Facebook Reader Is Available For iPhone

Popular Frienatic Facebook Reader Is Available For iPhone

Finally, Frienatic app has been launched for iPhone and iPad to experience the Facebook page differently.  This app is a unique way to view your news feeds status and updates on the Facebook. This universal application is compatible for iPhone and iPad.  It is a fresh and latest Facebook reader for iPhone and iPad.

Prominent Features:

  • Universal app optimized for iPhone and iPad devices
  • Enriched graphics and layouts of news feeds and status
  • Mentioned and highlighted images with captions
  • Can use the where into feature to check where your friend is using the inbuilt map
  • Write on the friends’ wall, share stories and comments
  • Slideshow of the images with captions in portrait and landscape mode
  • Photo uploading
  • Description of the different pages

This is the latest app introduced for the iPhone users to get more vivid view of the Facebook page.

Our Suggestion

This app is completely inspired by the latest iPad RSS readers. It is especially dedicated to the iPhone users to have illustrated view of the Facebook page on the iPhone. You can download Frienatic by paying $0.99 from the app store worldwide.

Add Image And Text Watermarks To Your Photos With WaterMarkLib

Add Image And Text Watermarks To Your Photos With WaterMarkLib

When you share images online, it is quite likely that they can easily be stolen by others. To prevent this from happening, the best thing that you can do is, watermark the images. There are a number of watermarking tools available in the market and WaterMarkLib is one such brilliant watermarking tool that is absolutely easy to use.

WaterMarkLib allows you to insert image or text watermarks to your pictures preventing others from stealing them and taking credit of the hard work that you have put in for creating the pictures. You can easily download and install this utility. Once you launch this tool, it displays a simple, user-friendly interface with self explanatory actions and neatly arranged buttons.

You can browser to select an image file and choose to either add image or text watermark by clicking on the options ‘Add Image Watermark’ or ‘Add Text Watermark’ respectively. You may also position the chosen watermark at a preferred location using customizable style, font, opacity etc.

If you wish to keep the original images intact, you can save the watermarked images to another location by selecting an output destination. This tool is pretty useful to people who tend to post numerous images online. WaterMarkLib works well with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista and is available for a free download.

Make Your Photo Editing Job Simpler With Image Tuner

Make Your Photo Editing Job Simpler With Image Tuner

You must have noticed that when you try to upload photos to social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc. or when you try to send images via email, you face trouble while resize and selecting a suitable image format. However, you can now make your image editing task easier with Image Tuner, the latest Photo Editing Software.

Image Tuner allows you to edit images and digital photos within Windows platform with an intuitive interface which is quite user friendly. It efficiently resizes images and renames them. It allows you to watermark the images and convert them to various different formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG, GID and TIFF.

Apart from this, Image Tuner contains preloaded templates which you can use to edit your images and photos that you wish to transfer to your iPhone, ipad, DVD or display in Twitter and Facebook. It also allows you to make advanced configuration with plenty casino online of options and settings.

Key features of this freeware:

1. Offers the best image resizing algorithm.
2. Helps you resize, watermark, rename and convert images/ photos in bulk.
3. Supports over 20 different image formats including the new ones like Targa/Wireless Bitmap, DICOM etc.
4. Supports camera RAW files like ORF, X3F, DCR, NEF, RAW, CR2, CRW.
5. Offers ample of settings and options for sophisticated users.
6. Resolution ratio/ compression are configurable.
7. Allows saving and loading of image lists and settings.
8. Offers an easy-to-use interface.
9. Tiny installations file of just 2MB.
10. Compatible with both 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, Vista, XP and Windows 7.

Image Tuner v1.1 offers enhanced speed and loads image previews in no time. Moreover, being a freeware, this excellent application can be easily downloaded free of charge.

Download Free PhotoFilmStrip And Create Video From Your Photos Quickly

Download Free PhotoFilmStrip And Create Video From Your Photos Quickly

There are lots of ways to showcase and present our artwork in front of others. Compiling and converting all of our favorite photos in a video in

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one of best way amongst all. It gives you more enjoyment and enhances the mode you share your favorite photos with your friends, family, colleagues, and etc. Moreover, you could play such movie on any event and also upload it over the net and share it online.

