perfect For Gaming

Here is the AVADirect Nano Cube, a personal gaming computer, assuring you high quality functioning. It contains some reasonable hardware qualities and one of the first mini ITX gaming systems that was released. It consists of hardware that goes from dual channel memory to the latest processors.

Let’s see what its unique features are, even with its compact size:-

  • Form Factor – Prior mention has been made that this is a Small Form Factor PC[SFF PC] measuring upto 8.7” X 5.1” X 13” only. Good things do come in small packages, but it is also attached with few drawbacks.
  • Processor – Users of AVADirect Nano Cube can choose between the Intel Core i7 or Core i5 LGA1156 processors. It is the i5 processor which has the default configuration, but you can opt for the upgraded one containing the i7 processor.
  • RAM[Memory] – It supports RAM upto 8GB and the default option is 2GB from Kingston. For a better performance, it is always wise to choose 4GB of RAM.
  • Graphics Card – All kinds of graphic cards, inclusive of ATI and NVIDIA are supported by AVADirect Nano Cube. The users has the choice o f selecting any card like the GeForce GT220; NVIDIA GeForce GT x 260; the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240; or the ATI Radeon TM HD 4200 graphic cards.
  • Storage – This cube is accommodative with 2TB hard drives. Here the default configuration will fetch you only a 320 GB hard disk.
  • Optical Media and Blu-Ray – It comes with a dual layer DVD burner, but it is your choice if you want to choose an upgraded option, adding Blu-Ray compatibility to your desktop.
  • Price – It is priced at $821, but with the addition of some upgrade options, hard disk Blu-ray support and much more, the price touches $1700.
  • Warranty – It has a 1 year warranty on labour and parts.
  • Now to talk of its drawbacks – There is no doubt that this small factor desktop gaming PC is quite advantageous with its great features, bit it is not all satisfying, mainly because there is no fire wire port available with this case. Also, a point noteworthy is that there is problem with Fan Wiring and Noise, maybe due to the crammed up space and internal wiring.

The Cube can be altered and designed to suit the user’s needs and the AVA technicians are well versed in bringing about such alterations. But that is only if your intentions are to satisfy your gaming needs. Therefore it is not very helpful for home users. Like we say, looks may be deceptive; the desktop may not look very attractive, but sure offers many facilities.

You may find other gaming options but this mini gaming console AVADirect Nano Cube has earned a great fan club for itself. To put it in other words, this gaming PC integrates the power of a gaming notebook at the price and value of a desktop and thereby bringing to you the benefits of both worlds.

It is handy/portable enough to easily be carried to any friends house or a party, but powerful all the same, enough to mesmerize your friends and win the game. Small in size no doubt, but big in features. It has options for wireless-N network and all the current technology like Blu-ray and amazing large 2TB hard drives.

In order to obtain best results, opt for a solid state disk SSD for the quickest read/write speeds of any hard drive. But change is always welcome, and alterations can be made accordingly!

Workaround To Remove Protexis Licensing Service From Your PC

Workaround To Remove Protexis Licensing Service From Your PC 

Whenever a user tries to install Corel software products, whether it is a trail version or a paid licensed version, a third-party software application known as PSIService.exe makes an unannounced entry to your system. This PSIService.exe program by Protexis automatically installs a service known as Protexis Licensing service (PLS) or Protexis Licensing Version 2 (V2) into Windows OS.

Protexis’s copy protection Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the license management software basically protect an application or software from being illegally copied or pirated and PSIService is a part of it. This is the reason why this service is generally installed by other applications like Coral PaintShop Pro Photo X2, Pro XI (X1) and Pro X.

These applications or software use this licensing service to authenticate user and ensure copy protection. However, this service, once installed slows down the booting process of the PC. Corel PaintShop Pro stops working and warns you about using an illegal or non-genuine copy if you try to disable this service. Also this PSIService does not get uninstalled even if you uninstall the software that installed it.

If you wish to remove Protexis service but still wish to keep the software dependent on it running properly or if you want to remove PSIService spyware manually as it was not removed automatically even when you uninstalled the software that had installed it, you may do so by using an easy procedure. The procedure to be followed to uninstall this PSIService is mentioned on the website of Protexis.

If you have ensured that the PSIService is still running on your PC even though none of the applications installed on your PC are dependent on it, you can easily get rid of it using the following procedure.

  • Go to the Start Menu and click on Run. Type in regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the registry entry mentioned below.


  • Once found, delete the registry entry and close the Registry Editor.
  • Finally, restart your PC.
  • Next, look for the below mentioned files and delete them.



For applications like Corel PhotoShop Pro to run smoothly even without the PSIService, you cannot remove the service completely. Instead, you need to follow the below mentioned workaround.

  • Click on Start button to open the Start Menu and go to the Control Panel. Open Administrators Tools and go to Services (i.e. services.msc).
  • Look for ProtexisLicensing. It might also be titled as Protexis Licensing service. In case you see that the service installed on your PC is Protexis Licensing V2, you need to follow the next procedure instead of this one.
  • Once found, you need to stop PLS and its Startup Type needs to be set as “Disabled”.
  • Now, navigate to %SystemDrive%\Windows\System32 folder. You need to copy the original file PSIKey.dll and paste it within the program files into the folder of the software/application that is dependent on this service.

For instance, in case of Corel, you need to paste the file at %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Corel\Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI\.

  • Then, you need to rename the file PsiClient.dll with a .bak extension (i.e. PsiClient.bak). You may as well delete the file.
  • You need to also rename the file PSIKey.dll to make it PsiClient.dll. The file PSIService.exe also needs to be renamed to PSIService.bak. You may even delete the file PSIService.exe.

If the PLS installed on your PC is the V2 service, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to Start Menu and open the Control Panel. Open Administrators Tools and go to Services (i.e. services.msc).
  • Find Protexis Licensing V2 and stop it. Also its Startup Type needs to be set as “Disabled”.
  • Navigate to the folder %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Common Files\Protexis\License Service.
  • Copy the file PSIKey_2.dll and paste it within the program files into the folder of the software/application that is dependent on this service.
  • You need to rename the file PsiClient.dll with a .bak extension (i.e. PsiClient.bak). Alternatively, you may delete it.
  • Also rename the file PSIKey_2.dll to make it PsiClient.dll. The file PSIService_2.exe also needs to be renamed to PSIService_2.bak. You can also delete PSIService_2.exe.

PLS is now totally disabled and won’t run anymore. Moreover, the applications dependent on this service will also function properly.