Send Large Files And Create PDF With Two Of Adobes New Programs

Create PDF (list of best free PDF writers) which enables conversion and process of PDFs on the web, and adobe SendNow enabling users to send large files, are the 2 cloud-based services from Adobe.

AdobeSendNow- This file sharing service is an all-under-one-roof answer to send as well as receive large files within colleagues and job mates. It lets users send files to one or many recipients from the Adobe Website, with a 7 day deadline to the files which can be downloaded. If the user chooses to, then he gets an extension on this time. You also have the choice to apply for an improvised version to get

1] Delivery receipts.

2] Friends/colleagues to sign in before accessing any important document.

Use Adobe Send Now.

Adobe Create PDF [portable document format]. – Very true to its name, this service says it all. Because it helps users construct PDFs online and lets them change various other file formats into PDF. It also blends numerous files to one single PDF. Now is that not quite tough thing to do, which also justifies it being charged. Of course you can use it free for the first 5 times, after which you will have to pay $9.99/month or $99.99/year, if you want continuous access to this service.

Any subscription is non-refundable, but you are free to apply for a free trial membership, although paid subscribers do have additional facilities. In case you already possess an Adobe ID, just sign in to

Create Adobe PDF at

1] Click subscribe now.

2] Select a subscription option and then click Add to Cart.

3] Click Checkout. Enter your Adobe ID and password and then click SignIn.

In order to make online buys, it is essential you hold an Adobe account, if not click Register and go according to the instructions and create an account first.

4] Enter your payment details on the Confirm Your Pay Order Page.

5] Click Purchase now. You will receive an e-mail response at your address along with a link to create Adobe PDF Online.

To register for free trial membership, go to the Adobe website and click Try it for Free!

Adobe is doing a great job with regards to both sending large files as well as creating PDF, to make things easy for users.

List Of Best Free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader Alternative

Brilliant Freeware Reader Tools – A Substitute For Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF or Portable Document Format is considered as the best format for circulating electronic documents. A file saved in PDF format retains the same look (layout, font and formatting) on screen or when printed, regardless of the type of computer or printer being used and regardless of the software originally used in order to create it.

PDF format offers a reliable and convenient way to publish data including text, graphics and tables. Majority of users use Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free viewer by Adobe to view or read PDF files downloaded from the internet or received via email.

However, Acrobat Reader takes too long to open a PDF file which turns out to be quite irritating and frustrating, especially when the PDF file is large in size. Also waiting until the splash window disappears to open the PDF file is pretty annoying. Moreover, Adobe Acrobat Reader tends to use a considerable amount of resources of your PC.

As an alternative to Acrobat Reader, there exist a number of other viewer and reader tools which can be used to read/ view PDF documents. You may try using a few such PDF readers mentioned below.

Foxit Reader

This PDF reader/viewer is extremely small in size, just 2.55MB. This free PDF reader offers a great collection of tools that enables you to view, read as well as print out your PDF documents. Apart from offering all features that are present in Adobe Acrobat Reader, it has ability to launch PDF documents at a breezing-fast speed.

Using its converter feature, you can convert a PDF file to its original form. The latest version, i.e. Foxit Reader 2.3, includes a new multimedia player feature using which you can enjoy audio/video elements present within the PDF file. You can get a free download of this multilingual PDF reader on Foxit Website.

Foxit Reader supports many Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Vista, Me, 2003, 2000 and XP.

Cool PDF Reader

Cool PDF Reader is unbelievably small, only 626KB and is known to be smallest PDF viewer/reader Worldwide. This “cool” and tiny application is extremely easy to install. The installation procedure is really short and simple. You just need to download the freeware file from the internet, unzip and run it.

This amazing reader can be used to view/read, print as well as convert the PDF files to other formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG, TXT, GIF, EPS, WMF and EMF. It works with all PDF file versions and supports 68 different languages. You can view a full screen slid show of the PDF document using Cool PDF Reader application.


This online PDF reader also serves as form filler, form designer and editor. You may read PDF documents as well as edit PDF forms online using PDFescape which is a free application. It allows you to add texts, graphics and links to PDF forms. Adding new form fields and styling them with the font, size and color of your choice is also possible.

Adobe Acrobat Reader charges $299 for this editing form feature. However, with PDFescape you can use it free of cost.

