San Francisco – California Drivers Can Easily Find Parking Space Now

Parking No Longer an Issue

Driving around, trying to find a parking space can prove to be so frustrating, especially if you’re getting late for something important. You needn’t worry now and as a technology has been developed by Streetline to overcome this issue. A new technology based on wireless sensors has been introduced to make it easier to find parking spaces especially during the rush hours.

This technology, known as bump, has been programmed by a group of researchers from the University of California. This is definitely a breakthrough for all drivers, as they will now be able to sense free parking spaces before actually having to visit them. The bump is made to be installed adjacent to all the parking spaces in the city, i.e. every parking space will have one of these.

The bump works by storing the data of how many parking spaces are free in the parking lot where it is installed. It then transmits this information to the central management office via wireless media. The data is then broadcast-ed over the internet so that it can be accessed by all drivers, through their wireless devices like mobile phones and PDAs.

The biggest advantage of installing this device is that it does need any form of heavy repair and maintenance costs. The bumps will used for field testing soon. Its performance thereafter will decide if it should be installed across other cities or not, but the idea behind this concept and service is absolutely fantastic.

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Treo 500v – loaded with features

The Treo 500v is now available for mobile subscribers. Launched with an array of features, the Treo 500v has been improved in aesthetics, feel and touch.

Inside the hardware is the software loaded with Windows Mobile 6.0 which can be operated with keys and a four-way mouse. The basic hardware features a 2 MP camera, bluetooth, USB compatibility, 150 MB built-in hard disk and a micro-SD card slot for increased memory. Other software applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail, SMS, messenger, media player and internet explorer. In terms of compatibility, the Treo 500v can log on to European 3G UMTS networks for data access.

The feature-filled and contemporary Treo 500v should be improved and relaunched with a Linux-based operating system. The Treo 500v is available in two colours ‘glacier white’ and ‘charcoal black’ and has a fully QWERTY keyboard for ease in work on office applications.

The Treo 500v can be said to be the first complete handheld with capabilities of e-mail, instant messenger and internet browsing. Its full QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to type and browse. Access of various e-mail servers is easy and truly instant. Compatible with Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail currently. The screen size is simply superb, large and high resolution, your mobile internet experience with the complete  browser will be good. Internet applications such as google maps and ebay are also supported and news channels such as Vodafone live is also available round the clock.

Routine features such as address book, scheduler to plan your day, lists to make your day organized and storage of phone numbers are quite exhaustive and large. You can work on office files, watch movie clips, capture pictures and videos and store them and if your hands are occupied you could use a bluetooth headset to talk and access other bluetooth devices.