After all, the compiling process of chosen photos for making an extraordinary feature film video is not a boring or difficult job. With the help of some helpful software applications, you could easily create your own movie from photos. For instance, you could use your childhood photos, travel photos, wedding photos, and etc to create video easily within minutes. Now, here is one of the best software applications which exactly work for you. Named as ”The response, titled “Believing in immigration reform,” didn’t shy away from a few cheeky justin-bieber-news.info references, however. PhotoFilmStrip, a photo-to-video conversion application helps you to create movies with your selected photos in few simple steps.

You will get this software absolutely free under GNU General Public License. The PhotoFilmStrip software application works well with all Windows based operating systems. This application is very easy to use providing a simple user interface along with few simple yet important tools.

You could create your video from the selected photos with this application at much faster speed. All you have to do is, just go to Tools and then Import. Select and upload your favorite photos. When you finish the uploading, you will be then allowed to insert effect, put in subtitles, set duration and modify the motion path. You could also select a specific portion from the photos which you want to display into the video.

When you feel that your masterpiece is ready to produce now, you could as soon initiate to rendering the video. You could choose different video formats like SVCD, VCD, and DVD up to FULL-HD. Moreover, you could select video formats, set the video length according to your own preference and insert audio files.

Download PhotoFilmStrip for free

Extract and Save Images From Power Point Files Easily

Extracting and Saving Images from Power Point Files is no more Complex Task

Some people didn’t find difficulties when extracting pictures from PowerPoint files. If anyone would like to save specific pictures from power point slides then he/she has to follow complex process to save it. However now there is no need to follow that complex process. It takes to much time to extract images from power point files. Here you will get tips to explore and save your favorite files from power point files easily.

  • There is a key on the keyboard “PrintScreen”. Once you press that key your favorite image or picture will automatically save on your desktop. 

If you want to extract a lot of pictures then this process will be a headache for you. Pressing again and again PrintScreen button consumes much of your time and effort. Even quality of images will be low because in this time consuming process.

Extract and save images using HTML exporting option:

  • Run your power point slides on the screen
  • Navigate to File>Save As to save file as a web page(*.htm,*.html)
  • Now locate that folder where you saved your favorite images in HTML format.
  • Here you can get your images and pictures
  • Finally you have completed the task of exporting images from power point files. 

These two ways of exporting HTML files from PowerPoint files in order to enable the user to get their images quickly. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps to extract and save images in your preferred location.

Perform Photo Conversions in Bulk Using PixResizer

Perform Photo Conversions in Bulk Using PixResizer  


Many times you feel a need to resize images. There might be several reasons for doing so. You might want to share your photos on a social networking site like Facebook, Orkut etc. or you might want to email it to your friends. Whatever might be the reason, you may resize your original image files by converting them to a smaller resolution in different formats using PIXresizer.

PIXresizer is a file conversion tool which allows you to convert/ resize a single image file or do a bulk conversion of multiple image files. This tool shrinks down the overall file size without compromising much with the original quality. Whichever way (single or bulk) you wish to do it, you need to follow only four simple steps.


  • First of all, you need to load the image that you wish to convert. If you have multiple images to be converted, you may browse to source folder and the destination folder so that all the images in the folder are converted together.
  • You need to choose the new file size that you wish the images to be converted to. It may be in terms of resolution or shrunk percentage.

For Example, you may choose the output to 1632×1224 resolution (if the original image has 3264 X 2448 of resolution) or 50 percent.

  • Then, choose a preferred file format amongst JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF. You may choose not to change the format and maintain the original file format.
  • Finally, save the converted image files either to EXIF data or output GrayScale.

 This freeware can be easily downloaded from Here.

