Advanced Features PDF Reading And Creation

Nitro Reader Offers Advanced Features For PDF Reading And Creation

As a result of more popularity and usage of PDFformats these days, users are able to easily find out various PDF reader, PDF printer, and PDF creator for creating files in the PDF formats. Most of the free PDF reader, Creator and Printer are usually restrained in terms of their operations and attributes. Most versions of these, particularly PDF creator usually apply few limitations like logo, watermark on the created file. If you are searching for an effective PDF creator cum reader with comparatively less limitation with fascinating features then you should try Nitro Reader.

Nitro Reader provides more features as compared to a normal PDF reader. This free application provides complete suite of tools, which enables users to generate and convert to PDF formats along with the capability of reading these files. This application works with both windows 32 bit as well as 64 bit. Users who require an extensive PDF application, can visit the download page of Nitro Reader without filling the unnecessary information.

Nitro Reader comes with neat and clean interface, this free application contains all the features of a paid version such as full screen view, zoom in and out, navigate documents with the help of bookmark panel, view file summary like size, creation, metadata etc. Nitro Reader allows the rotation of page by 90-degrees, which enables easy reading of charts, graphs etc as they are displayed in the vertical form. The reader enables the users to complete fast preview of the PDF documents in the users’ email along with Windows explorer without having to open the actual document. Another fascinating aspect of this readership is that it provides tabbed viewing for separate PDF documents. Customers can open up as well as look at the numerous PDF documents and work among several documents inside the identical window.

Nitro Reader supplies a couple of useful resources and features in terms of PDF file development. It provides PDF file creation in more than three hundred layouts. The creation procedure is simple. Users can merely drag and drop virtually any files on the desktop icon of Nitro Reader to generate the PDF documents. Users may arrange and insert document meta-data for the PDF document, which they are intending to create.

Users are also permitted to produce remarks on the PDF documents. For example, they may add easy notes, highlight texts, increase textual content immediately onto the pages, modify pop-up records, and so forth. These features enormously enhance users’ experience by producing their particular PDF file documents. Although, it is a free software, Nitro Reader in no way jeopardizes on the safety element. This particular PDF reader can allow people to create and utilize electronic digital signature to their document while creating. Apart from this, it enables the users to consider several security methods including disabling of JavaScript to stop malevolent attacks and unlawful activity based on JavaScript.

PDF Printer For FREE

PDF Printer For FREE

There are a number of applications available for free download that help documents from Windows applications been written into PDF’s. The main and most sought after criterion of these applications is how conveniently the output is generated. Users look for fonts, images, layouts and other features before printing the document or PDF file.

The PDF Printer from Bullzip is amongst the best PDF printers. Straight forward, fast, quality results and user friendly are some of the strengths of this application. Once installed, it helps users print documents in PDF format. The technique is pretty simple. When the print button is clicked the driver creates a temporary PDF file of the document and prints it in that format.

The best feature of the Bullzip PDF Printer is that it comes without any pop ups or advertisements. The application is absolutely free for commercial and personal use.

Some of the best features of this useful application are that it converts documents from Windows programs in to PDF form and then prints them. It is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS, is supported by 64 bit OS and controls prompts and output programmatically.

The application also prints PDF documents that are password protected. The setup required to install this application can be left unattended and still installs itself into the system. The features that can be set in the image include size, watermark text, transparency and rotation.

Some other features of this application that separates it from others are

  • 128 bit encryption
  • It contains the GUI ( Graphical User Interface)
  • Assures quality settings like eBook, printer, screen and prepress.
  • Allows the user to set properties of documents
  • Superimpose or change the background of documents
  • Allows prepending or appending of documents
  • Has a commendable and friendly user interface
  • All of its settings are interfaced with commands
  • Supports multiple types of output including BMP, PCX, JPEG, TIFF and PNG

You will also find some additional feature that will help you enhance the document you need to print out.

To download the newest version of the Bullzip PDF Printer visit Here