Enjoy Disney Jellycar3 On Apple Devices

Latest Disney Jellycar3 Game For iPad and iPhone

This is the biggest news for the fans of JellyCar series game. The latest version of the JellyCar series has been ultimately rolled out at the app store of apple to download and install on your devices. It is a universal application so you can download and install the game on your devices like iPad or iPhone. The mechanics of the game is sufficiently creative to keep you entertained. Moreover, this version has few more features that enhance the enjoyment of the game.

In this game you have to control the jelly car and drive it through the several obstacles in search of the small stop sign. Once, you reach the stop sign, the level comes to an end. Overall, you are competing against the time or the set clock. Make sure that you have to finish each level within the prescribed timeframe to win the game and earn points. The more points you earn, the more new levels will be unlocked.

As far as the entire graphics of this latest JellyCar 3 game is concerned, you will get more vivid and interesting themes to play. The obstacles course of this new version is refined and developed with latest barriers to pass. In one level you have to fly your car with balloons and in other level you have to drive car into the foam slingshot.

The controls of the game are very easy to handle, as you just need to touch the right side of your screen to move the car forward. You need to press the left side for moving your car backwards. This is the best ever iOS device game app that can give you interesting experience of playing JellyCar game.

There is a rewind feature available to correct your mistakes committed while playing the game. However, there is a limitation of using rewind feature as you can use it only up to 10 times. Additionally, you can personalize your car type and color easily. However, customizing will not improve the performance of the car.

Our Suggestion

There are several Walt Disney games available especially for the iOS devices including JellyCar2 version. You can download other Disney games from the apple store such as Tron: Legacy, Toy story, Alice in wonderland and etc. All these games are especially designed to support iOS devices without any bug and glitch. You can avail these games directly from the Apple store or other third party websites that offer these games for download. However, the best way to download genuine games is from the official store.

Setting YouTube To Play High-Quality Videos By Default

Setting YouTube To Play High-Quality Videos By Default

YouTube has officially started delivering video clips in stereo audio mode and HD (High Definition) resolution for presenting a better viewing experience to the viewers. Now, viewers do not have to use &fmt=6 or &fmt=18 switch trick anymore to view high resolution videos on YouTube.

YouTube now has a link for users to view a supported video clip in high definition resolution. The link for watching high quality video appears beneath the video’s view count if high resolution display is supported.

If you are presently viewing the video clip in high definition, a link for viewing the video in standard quality will be displayed. This helps the user to easily toggle between standard quality and high quality video as sometimes streaming a video in higher definition might not go smoothly and the video might stop in between for buffering.

However, if you are a YouTube account holder, have a speedy internet connection and wish to watch all YouTube video clips in high definition mode always, you are now able to do so. YouTube has an option within the user account settings which allows you to set high quality as a default for video playback.

The video playback resolution by default is set as normal, which basically means lower quality. To make the changes in the video playback settings and set YouTube to play videos in high quality always (wherever available and supported), you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the Account page on YouTube.
  • Under the section “Account”, click on the link “Video Playback Quality”.
  • Choose the radio button corresponding to the option which confirms that you have a fast internet connection and asks YouTube to play videos in high quality whenever available.
  • Click on the button “Save Setting”. This will make the changes effective immediately.
  • If you wish to revert back your selection, you can select the option for choosing the video quality dynamically depending on the connection speed. Alternatively, you may also choose the option for confirming that you have a slow internet connection and asking YouTube not to play videos in high quality.

Trick To Play Flac Audio Files Using Winamp Software

Trick To Play Flac Audio Files Using Winamp Software

Today one can find innumerable audio formats and many media players to play them. Music files with flac extension are available, which need to be played with the help of a Flac player only. Flac is another Audio codec which compresses audio without any loss in the quality. To play flac music files, one has to initially convert them to mp3 format and play using Winamp.

To convert these flac to mp3 formats, one needs to have few conversion tools on the system. Instead of going through the painstaking process of conversion, a hack is available which will help you in playing the same files without converting them.

Download the recent version of Winamp software to directly play the flac music files without any problem. Winamp has included the latest and necessary plug-ins in its recent version so that all flac media files can be played on it.

