Free Programs Similar To Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely known, and respected, photo editing software available. Unfortunately it also costs quite a bit of money. You can purchase the basic Adobe Photoshop if you don’t need anything extra, but if you want to get into much more complex and professional photo editing features you will need to purchase the advanced Adobe programs.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 costs $99.99

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 costs $299.99

Adobe Photoshop CSS costs $699.00

Adobe Photoshop CSS Extended costs $999.00

As you can see the Adobe programs are a bit of money, and the more advanced you get, the more the price doubles. Thankfully most regular people only need a basic photo editing program with some basic functions. The other ones are for professionals, or those who are more experienced with the programs.

So you’re just a novice in the photo editing world? Well, you should definitely try free software first for a variety of reasons.

Using similar programs to Adobe you can get a feel of how well you will do with photo editing programs (advantages of online image editors) and you can accurately judge if you want to spend that much money on a paid software, or if a simple program will be sufficient.

On top of that, most of these free programs have almost all of the features that the basic Adobe offers, making them more bang for your buck! So where exactly do you get these programs? Well, you want to be sure to install a reliable program that has plenty of reviews and also tutorials. Below are some of the top free software programs that are similar to Adobe.

Top Five Free Programs similar to Adobe Basic

  1. PhotoScape – This program is fantastic and is jam packed with a lot of unique features that are quite simple to use. It ranked number one on our list due to the overall ease of use and features.
  2. GIMP – this is an open source image program that was coined the ‘free Photoshop’ a long time ago. It is available for Linux and Windows OS and has a lot of unique features as well, although it is a bit more difficult to use than its winning contender.
  3. Paint.NET – this program was developed at a university and is still maintained by some of the people that had attended there. It has plenty of fantastic features that appeal to users, especially the unlimited undo history.
  4. Serif PhotoPlus – This is offered by a company that is giving it away as a free edition. They’re obviously hoping to entice you to purchase the paid version, but the free one has plenty of features that keep people hooked.
  5. Pixia – last but not least we have this program that originated in Japan but has been convered to an English version. Unfortunately it can’t save .gif.

And one of my all time favorite Picnik is built on Adobe and offers a lot features free. An upgraded account for less than $30 / month will give you full access to all features of Picnik.

Each one of those programs are fantastic and well…FREE! The affordable price and comprehensive features in all of them make them perfect for beginner and novice photo editors.

Use RIOT to Simply Compress Your Photos without Loosing Photo Quality

Use RIOT to Simply Compress Your Photos without Loosing Photo Quality

There are lots of image editor by using which you can easily resize and edit your photos in bulk. However, if you don’t need bulk edits and just want to get more flexibility in the features, surely RIOT could be a precise photo editing tool for you.

RIOT is a short form of the name Radical Image Optimization Tool. It is an easy to use tool which provides with the features of compressing the size of any photos. You could then upload such compressed photos to websites. You can also share them easily without taking too much of the available bandwidth on your network.

RIOT has been introduced with simple GUI, with which you can easily change your picture formats to any such as JPEG, GIF or PNG and etc. You can browse original photos to open them. While being configured, if your selected photo exceeds the maximum limit of photo size, you will be prompted to resize it before compressing or converting quickly.


As the original source and the compressed version are displayed in two windows side by side, you can easily compare them. It provides an ease to utilize excellent compression quality of the photos.

You could also set the maximum photo size which helps you to keep the compressed photo in the allowed size. It simplifies the conversion, avoiding the degradation in the quality of original photo.

Some additional features are also included such as chroma subsampling, quality scaling, progressive and grayscale mode etc. With all these features you could surely maintain superior visual effect.

Now there are two versions RIOT Lite version and RIOT extended version. You can download the one you want for free by going here.