Restore To The Last Viewed eBook PDF Page in Adobe Reader

How to Restore To The Last Viewed eBook PDF Page in Adobe Reader?

These days everybody is switching over to E-Books and it is very difficult to remember next day at which page you left reading to start again from there. Maximum books are projected in eBook formats and those they contain hundreds or thousands of pages, which could be difficult to remember where you stopped and you could end up turning the thousand pages one by one.

With the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader,” you can read the eBooks, as there is an option to navigate the page from where you left reading last time. However, you might also be wondering that how to reopen or navigate back to the page that you are currently reading before closing and re-opening it without even memorizing the page number.

The following are the steps to follow enable the inbuilt feature.

Open the PDF file in “Adobe Acrobat Reader”

Now go to the “Click” and then pick on Preferences, from the Preferences Tab Click “General”

From the Preference Menu you will find Categories, click on Documents there and then Check the

“Restore last view settings when reopening documents”

 For Save Changes Click “OK”

After completing the above-mentioned steps whenever you will open a particular page after closing, it will always take you to the last opened page.

Download PDFTIger PDF Creator Converter free with Registration Code

Download PDFTIger PDF Creator Converter free with Registration Code

PDFTiger is really an extensive, easy-to-use Word to PDF converting tools and PDF to Word tool, which has been built to generate Pdf file documents through Microsoft Word, Power point, Excel, text, or perhaps images. In addition to this, the PDF file application also can converts PDF documents into an editable Microsoft Word Doc, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, and Photos, Html Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Data files.

With PDFTiger, consumers can execute wide array of conversion scheme which includes PDF to Doc, Doc to PDF, PDF  to Jpg, Excel to PDF, PDF  to RTF, PDF to BMP, PowerPoint to PDF, PDF to TXT,  TXT to PDF, PDF to GIF, PDF to HTML, PDF to TIFF, Images to PDF, PDF to SWF, and also PDF to PNG.

To obtain PDFTiger at free of cost, you have to download PDFTiger’s set up.

For activation of this software put this registraion code – R8Z8682LMDUAKHW


Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

It is widely accepted that the PDF is a best format which can be used to distribute and display documents. The PDF file format keeps the originality and quality of the documents so that it is now been used by lots of people. Today, you’ll find plenty of professional manuals, tutorials, papers; ebooks and etc over the internet in the PDF format. You could easily download these files and read them with appropriate viewer program like Adobe reader.

However, sometimes you may have face problems while copying or printing texts which are in the PDF document. The downloaded PDF files may prevent you from doing so. Now, here is a simple trick which could help you to unlock the restricted PDF file. Mostly, the original author of each PDF file tends to encrypt and impose the file along with some restrictions which is responsible to prevent you from editing, modifying, printing, copying and etc.

You’ll find couple of standard encryption techniques which are also treated as security measures for the PDF file formats. If you are PDF owner then you could select to secure your PDF file by simply applying “owner password” or “user password”. When you protect your own PDF file with password then no one can modify the protected PDF file even you could prevent it from opening. If you would like to just impose some of the restrictions such as disable copying, printing, editing of text content, you could simply place an owner password for it. By doing so, you could also disable modifications for the graphics.

The PDF files protected by the ‘owner’ as well as ‘user’ passwords are quite difficult to crack and you could use force open for these files. However, if you are still stuck with such problem then there are lots of useful applications which can help you out of this problem. Mostly, in such situations the PDF unlocker shareware is the best solution. PDF Unlocker is very useful and absolutely free tool with which you could crack the PDF file which are password protected.

After installing this tool on you system, a small icon of PDF Unlocker will be created on the desktop. What you exactly have to do is, only drag the password protected PDF file to the icon of PDF Unlocker. Immediately the software application proficiently decrypts the password of the owner and removes all the restrictions imposed. After that, you will get the new unrestricted copy of the PDF file. You will then modify, copy, print and etc without even recognizing the password.

