Advanced Features PDF Reading And Creation

Nitro Reader Offers Advanced Features For PDF Reading And Creation

As a result of more popularity and usage of PDFformats these days, users are able to easily find out various PDF reader, PDF printer, and PDF creator for creating files in the PDF formats. Most of the free PDF reader, Creator and Printer are usually restrained in terms of their operations and attributes. Most versions of these, particularly PDF creator usually apply few limitations like logo, watermark on the created file. If you are searching for an effective PDF creator cum reader with comparatively less limitation with fascinating features then you should try Nitro Reader.

Nitro Reader provides more features as compared to a normal PDF reader. This free application provides complete suite of tools, which enables users to generate and convert to PDF formats along with the capability of reading these files. This application works with both windows 32 bit as well as 64 bit. Users who require an extensive PDF application, can visit the download page of Nitro Reader without filling the unnecessary information.

Nitro Reader comes with neat and clean interface, this free application contains all the features of a paid version such as full screen view, zoom in and out, navigate documents with the help of bookmark panel, view file summary like size, creation, metadata etc. Nitro Reader allows the rotation of page by 90-degrees, which enables easy reading of charts, graphs etc as they are displayed in the vertical form. The reader enables the users to complete fast preview of the PDF documents in the users’ email along with Windows explorer without having to open the actual document. Another fascinating aspect of this readership is that it provides tabbed viewing for separate PDF documents. Customers can open up as well as look at the numerous PDF documents and work among several documents inside the identical window.

Nitro Reader supplies a couple of useful resources and features in terms of PDF file development. It provides PDF file creation in more than three hundred layouts. The creation procedure is simple. Users can merely drag and drop virtually any files on the desktop icon of Nitro Reader to generate the PDF documents. Users may arrange and insert document meta-data for the PDF document, which they are intending to create.

Users are also permitted to produce remarks on the PDF documents. For example, they may add easy notes, highlight texts, increase textual content immediately onto the pages, modify pop-up records, and so forth. These features enormously enhance users’ experience by producing their particular PDF file documents. Although, it is a free software, Nitro Reader in no way jeopardizes on the safety element. This particular PDF reader can allow people to create and utilize electronic digital signature to their document while creating. Apart from this, it enables the users to consider several security methods including disabling of JavaScript to stop malevolent attacks and unlawful activity based on JavaScript.

List Of Best Free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader Alternative

Brilliant Freeware Reader Tools – A Substitute For Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF or Portable Document Format is considered as the best format for circulating electronic documents. A file saved in PDF format retains the same look (layout, font and formatting) on screen or when printed, regardless of the type of computer or printer being used and regardless of the software originally used in order to create it.

PDF format offers a reliable and convenient way to publish data including text, graphics and tables. Majority of users use Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free viewer by Adobe to view or read PDF files downloaded from the internet or received via email.

However, Acrobat Reader takes too long to open a PDF file which turns out to be quite irritating and frustrating, especially when the PDF file is large in size. Also waiting until the splash window disappears to open the PDF file is pretty annoying. Moreover, Adobe Acrobat Reader tends to use a considerable amount of resources of your PC.

As an alternative to Acrobat Reader, there exist a number of other viewer and reader tools which can be used to read/ view PDF documents. You may try using a few such PDF readers mentioned below.

Foxit Reader

This PDF reader/viewer is extremely small in size, just 2.55MB. This free PDF reader offers a great collection of tools that enables you to view, read as well as print out your PDF documents. Apart from offering all features that are present in Adobe Acrobat Reader, it has ability to launch PDF documents at a breezing-fast speed.

Using its converter feature, you can convert a PDF file to its original form. The latest version, i.e. Foxit Reader 2.3, includes a new multimedia player feature using which you can enjoy audio/video elements present within the PDF file. You can get a free download of this multilingual PDF reader on Foxit Website.

Foxit Reader supports many Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Vista, Me, 2003, 2000 and XP.

Cool PDF Reader

Cool PDF Reader is unbelievably small, only 626KB and is known to be smallest PDF viewer/reader Worldwide. This “cool” and tiny application is extremely easy to install. The installation procedure is really short and simple. You just need to download the freeware file from the internet, unzip and run it.

This amazing reader can be used to view/read, print as well as convert the PDF files to other formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG, TXT, GIF, EPS, WMF and EMF. It works with all PDF file versions and supports 68 different languages. You can view a full screen slid show of the PDF document using Cool PDF Reader application.


This online PDF reader also serves as form filler, form designer and editor. You may read PDF documents as well as edit PDF forms online using PDFescape which is a free application. It allows you to add texts, graphics and links to PDF forms. Adding new form fields and styling them with the font, size and color of your choice is also possible.

Adobe Acrobat Reader charges $299 for this editing form feature. However, with PDFescape you can use it free of cost.

PDF Hammer

This is yet another online PDF application which is absolutely free-of-cost. PDF Hammer allows you to edit PDF files online. With the help of this application, you can reorder, rearrange pages as you wish or delete any pages if you don’t need them. You may also combine/ merge PDF files together.

PDF Hammer enables you to add/ edit/ update document metadata fields such as title, keywords, subject and author. You may also lock your PDF documents with the help of password-based security.

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