Download StExBar – A Useful Windows Explorer Plug-In

Download StExBar – A Useful Windows Explorer Plug-In

Windows Explorer (WE) is a file system browser that comes with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to offer easy access to all files and folders present on your system. However, this tool doesn’t seem to be much useful when it comes to performing some extra tasks such as copying file names or file paths.

Here is a helpful add-on named “StExBar” which takes care of this shortcoming. This plug-in appends some practical features to your Windows Explorer which are pretty useful in day-to-day use.

You need to simply download StExBar and install it on your system. Once you have done this, StExBar adds a toolbar to your Windows Explorer to offer easy access to some handy functions which include mass rename, show system files, copy paths/names to the Clipboard etc. StExBar allows you to access all these features right away.


Below mentioned are the key features associated with StExBar which make your WE more user-friendly.

  1. New Folder: For opening a new folder, all you need to do is, press “Ctrl-Shift-N” or press the hotkey (incase you have added a command for opening a new folder).
  2. New Command: There are a number of built-in commands offered by StExBar. However, you may add new commands if you wish and also define respective hotkeys.
  3. Bulk Rename: Using StExBar, you may rename more than one file at a time.
  4. Copy names/ paths: Normally in Windows Explorer, you are unable to copy name or entire path of single/multiple files to another application or to the clipboard. StExBar comes with two commands. The first one copies all selected file names or folder names to the clipboard and the second copies the entire path of the selected file(s)
  5. The filter box: The moment you type something into the filter box, StExBar instantly filters the files and folders.
  6. Show system files: With just a single click on a toolbar button, you can make the system files appear and disappear.

 StExBar is compatible with Windows XP as well as Windows Vista. This free Windows Explorer add-on is easily available for download from links below.

StExBar-1.6.0.msi x64


Fixing HP Installer Plug-In And Uninstaller That Has Stopped Working Giving Error Messages

Fixing HP Installer Plug-In And Uninstaller That Has Stopped Working Giving Error Messages

When trying to install or maybe uninstall HP printing as well as scanning software, or getting driver for printer of HP, scanner or any other imaging devices, an error message may be displayed. The process installation or uninstallation of HP program will automatically stop and cannot continue further or finish.

  1. HP Installer Plug-in Option has stopped working.
  2. Due to a problem, the program was stopped working correctly. If there is solution present for that problem then Windows will shutdown the program and it will notify about the available solution.
  3. The attributes which are extended are inconsistent.
  4. Installer/Uninstaller of HP has stopped working.
  5. Installer Recovery plug-in of HP has stopped working.

In order to resolve this problem for the smooth running of this software as to avoid installation or un-installation problems with HP software suite, the user will have to uninstall IE8 browser. After that, the user should restart the computer so that the desired changes can take place.

The order worsens off internet-explorer did not give any such problem was running the HP software. We should be expecting an update patch very soon on this.

Turn Off Or Automatic Stats Plug-In Smiley Icon In WordPress.Com

Turn Off Or Automatic Stats Plug-In Smiley Icon In WordPress.Com

The Stats plug-in designed for self-hosted WordPress blog is an excellent free of cost web visitor’s information tracker used for WordPress Blogs. The Status plug-in for displays a lot of useful metrics, information and stats that a blogger needs in a concise and clear interface.

On the other hand, following the starting and implementing Stats plug-in in WordPress, a little smiley face image will be exhibited at the foot of the blog or page. The smiley face, even if little in dimension, possibly will concern the overall look and presentation of the blog, and it could also create confusion to the visitors since the image comes out peculiarly at the base.

However, it’s likely to conceal the smiley face added by means of the Automatic Stats plug-in, via next CSS hack.

In order to smiley face of Stats plugin invisible, you will need to following CSS code.  It needs to be added to the Blog’s stylesheet in WordPress (style.css):


Otherwise, put in the next JavaScript code into the footer.Php in WordPress following wp_footer() declaration:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var e = document.getElementById(“wpstats”); = “0px”; “0px”; = “hidden”;

Please be reminded that the image is essential for good stats collecting pool and for tracking the traffic to blog. The image will not be loaded via browser and it will smash the stats if you will apply the “display:none” to the image.

The overflow style of JavaScript or CSS could be mistaken for unseen text or concealed link by the search engines, which could result in banning of Blogs. This happens particularly with Google which could penalize such execution, as the results presents different data to search engines which the visitors to not get to see.

Saving Flash Files from A Website And Play Them Offline

Saving Flash Files from A Website And Play Them Offline

For creating animations, interactive internet applications and games, flash files are commonly used. In order to play flash games or movies embedded in a web page, Adobe Flash Player is prerequisite which is obtainable for many frequently used web browsers, cell phones and electronic devices.

However, there might be a situation when you wish to save flash files from a website to play them offline. Flash Saving Plug-in is an available plug-in for Internet Explorer and other Explorer based browsers like Maxthon , Avant, etc. which permits you to easily save Flash Files from websites.


This plug-in adds a button to Explorer toolbar. Every time you visit a website page holding flash games, movies or videos, the button exhibits the names of all Flash files that are embedded on the web page. Simply clack on the button and choose the folder to save the flash file. After that, choose a name of the Flash file and the equivalent Flash file will be saved to the specified folder.

For downloading all the flash files in a web page Save All button can be used.

SWF Opener Download