How To Check The Performance Of My PC

Testing A Desktop Power Supply

These days several computer problems are related to power supply. Whenever the power supply fails, computer stops working. Furthermore, other issues such as booting problems, unexpected restart, and lockups could be because of the problem in the power supply. If you want to examine the power supply then you must have a multimeter. The multimeter is an instrument, which is used to measure the current voltage supply. The power supply also includes a converter for converting 115 AC volts to DC supply, which a computer needs to run.

To check the current supply you need to follow a few steps. These steps are particularly developed for testing the power supply. However you can also use them to test the laptop connections.

Testing With Multimeter

  • Initial step is to inspect the connections of the power supply. You need to shut down the computer and check the voltage selector and then verify whether the fan is spinning or not. If it is spinning then there is nothing wrong with the power supply, the problem is with the power source.
  • The next thing is to try to deal with the issue by checking the electric outlet. For this, you can use the electric multimeter. Set the unit to AC Volt a bit above 115 to test the outlet.
  • At this moment, the multimeter is set to a continuity check. Initially, we have to join the positive terminal of the multimeter with red outlet, and negative terminal has to join with the black wire.
  • If the mulitmeter needle moves to the right side then there is nothing wrong with the power outlet.
  • After this check the motherboard connections. Before checking this plug out the power and make sure that P9 and P8 connectors are correctly connected.

Testing a New Power Supply

Buy a new power supply from the market. Take out the old power supply from the cabinet, for this you must have to detach the cables of the power supply from the motherboard, HDD drives and CD writer. After taking it out, connect new power supply with the motherboard and all their drives and start your computer. If your system boots up then your previous power supply was damaged.

Improve Your Gaming Performance

Tips for Improving Gaming Performance

This information guide will assist you in case you are facing problems while playing games. Few tips in this guide will be analogous to the instructions for stepping up a computer. Nevertheless, there are a couple of tips provided that specifically enhances the games performance. However, the steps mentioned below might not be of much help, in case your computer does not have the requisite system requirements for running the games.

Registry Cleaning

You might realize that your system is becoming slower over the passage of time. This is mostly due to the registry problems, stored due to installation and uninstallation of various programs, which eventually affects the windows. To eliminate these problems it is recommended to use a registry cleaner.

Close all other Programs

If you want to increase your gaming experience then you should close all the background functions.

Turning off Anti-Aliasing

This will likely reduce your games appearance. However, it can definitely speed up your games in case, you are encountering any problems.

Lowering down the Resolution and Detail levels in Games

The games on its own have numerous video options in it. You will be able to enhance the performance merely by reducing the resolution and lowering detail levels on various things.

Turning Off Window Graphics

Turning off or reducing the windows graphics is going to significantly boost the speed of your games. This tip is beneficial for older computers. You might have to forgo some cool graphics for speed enhancement.


Defragmenting will help you to increase the space by adjusting the data efficiently on the windows. When the space on your hard disks increases it will consequently enhance the performance of the computer and in turn allows you to improve the game performance.

Cleaning of your computer

The inside structure of your computer could get dusty as the time passes by. This dust will become a hindrance in the performance of the fan and the cooling system of the PC may not function efficiently. Games produce a lot of heat as a result of the stress it applies on the CPU and video cards. This excessive heat generated while playing will certainly slow down the computer. Cleaning the PC will definitely increase the speed of the computer, which in turn will enhance the games performance.

Updated Video Driver

Many companies provide updates for their video cards, which in turn increase the video cards performance so it is recommended to update your drivers.

Memory Upgradation

Many games require large memory for their better performance so it will be better for you to increase the memory of your computer according to the requirement of the game.

For better games performance make sure that your computer has the required configuration to perform well. If your computer meets the required configuration then follow all these steps one by one. Before starting a game, close all the background functions like those in the taskbar and keep your system up to date.

Avoid Overheating Of You Computer

Identification and Fixation of Overheating Computer

Like several different appliances, a computer warms up a bit while using it. The heat generated is lowered down with the help of air vents through forced or natural convention, depending on electric fan whether it is switched on or off. Electronic parts are installed on modern designs, which will help for dissipating warm heat. Semiconductors and video chips in computer also produce heat. If you utilize your PC for a long time, you must know how much of the overheating can your computers withstand.

Overheating Causes

Overheating is closely related to poor cooling system, but it never takes place these days. Gaming furthermore stimulates overheating. Whenever we perform multiple tasking operations on a computer, the processor is put to work at highest potential and as a result it produces a lot of heat. Utilizing your PC while it is already warm, can cause harm to it..