If you have an old version of Winamp on your system and are not interested in updating to the software, then you can download an audio flac plug-in to play. First install this Audio flac plug-in on your computer system and play flac music files using the same old version of Winamp. It is not required to update the Winamp software.

The above trick helps users to play their flac audio files without any conversions.

VLC media player used by many is a player which automatically plays all audio files including flac files. A user can opt between these two players to play flac music files on their computer.

Embed The WMV File To Play With The Windows Media Player On A Webpage

Embed The WMV File To Play With The Windows Media Player On A Webpage

One of the most popular and used video codec, the WMV (Windows Video Format) was developed and designed by Microsoft. This popular codec supports WMV Image and Screen, Internet Applications and is considered to be mandatory for Blu-Ray Discs and HD DVD. Other than this it also provides support to the PlaysForSure certified devices and online stores. The WMV codec is the only codec that is supported by the Silverlight Platform from Microsoft.

Users of Windows Operating Systems can easily create a WMV coded media file using the Windows Movie Maker. The Movie Maker comes preinstalled in the Vista version of Windows OS and can be downloaded for free for Windows 7. Another possibility is to encode the video in the WMV format using the Windows Media Encoder. You will also find various other editing applications that support WMV.

Windows Media Video files can be uploaded and shared with your friends via some of the popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut and lots more. It is also supported by most of the video hosting websites like YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe and lots more.

Some of the bloggers and web masters would want to host videos directly from their own web pages and web server on a self hosted and managed website. The web masters prefer sharing videos or hosting them without using the embedded codes. These codes act as hindrances and restrict the resolution, length, size and loads of other criteria’s.

WMV Videos can also be embedded inline on to a webpage using certain codes. It further allows visitors or users of the web page to perform online streaming of the videos and simultaneously enjoy watching them. In order to build an embedded code for the WMV video which can be directly viewed from any website please follow the following steps given below.

<object classid="clsid:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95" width="480" height="360" standby="Loading Windows Media Player components…" codebase="http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=6,4,7,1112">
<param value="http://www.domainname.tld/filaname.wmv">
<param value="true">
<param value="true">
<param value="2">
<param value="true">
<param value="true">
<param value="false">
<param value="1">
<param value="1">
<param value="0">

<embed src="http://www.domainname.tld/filaname.wmv" autostart="1" showstatusbar="1" showdisplay="1" showcontrols="1" loop="0" videoborder3d="0" pluginspage="http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/MediaPlayer/" width="480" height="360"></embed>

Each of the embedded players is defined as <object> declaration. It helps to clarify the version of the player that needs to be called. There are a lot of parameters used in the code mentioned above. The parameter “File Name” specifies the video files location. The remaining other parameters are optional and they basically define how the player should display or behave. It also helps in some other functions like automatically playing the clip as soon as it is buffered. Displaying useful information like the name of the file, file length, size and other attributes is also dependent on some of the parameters.

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while installing or using this player codec. The height of the player needs to be a minimum forty six pixels larger than the resolution of the movie if the player has the Control Bar enabled.

The status bar requires a height of around 26 pixels. It is necessary because it shows the process of buffering and the playback status of the video clip. For example, any video having a height of 360 will require height reference ranging from 386 – 406 pixels.

Tip To Load Your Farmville Game Faster

Tip To Load Your Farmville Game Faster

I bet, you surely have heard and played Farmville game on the Facebook social networking website. This one is the most popular online game. There are several persons who are addicted to this game and love to play every time. However, you have noticed that Farmville game takes too much time to load next level.

If you are thinking that it is mistake of your computer or lack of high speed internet then you are heading in wrong way. Although, you have high speed internet, Farmville will take substantial time to load next level.  

Since there are many files and scripts have to be loaded to start next level so Farmville takes too much time. Every problem comes with the solution so as here is the solution to make Farmville load next level faster.

Here is the simple trick to load your next level faster

Probably you will be surprised to know this simple trick. Simply, you hide or sell your few animals to lessen the time period to load next level. You just need to click on the animal and choose the option from the drop down list. You can either choose to sell or hide them.