You will find unlocking of the restriction that imposed by the ‘user’ password quite tricky. If you would like to remove the password of user of the PDF file, you just have to right click once on the link “Remove PDF Password” and then select “Edit”. Now, you have to use the actual open password of the file straightly next to the prefix ‘-sPDFPassword=’, use it without quotes. Finally close and save the password removed PDF file. This PDF Unlocker tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download PDF Unlocker

Scan Your Documents In PDF formats Using WinScan2PDF

Scan Your Documents In PDF formats Using WinScan2PDF

There are several scanners available in the market that offers users to scan their PDF or other format files directly. However, few scanners provide only limited features and limit the users to save file into image format. After scanning users need to scan the pdf files via pdf printer or other compatible scanners.
This is a bit tedious and time consuming process for most of the people. In order to simplify the process, users can try this handy and powerful application named WinScan2PDF.

This application will consume only less space (40 kb) of the disk space of your computer. This portable application enables users to scan documents and store them on computer in PDF format using any installed scanner. THe interactive user interface of this handy application features users to scan document directly to PDF format easily.
It saves the substantial time of the users by getting rid of the conventional method of scanning. Users just need to download and install this application on computer and select the required file to scan quickly in PDF format. If you find it very useful then download the WinScan2PDF application directly from the given link here without any trouble

Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

It is not really difficult to convert your file into PDF format file. However, extracting the images from PDF file is a different thing altogether, and requires different procedure to extract.

Your search for finding ways for the extraction of images from PDF file should end here. Following these simple steps you can extract images and save it on your computer in different formats. You get to choose what kind of image formats you want to save on your computer.


1. Open PDF file – Click on the open file option to browse PDF file to extract images

2. Now you need to define output selection – You can choose best suited output option from the left panel. In simple words, you need to

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select the format of your extracting images. Output directory is that place where your extracted images will be saved

3. Now just hit the start covert button to extract images from the PDF file.

4. Once you complete this process your all favorite images will be extracted in your defined folder

With these are simple steps, people can get their favorite images from PDF file instantly and according to their required format like JPEG, TIFF, TGA, PBM, and GIF. Image extraction is not really a complicated task. Most of the operating system supports this procedure, so you do not need to worry about installing 3rd party tools in your computer to get instant images from PDF format file.

Download PDF Image Extract v 1.5

Brilliant Tool For Converting PDF File To Word Document By Retaining The Original Layout

Brilliant Tool For Converting PDF File To Word Document By Retaining The Original Layout

Just like “Ease PDF to Text Extractor”, a freeware which helps you to pull out text from PDF documents, PDF to Word Doc Converter is one more such tool which has ability to convert a PDF file into a Word document. Though it is possible to copy the contents of a PDF file and paste it into a word document without using such tools, the original pattern of the file is not retained.

PDF to Word Doc Converter is a free utility which efficiently converts all the data in the PDF file to a word file without altering the images and shapes present in the original document. You need to just download this free tool and install it.

Once the installation process is over, simply launch the converter and browse to locate the PDF file that you wish to convert. Also browse the output document file path to select the desired path at which you need the output word document to be saved.

The converter also offers a few general options which you can configure. You may choose to convert the whole PDF file or select only a few pages. The general options allow you to retain images and shapes, preserve the original character spacing and use formatted text to reclaim page layout.

However, if you just need the text, you may uncheck these options so as to save memory space. The only drawback with this utility is that it can convert only a single PDF file to a Word file at a time and is unable to convert files in bulk.

PDF to Word Doc Converter is just 1.07MB in size and therefore does not consume much of the memory space. It can be downloaded free of charge from hellopdf website.

Use Cutepdf Form Filler To Easily Fill In PDF Forms

Use Cutepdf Form Filler To Easily Fill In PDF Forms

Most of us face a big problem in filling the electronic forms which are sent in Portable Document Format (PDF) format while applying for a new job or filling forms to enter university. The problem is that you cannot fill in the electronic forms available in PDF format right away because to do so the PDF file form doesn’t allow you with the write features.

You can get some free PDF converter utilities from net or else you can use online services for converting the form in an editable format. Most of the time these utilities fails to keep the alignments, layouts, fonts and etc as the original form. Also the converted form will look much different from the original form.  

Now, you can use CutePDF Form Filler utility with which you can properly convert the electronic forms in PDF format. The utility CutePDF Form Filler is a PDF converter which is especially designed to save interactive electronic forms available in PDF format on your computer.