Symptoms of Overheating


During high-temperature your safe software fails, automatically shuts down your PC to avoid damage. Regular memory and Blue screen errors are few of the computer overheating signs.

Steps for Fixing Computer Overheating


  • The simplest way to resolve computer overheating is to report those issues to the manufacturer if your computer warranty is valid.
  • In case you are using a laptop, you should use laptop cooler. These coolers are electronic devices, which incorporates a seat and fan for your PC.
  • You could also dismantle your PC and clean block air vents as well as paths of computer. This is a very sensitive step, particularly for those persons who do not have full expertise in computers, since this exercise might affect computer functionality. You should keep it in mind that if you have your computer is still under warranty period, it will be advisable to take it to the nearest service provider for servicing.
  • Before disassembling your PC, these are the some useful tips for you to follow. Initially try to reduce brightness of your computer’s screen, this might help you. In addition to this, there are some software applications, which also help you to cool down the overheating of your computer. In case you are working with DELL PC, there are no such overheating issues.


Risks of Overheating


Overheating can burn motherboard of your computer or another essential system parts such as video card, CPU and others. Furthermore, an overheating PC works slow when compared to a cooler PC.

Our Conclusion

If you want to work faster on your computer, then you should keep your computer cool. Overheating in computer does a lot of wear and tear to its parts. We would like to suggest you keep your computer always at right temperature and enjoy smooth functioning all the time.

Free 1-Year Download IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO With Free 1-Year License Code

Advanced SystemCare Pro application is designed by the IObit solutions. The company claims it to be the world’s best system utility to boost the performance of computer. This application is an easy to use, award winning and effective system tool to accelerate and safeguard your PC. It provides a consistent automated service for PC maintenance using anti-spyware, system clean-up and privacy protection abilities.

Features of SystemCare PRO:

  • Turbo Boost removes excessive background process to accelerate your PC.
  • Boost your computer’s overall performance and trustworthiness to experience the feeling of new PC.
  • High-performance Disk Defragmentation performance with the help of SmartDefrag disk optimization.
  • Next-Gen Registry Deep Clean as well optimization is designed for optimum performance.
  • Ensure PC speed with superb performance by releasing the inherent power of the PC

IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO costs $29.95 for one-year license. You can also obtain this paid version free of cost as a part of promotion offer

To obtain a free copy of this software you just have to visit the promotion site and register your email address here.

After installing this application enter the below mentioned account name and license code:

Account Name: ascyccgjg

License Code: EABC-EABC-F0FF-E950

You can get this IObit Advanced SystemCare v3.7 PRO from here. To turn on the software, release Advanced SystemCare and then click on “Upgrade” button on the left bottom and click “Enter License Now” after that enter the license to activate.

We feel that this is an ideal package for people who are looking for speeding up their systems.  Not only does it act as an anti-spyware, it has a lot of system cleanup and security features.

Get Connected with Your Personal Computer wherever you are Using icloud

Get Connected with Your Personal Computer wherever you are Using icloud

Computer plays vital role in our daily life. However, maximum people use computer in their offices for their official work. What happens if you are out of station, and if you need to access your important details from your office computer?

In this case you can access your office computer wherever you are by using icloud application. It is really useful in the existing scenarios and because of its utility people start using this application freely.

This application allows user to get access their computer remotely, it features virtual desktop to the users. All you need to have internet connection to use this application. It is really innovative technology which especially designed to meet the requirements of people.  Even you can access your computer remotely on your PDA with this application.

This icloud appears as same conventional desktop but it runs on online cloud. It means now there is no need to copy contents in pen drive and bring it with you always wherever you go. Suppose if you forgot your portable device then what will happen. Therefore, icloud is the best alternative solution for this problem of getting important information from compute which is placed remotely.

This application contains a virtual desktop with all files and applications that are accumulated in cloud, and it offers various features to the users such as real time collaboration, sharing, and many other applications.


Now you must be wondering which operating system is used in this icloud desktop application. In this application Xcerion XML Internet OS/3 (XIOS/3) is used.  The upgrading of this application is going on regularly. You will get more features in icloud such as productivity tools, entertainment, games and finance tools in future.

Another important feature is especially for those people who have programming background. They can modify this application by using modification feature in order to meet your requirements.

Knowing unlimited features of this icloud software, you would like to use icloud. So, download it from the internet and install it in your computer to use it. There are multiple websites available that offers download option of icloud. You can download it from there.

Utility Tool Mx Skype Recorder Stores Voice Conversations On Pc Effortlessly

Utility Tool Mx Skype Recorder Stores Voice Conversations On Pc Effortlessly

Messaging service providers such as Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc, are those service providers who render unlimited free calls from one personal computer to another.