Make your Computer Plays Sounds Like Typewriter Whenever You Type Using Tiper

Make your Computer Plays Sounds Like Typewriter Whenever You Type Using Tiper

Typewriter was used by the people at the time when computer was not so popular in the market. However, there are still many people who like the sound of typewriter, “tat”, when any key is pressed. Since the times have changed and the technology has been developed, typewrites are replaced by computer. However, people who are used to working on the typewriter, enjoy the sound of the typewriter keys while typing on their computer. This demand the people has been acknowledged and a new application called Tiper has been developed to provide typing sound like typewriter.

Tiper is the software that fulfills the demand of the people belonging to the typewriter era by providing them its sound while they type on computer. Tiper is located at the tray area of the system, which runs silently in the background on Windows operating system. It can be customized by the users according to their comfort level, whether setting the sound file or creating shortcuts of its functions. Once users start this application it plays the typewriter sound whenever a key is pressed by the users. You can easily create your .wav format sound file and add to the list of supporting sound of Tiper to be used. The .wav format files should be properly named as like below given files:

Letter.wav – It is used when users type letters and numbers.

Entrer.wav – It is used when users press “Enter” button

Backspace.wav – It is used when “Backspace” button will be pressed.

Space.wav – It is used when space button pressed.

Bell.wav – It is used for several buttons such as “Tab”, “Home”, “Pge up”, “Pge down” and etc.

Users just need to add these files to sound folder and select them by right clicking on the tray icon. The default shortcut enables or disables this application is Ctrl + Shift key + F12. You can download it from here.

Make Watching YouTube Videos Interesting By Setting Specific Time To Play Clip

Make Watching YouTube Videos Interesting By Setting Specific Time To Play Clip

YouTube Video sharing website is unarguably one of the best websites to search and watch favorite videos directly. Moreover, you can also share your desired video with your friends and relatives via YouTube. There is no doubt that YouTube has abundant interesting videos but, you can’t deny that there might be few boring clips that will be embedded in videos.

When you share these videos with friends, they have to wait to see the most interesting clips of the video till its buffering. It is just wastage of time watching full video just to see small interesting clip of any particular video. It is quite possible that an interesting clip is at the middle or end of the video.

However, there is a trick to resolve this problem and watch the funny and interesting part of video directly at particular time period when that part is being shown. It means, the viewer can jump to the part from where the clip starts to watch it without viewing the entire video. All you need to do is just add following tag at the end of videos URL: url: #t=01m28sec. With this tag, the video will start at one minute 28 seconds, which is after the initial boring part.  

For Example:

Original format of video:


After adding the tag:


Users can change the timing accordance with video clips timing. Once you send videos with this tag to your friends, they will be redirected at specific time period of video as they click on the link.

Auto Play Videos In High Definition

Auto Play Videos In High Definition

The famous and popular video playback website YouTube provides support for hosting, uploading, playback and streaming of videos in high definition. There are numerous websites which embed the videos in You Tube using the code trick to embed high quality videos from You Tube. They can also use the code hack of You Tube High Definition videos. Ever since, You Tube has enabled an embedded parameter switch which enables default play back of High Definition Videos.

A list of available parameters for an embedded player on the Google Code has been published by YouTube. One of the parameters available from the list is “hd”. This parameter has values either 0 or 1. The default value is 0, and re-setting it as 1 will enable you to play videos in High Definition as default. This parameter doesn’t have any effect on Chromeless Player neither does it have any effect if the high definition version of a video isn’t available.


In order to enable the auto play in high definition mode you just need to click on the Customize button present in the lower end of the embedded code. If any video is already uploaded in the high definition mode and the browser supports the high definition playback then just check the option mentioned as Play as HD.

If the given option is not present by default, then the video doesn’t have a high definition version. It is still possible to forcefully play the video in the HD version by hacking the code and setting the code manually. The code to be edited is given below:

<object width=”425? height=”344?><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/zlfKdbWwruY&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&hd=1“></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/zlfKdbWwruY&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&hd=1” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425? height=”344?></embed></object>