When you finish the filling process of the electronic PDF form, you can deliver the finished forms (all the completed forms are kept in original format) to the recipients by means of email or send for printing the files. CutePDF Form Filler provides a 128-bit encryption or password protection utility with which you can protect your confidential PDF documents.

The much important utility CutePDF Form Filler is not a free utility to use. Price for this utility is only $29.95 and the price is relatively inexpensive as compared to Foxit PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat and some others. This cool utility supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista operating systems.

Convert PDF To Text Files In Bulk Using Free Ease PDF To Text Extractor V1.10

Convert PDF To Text Files In Bulk Using Free Ease PDF To Text Extractor V1.10

By using Ease PDF to Text Extractor v1.10, you can convert bulk amount of PDF format files into the text files by means of a few easy clicks. This software utility has a user friendly GUI and you can convert several PDF files within few simple steps.

Firstly, you need to just select all the PDF files that you have to covert. After that, you have to confirm the output folder for storing all the converted files. When you are done with these simple tasks, you’ll need to click on the button named ‘Convert’ to proceed with the conversion process.

One great thing about this utility is you can add any number of PDF files as you like and the software converts them all at one go, and in just few seconds. Nevertheless, this software will not work for the PDF files which are scanned or image files, which is pretty much the same case with other converter software.

This software utility can be installed and it runs in all the Windows operating system versions like the Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista OS. It takes an only 2.24MB of the disk space, and it is quite useful to be installed in your PC system, so that you can use it anytime.

Remove Password & Restrictions For PDF Files Online

Remove Password & Restrictions For PDF Files Online

Usually many people like us are facing numerous problems regarding the PDF files. It is more painful when we secure these PDF files by means of a password, and if we forget the password after a few days. You may be experienced that most of times, you can’t save the images or copy any text as of a PDF file as the PDF files are limited for certain usages, which is indeed a security measure as well.

On the other hand you can avoid all the limitations including the text lock for images and password security. You can gain the access to copy all the data from the PDF file along with images and text. All you’ll need to do is install a simple online tool or utility to open the file by unlocking the password.

There are countless e-books under copyright act and are available in PDF format, but they don’t permit to save images or copy text from the e-books. Lots of Banks as well as other companies issue the invoices and statements in PDF format files which are protected by the particular password. If in case you have forgotten the password, and you can’t access that PDF file, don’t worry any more, here is a key to crack the password.

First of all, just upload the provided PDF file on the website and the wait for a little bit. You will be provided with a link so that you can download your PDF file that you had uploaded in the beginning. After downloading the PDF file you will observe that the password security has been detached allowing you to copy image or text of your PDF file. However, please be reminded that you are uploading the file to a third party server, and therefore you might want to decide beforehand on which files you could share, and more importantly the ones that you shouldn’t. 

PDF Maker Pilot Tool – A PDF Form And Document Creator

PDF Maker Pilot Tool – A PDF Form And Document Creator

Ever seen or heard of a tool which creates pdf documents and forms at a go. Here is one tool which will meet all your requirements. This tool called PDF Maker Pilot Tool creates forms and pdf files instantly on your personal computers. All the forms generated from this tool can be filled in by anyone using Adobe’s acrobat reader.

There are certainly many more tools available online that create pdf files, but these are very exorbitantly priced. This tool is made available for free for certain limited period so that one can try this, and after getting satisfied can proceed to purchase this product.

Steps to fill forms or create pdf documents by pdf maker pilot tool:

  • One needs to generate a form from pdf maker pilot tool. Creating a form is very easy from this tool.
  • Now save this form on the system with .pdf extension.
  • Open the pdf file which was saved from Acrobat reader. The forms that were generated can now be filled in the pdf itself.

An elaborate explanation is provided by pdf maker pilot tool to help users to fill their forms.

The generated forms can be edited directly by filling in the acrobat reader easily. The best feature of this tool is that one can generate pdf editable forms and utilize them on their websites for all kinds of registrations. Pdf maker pilot tool is very powerful for creating user forms and pdf files very quickly.

This great tool is a shareware and uses only 5.1 Megabytes of hard disk space. Download this great tool to enjoy creating new editable forms and pdf files.