This is really a great service, but to a few miscreants who actually misapply these services by harassing or stalking other users. With the help of a new utility tool, individuals or users can actually record any voice communication as evidence; and lodge an abuse report or complaint.

This new utility tool named Mx Skype recorder version3.5 will allow users to record those voice conversations they had with their dear ones as memorable recordings.

This tool is truly brilliant as it supports users to record the voice communications for multipurpose, one can store recordings to protect themselves, whereas others can store recordings to remember the sugary voice chat they had with their loved ones.

If individuals or users are really interested in utilizing this brilliant utility tool to commence recording their skype, gtalk, yahoo-messenger voice conversations, they need to just install a miniature “Chat-Call-Recording-Tool” on their computer system.

This utility tool has both manual and automatic mode taping options in it, and it can be used only for voice call recordings but not for any text messages recording. If its settings are set to automatic taping mode, it will commence automatically recording all of your conversations without a manual involvement.

If users wish to record only certain Personal Computers calls, then they need to set its settings to manual mode.

This utility tool also supports windows live messenger and other voip voice communication tapings. It manages all your voice conversations into mp3 format, and it also stores the same in wav, wma or pcm formats respectively.

Set of few simple steps to be followed in order to set settings, commence taping skype voice conversations and store the same on your computer system at defined location are listed below:

  • First of all launch Mx Skype recorder by clicking on its icon that is displayed in systems tray.
  • Now, run the voice messenger service providers such as skype, yahoo-messenger, gtalk or windows live messenger.
  • Now, make an outbound call to a person utilizing communications service provider such as Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, or any alternate voip program
  • Now, once users have completed their voice communications, this utility tool mx skype recorder will store their voice conversation in an mp3 file format on computer system.
  • Finally these files can be retrieved anytime whenever the users wish to listen.

Instantly download this utility tool Mx Skype recorder to get started with taping all your voice communications on Personal Computers effortlessly.

Blocking/ Unblocking Websites From Personal Computer

Blocking/ Unblocking Websites From Personal Computer

Ever tried of blocking few websites from your PC? Certain companies restrict people from browsing few websites, allowing all to browse only a set of other websites. Now this feature can be utilized even from a personal computer. One can enable blocking/ unblocking websites option from a PC. This feature gives one complete control from browsing only a few listed websites.

Steps to follow for Blocking /Unblocking Websites:

If a user wishes to block a website called “”, a site loaded with Bollywood actress’s photos.

Following the below steps sequentially fulfills the very purpose:

  • Open C:\ drive if this happens to be drive on which Operating system is installed, else change accordingly.
  • Browse Windows folder, and locate a folder named “System32“.
  • Locate a folder called “drivers” and open “etc” folder.
  • Just check for your path which as to be C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Within folder “etc“, search for a file referred as “hosts
  • Now open this “hosts” file using any of the text editors like wordpad, notepad, or crimson editor.
  • Navigate and locate at the end, a line containing Localhost.
  • below this line add
  • Save this file & exit.
  • This completes the blocking of

Here on, no person can access the blocked site For Unblocking the same site, all one has to make few changes in the “hosts” file. Just undo or delete a line After applying the changes, one can access this website from your personal computer.

My Monitor Doesn’t Work Or Turn On / PC Does Not Boot – How Can I Solve This Issue ?

You come home and switch on your system, and the system decides to shock you! This post is part of a series what I call ‘Boot-up Troubleshooter’, with the aid of which, you’ll find solution to the most common boot up problems.

You may face one of the two basic problems while booting up your system :

1> The PC appears dead, ie. the monitor is blank, nothing shows up in your monitor,

2> The PC refuses to boot up completely, i.e. it starts the boot up process, but stops half way through before completion

If you are facing any of the problems, read further. Lets take it case by case, to start with

PC appears dead / monitor is blank / nothing shows up in the monitor when computer is swiched on

May be it sounds silly, but the first thing you need to check is whether all the power cables are connected properly. At times, everything will be right and a loose connection in the network of wires can be creating problem. Check if there is power available to your PC. This should be the first check, not only in case of your computers, but any other electronic or electrical appliances.

There are LED’s and something called a ‘power supply fan’. Check if the LEDs are working and the power supply fan is blowing. When you switch on your PC, the lights on the keyboard should light up, check if you can see that working fine. If they are working fine, then the power supply is pretty much fine.

If your answer was a no, then check one of the following:

> Is there power at the wall socket? The easiest way to check this is to plugin another electronic appliance and see if that works fine.