PDF Hammer

This is yet another online PDF application which is absolutely free-of-cost. PDF Hammer allows you to edit PDF files online. With the help of this application, you can reorder, rearrange pages as you wish or delete any pages if you don’t need them. You may also combine/ merge PDF files together.

PDF Hammer enables you to add/ edit/ update document metadata fields such as title, keywords, subject and author. You may also lock your PDF documents with the help of password-based security.

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Free Word Processor – Export To HTML, MediaWiki Or PDF Format

Export Word Documents To HTML, MediaWiki Or PDF Format

OpenOffice Writer 3.0 is simple software with a lot of utility value. Part of the versatile OpenOffice suite, the writer is a comprehensive word processor with an added facility to export the document directly to many popular formats such as PDF and HTML which can be conveniently used in websites or for emailing purposes.

While emailing, the writer ensures that there is no loss of design or layout and the message remains fully compatible with the software solutions which the receiver may have. The writer gives all the added frills which make the message great looking while you concentrate on the contents of the message.

Though OpenOffice Writer has some great advanced features which make it truly fantastic word processing software, it is also simple enough to be used for generating a quick memo. It is powerful enough to generate books and acts as a very good desktop publisher.

The writer has wizards which take care of generating general documents such as faxes, minutes, agendas and letters. The wizards are also capable of creating complex tasks such as mail-merging the documents. You can either use the available templates or create one on your own.

There are also other features such as AutoCorrect dictionary to correct the spellings and AutoComplete to ensure that your words and phrases are complete.

[ Download Open Office Writer ]

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Best PDF Creator And Best PDF Converter – Download Free

PDFCreator is freely downloadable software which can be used to generate PDF files from any windows application. The software works as a printer driver which generates documents when connected to the Windows applications. The resultant document can be viewed by standard PDF readers available in the market.

PDFCreator is very versatile software. It can generate documents in multiple formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS, PCX and PS. The security features of the application include encrypting the document and protecting them by using a password. There is an additional facility for digitally signing the documents also.

Other features include the facility to merge multiple files into one single PDF, emailing the generated files, tagging the file and folder names and creating files for archiving purposes. The application is supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7. PDF creators are supported by Terminal Server also.

PDF creator is open source software which is free even if you use the same for commercial applications. Apart from this you can also access the source code which increases your understanding of the software. You can also interact with the network of users who will help you to make better use of the software and also attend to your support requirements.

Download free pdf creator and converter.

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List Of Best PDF Writers – Alternative For Adobe PDF Writer

I’ve already discussed about Sumatra – one of the best alternative software to read adobe acrobat PDF’s. PDF has become one of the most commonly and popularly used format. If you are an ebook writer or just want to publish your resume in PDF format, then you’ll need a good PDF writer / converter.

The problem is a PDF writer, lets say Adobe Acrobat Pro comes at a very high price. But what if we can get a PDF writer at a cheaper cost or even better for FREE! I have looked into a few FREE or almost FREE PDF writers and have summarized about them in this article.

1> Microsoft Word (2007) – Yes, if you did not know, then you can now use your latest version of Microsoft word to create PDF’s directly. If you have a legal copy of Microsoft word, then go to Microsoft Download page and download the SaveAsPDF Office Add – in.

The downloaded SaveAsPDF works with Microsoft Office Access 2007, Excel 2007, InfoPath 2007, OneNote 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Publisher 2007, Visio 2007 and Microsoft Office Word 2007.

It is supported on Windows XP SP2, windows 2003 and Windows Vista. Using this add in you can directly convert your doc into PDF or even email it as a PDF !!

2> OpenOffice – If you an open source geek, then you possibly know about Open Office, if you don’t then please go to and download the comeplete office suite, FREE!! It has a range of office products which actually acts as a replacement for Microsoft’s Office suite and PDF creator is one of them.

[Download OpenOffice]

3> Gooo – is similar to OpenOffice and is another good alternative.

[Download Go-OO]

4> PDF reDirect.

4> PDFCreator – is another excellent tool to create PDF’s freely.

[Download PDFCreator]

There are few other software which are freely available for download like primopdf, pdf995 and such, but they all come with a catch ! You either need to upgrade them to run have ad-free PDF’s or let the ads run in some corner. If you do not really care about ads you can try one of them. But when you have better opensource solutions, I wonder why anyone would even think about these !!