RIAA Targeting Writers Freedom ? A Limewire Article On PCMag Was Ordered To Be Taken Down !

Sometimes we get into unwanted clashes, even if it something as simple as adding external links to your site. That may be enough to put you in trouble, especially if the links are to BitTorrent site like the Pirate Bay, although your reason may be as genuine as educative or informative. The Recording Industry Association of America [RIAA] has been very straight forward and strict against ‘trafficking of pirated American movies and music from rogue websites outside our borders.’

The company has been very sincere in extending total support to ‘Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act,’ aiming mainly at the faulty foreign sites. An official announcement was made in September claiming that a bill was welcome if initial step toward cutting off the financial lifeline that sustains illegal operations and threatens the livelihoods of countless members of the American music community. But the bill did not fascinate people apparently and therefore it was forced to shut down.

The RIAA proclaimed that the publicity the program received from the article was the cause of its resurrection. The journal published by Ziff-Davis, received a letter from the RIAA expressing its unhappiness over the publication of such an article. The article we speak about bears the title ‘Limewire is Dead.’ The trouble here was that the article was declared dead to P2p services. In spite of a disclaimer being issued that PC magazine did not support illegal articles, RIAA was not very pleased.

It stated that the disclaimer which was issued that the disclaimer did not tolerate the download of copyrighted or illegal material was not very specific. The RIAA therefore commanded that the article be removed from the PCMag.com. RIAA and other music industry figures have been reprimanding PCMag as it dared to pinpoint some Limewire alternatives, claiming that P2P is not the only file sharing site. It is said that there were alternatives to Limewire [a peer-to-peer {P2P} application/service which allows people to share files] after it was closed down.

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PC Magazine is closing down – Official

Ziff Davis is closing down PC Magazine -> source.

PC Magazine is closing down - Official

PC Magazine has been one of my favorite for a long time. January 2009 will see the last edition of PcMag. I’m sure, everyone, even those who do not regularly buy will go and their copy of PcMag from their nearest book stands.

My only concern is, what will happen to all those who have paid for year or twos susbscription ? Will they be re-paid ?

PC Magazine is closing down - Official

Amit has another reason why he wants users to buy PcMag’s last edition and that is John Dvorak wanting Google to Die :O..