> Are you using any surge suppressor or any other similar device? If you are using anything like that, try removing them and see if the PC works fine after that.

> Check PC’s power cable and also most modern PC’s have an on/off switch at the rare of the CPU case. Make sure it’s ON.

If none of the above is causing a problem, then you need to get a technician and check if the PC’s power unit is defective and may need a replacement for it. The other possibilities are that you may be facing any  one of the three potential problem, that is either the monitor, graphics system or the motherboard is faulty, which needs replacement or repair.

Simple Solutions To Common Problems That Might Be Troubling Your PC

I’ve pointed out some of the most common computer related problems new-bies face when they buy a new computer.

Sometimes your computer is working fine, and all of a sudden it starts behaving erratic. Is such situations, one of the first things to consider is what were you doing on the PC immediately prior to the fault manifesting itself. If you can identify something specific, that you were doing just before your PC/lap started acting funny, then most often simply ‘undoing’ it will eliminate the problem.

Let us, in this article look at most of the ‘common’ actions that may be the reason for your PC / laptop to behave the way it should not :

> Downloading from the Internet:

There are hundreds of thousands of known viruses, the vast majority of which are spread via the internet and their effects can mimic literally any computer fault. So if your PC starts giving trouble after downloading from the Internet there is a very good possibility that it has picked up a virus. If you suspect this to be the case then you must obtain an up-to-date virus program and check your system with it.

If you use internet often, download from unverified or untrusted sources, download attachments from unknown senders, then you should be aware that you are inviting trouble. You should never discount the possibility that your system can be infected by viruses, malwares, spyware and such that can be installed on your system through such programs.

You should also be very careful when you install any freeware programs. It is a very sketchy area, as a normal PC / Laptop user, you’ll have not have any idea if the freeware you want to install is infected or not. When you are downloading it from untrusted sources, it’s a safer way to visit related forums, discuss with people and see if the software you are planning to use is the best without any problems, or ask for suggestions. These days, with the internet boom, there are forums and communities that pretty much discuss everything you can think and imagine about !

> Installing a peripheral, i.e. a new scanner / Upgrading your PC with a new card, i.e. a graphics card:

Installing new hardware is a common cause of problems and is usually due to the new hardware device taking the resources allocated to an existing hardware device. This problem can usually be sorted out via Control Panel, System, Device Manager.

> Deleting/installing a program:

Often we install a program to try out and then having decided we don’t want it delete it. With most programs there is no problem. However there are some which simply refuse to go quietly. The usual problem is that these programs use or ‘borrow’ files and then when they are deleted, take these files with them. Any other programs on the PC which need these files will then not run correctly, if at all. The cure for this is to re-install the affected program.

There are occasions when simply running a particular program will cause problems. It will either have become corrupted or is incompatible with something else on the system. The result will usually be lockups and crashes. Deleting and then re-installing it will usually cure that fault.

> Changing your PC’s settings:

Windows is a very customizable operating system and allows the user to make all manner of changes to its default settings. This also applies to much of the systems hardware. However there are parts of the system where changes can have adverse effects on the PC’s performance. Examples are the BIOS and the registry. The best policy when experimenting with settings, is to make a written note of any changes made. If there are any subsequent problems then you’ll be able to reverse them.

If you are one those with inquisitive nature, to test and experiment new things and enjoy doing it, you should be a little more careful when you deal with your PC / Laptop with such an attitude. I don’t say its wrong if you try out something on your own, but I’d recommend that you better read up about the part you want to fiddle around with. It saves an arm and time. Always pen down whatever changes you’ve made to your system, which will come handy in case you fail to set it right if things go wrong.

> Shutting down / Restarting your PC the wrong way:

There is most definitely a right and a wrong way to shut down or restart your computer. The right way is to select Start -> Restart or Start -> Shutdown. You can also do a soft reboot by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Delete. The wrong way is to hit the reset button or power off button. This can corrupt any program that might be running, or worse, the hard drive itself. Usually though, the effects are minor and can be repaired by exiting in the proper manner and then running a disk utility such as ScanDisk.

Though often looked down on, I’ve seen a lot of problems caused by not exiting windows correctly. You should try and avoid your reboot button as much as possible. It must be used only when you have no option, like when your PC / Laptop is frozen solid. It should not be used as a time saver, quick option to shut down your system !

> Maintenance:

If, for any reason you have been delving inside the system case, its quite possible that you have inadvertently loosened or even disconnected something, a cable or expansion card for example. Try and retrace your steps, checking everything in the area in which you were working, making sure all boards and cables are firmly seated in their sockets.

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