Using Watermark Tool To Protect Your Digital Photos

Using Watermark Tool To Protect Your Digital Photos

Mostly, we tend to protect the photos, especially when we spend a lot of time to capture an outstanding one. Some of us are very protective on the photos when they work on some great designs. There are lots of ways to protect your masterpiece to spread it across the internet. To protect your masterpiece photo from getting posted on somebody’s blogs or websites , the most effective way is to insert a custom watermark in your digital photos.

You do not have to pay for adding any texts for example your name, brand, URL etc inside the watermark form. This application can not stop others from copying your photos. The detailed source of the photos is prominently acknowledged and displayed in any case. Watermark Tool helps you to do so. Watermark Tool is a free web application with which you can insert a custom watermark into your digital photos.

Watermark tool allows you to add texts. For adding text, open Watermark Tool then upload your file and include whichever text you want. By adding the text you can trademark your digital photos. Lots of texts editing tools are included to customize the font type, text size text color, box color, text transparency, text position and etc.

When you click on the “Generate” tab, the new finalized watermarked image will be generated. This fresh watermarked photo can be downloaded now. Though it is an easy-to-use tool, you can insert watermark only once at a time.

Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Identifying photo to ascertain its Authenticity, as either taken by Camera or if it is a Doctored image is confusing. There are few individuals who are very good in creating such pictures. Similarly, there are various video editor programmers which can edit and produce a video that appears as a master copy.

Now, it’s time to become a spy to identify such images and confirm whether they are original or edited. One can do so with the help of JPEG-Snoop a Photo/Video editing tool, which is a freeware.

The Characteristics of JPEG-Snoop are:

  • JPEG-Snoop is a mighty and clever tool which helps in identifying the authenticity of a Video or Photo.
  • JPEG-Snoop is adequate, which reads photo/video secret codes, called signatures
  • It can easily confirm the source of the images through signatures on it, whether they are shot by a camera or they are doctored images.
  • It analyzes the signature code present on a Photo/Video and attempts to pair it with various editing tools. Once the signature code corresponds with any Photo/ Video it will prove with evidence, that this file is edited with the source used to create this file.
  • Once source file is determined which comprises the signature code in the cameras, it will automatically label it as a master copy and for the doctored images it clearly reflects it as edited.
  • JPEG-Snoop backs few known file formats like PDF, MOV, JPG, AVI, and DNG. Further it can also be utilized to amend any corrupted pictures.
  • This tool is loaded with many signatures from various editing software.

Photo Flash Maker Tool Equipped With A Fully Loaded Slideshow Creator

Photo Flash Maker Tool Equipped With A Fully Loaded Slideshow Creator

Photo Flash Maker is a tool which supports in creating free slideshows with a set of free templates and flash effects. This application package covers few preloaded flash templates and flash-effects, making it simpler to create slideshow in a simpler form.

Users can attach custom notes text, photos, and create your slideshow. These flash slideshows can also be used on blogs / website, for simple flash banners or presentations.

Important characteristics of Photo-Flash-Maker Tool are:

  • Individuals can attach audio files to their flash-slideshows.
  • They can also enable the audio buffering feature for all web requirements.
  • Even the hyperlinked texts and images can be streamlined.
  • Also it is preloaded with various Flash-Effects which can be utilized.
  • A complete movie can be created with its “.swf” extensions.
  • It also supports publishing of flash-files on sites / blogs etc,

Photoflash maker is a Freeware, but supports creation of superior quality flash-slideshows. To begin creating your own flash-slideshows easily, get this Flash-Maker at the earliest. Download Link Here.

Modify/Change Profile Photos In New Orkut

Modify/Change Profile Photos In New Orkut

Orkut is one of the best social networking websites which allows users to chat, check profiles, photos and other information of their friends easily. If you want to change to change your profile photo in new orkut theme, you have to follow the given steps to do so.

  • Login to your account
  • You will see an option “change Photo” under the profile photo at top left corner side.
  • Browse for desired photo and select from the computer.
  • There will be an option to crop image will be displayed on the screen. Finally, tap on the “Save