Addon Advice – Be Wary Of 3rd Pary Addons!

When it comes to browsers Firefox is by far the superior contender amongst all others. Not only is it faster and has superior user features, but it has a significant amount of additional features that can be added. These extra features are called add ons and are created both by Firefox and by other users that aren’t affiliated with Mozilla.

With the high popularity in these Firefox add ons, they have become a prime target for malicious internet users looking to infect computers, steal information, and cause as much damage as possible. This is why it is incredibly important to install add ons that have been verified by Mozilla, and avoid all add ons from outside websites unless you are completely sure.

Some random plugins that you should be wary of are ones that are for coupons, anything that requires you to put in any sort of personal information, or any that are from an untrustworthy website. If you do install a plugin or addon for your web browser, then you can check if it contains a virus by scanning the files with your anti-virus program. If they clear, then you can assume that it is somewhat safe, although some viruses are cleverly cloaked to avoid detection so this should only be used if you are set on downloading the unknown add on.

So where do you find trustable add ons for Firefox?

First, go here and search for an addon:

You can assume that the most popular and top rated add ons are safe as they are generally downloaded by thousands of users. If one of those users experienced a problem they would have reported it, especially if it had a virus hidden in it.

Most of the add ons have been rated by other users and have already been tested; however there are a few that have not. Mozilla does have a variety of experimental addons that are not all immediately checked by editors. These addons can contain viruses and there have even been some reports back in 2010 of several add ons that slipped through onto the Mozilla add on page and were downloaded.  You should stick to approved add ons and stray away from the experimental ones just to be safe because the virus you download could cause irreparable damage on your computer.

If you go to a website and it tells you that you MUST download some add on for your browser for it to be compatible, then  stop before you download! Take a few seconds to research whether this is a scam or not, this extra effort can save you hours of headache if you end up downloading a virus!

Twitter Plugins To Help You Promote Your WordPress Blogs

Twitter Plugins To Help You Promote Your WordPress Blogs

Many bloggers are seen using twitter frequently. Twitter is not only about socializing but can also be used to market individual blogs, products and services. Being present on this social platform allows one to get more number of followers and reap benefits.

Promoting your blogs through tweets will surely get you more visitors. If you regularly update your posts on the twitter manually, then it consumes a lot of your time. In order to minimize the workload and utilize twitter and WordPress to the optimum, use twitter’s plug-in for WordPress.

There are many more Plugins which will ease your work and promote your services, products. Few are listed below:

1. Twitterup: This automatically updates twitter with your recent blog posts. It also provides a service for shortening a URL to post all your articles. It relieves you from having to type in the lengthy websites in the address bar.

2. Tweetly updater: This plug-in exclusive for WordPress automatically shoots tweets to all your followers on twitter. The tweets include your latest edited blog posts or any new posts with its links. This plug-in utilizes facilities to cut short a lengthy URL.

3. Twitthis button: A new twitter button is added in your blog posts and RSS feeds. When a twitter user clicks on them, a tweet is sent out to his followers about your post.

4. Tweetscribe: It allows for subscription similar to subscribing to blogs. Tweeters can subscribe through tweetscribe to an individual’s blog posts and notifications will automatically be sent to them regarding new blog posts by twitter.

5. Twitter friends widget: This widget will display a list of flowers and friends on the sidebar of your blog. It is similar to blogger followers and Google connect.

Individuals have seen an increase in the number of followers and traffic for their blogs after updating their twitter accounts. This is an add-on to a blogger and helps one in developing a good social network through twitter.

Simple Method To Conceal Or Eliminate Firefoxversion3.5 New-Tab-Button

Simple Method To Conceal Or Eliminate Firefoxversion3.5 New-Tab-Button

Web browser firefoxversion3.5 has introduced a couple of new security enhancements, bug fixes, customizations and various other options.

The least accepted feature in firefoxversion3.5 is its “New-tab-button” (a tab with + indication).

This new tab on firefox web browser appears right next to the previously launched tab. It is pretty bothersome to most of the firefox users, as they are very much used to older version of fire fox tab locator feature.

Users are accustomed with unfolding a new tab either through right mouse click on the empty section of the tab and then selecting the option as open new-tab or by entering the keyboard keys as Cntrl+T to open new-tabs.

If users really find it hard and not user-friendly, then they have a trouble-free method to either conceal or eliminate it completely from Firefox version3.5.

Steps to be followed to set settings either to conceal or eliminate the new-tab button (+ Sign indication) completely from Firefoxversion3.5 are as follows:

Users can utilise several methods to conceal + signed indication .i.e., they can eliminate it manually by editing the source code of Firefox version3.5 or by utilising Firefox Plugins.

Removing it by utilising Plugins is simpler. In order to carry out the same, follow the underneath steps as illustrated

  • First of all users need to download and then install the firefox plugins to remove new-tab-button version1.0.
  • Now, restart firefox web browser for this Firefox Plugins to be effective
  • Now, users can launch a new browser and they won’t be able to view this new + indication tab on their browser.

Mandatory Tutorial For Bloggers On WordPress Installable Plugins

Mandatory Tutorial For Bloggers On WordPress Installable Plugins

Bloggers who have their blogs created & published on robust wordpress platform, can actually look ahead for further improving its efficiency with installations of various WordPress Plugins. These WordPress Plugins are ideally utilised to better the management of blogs such as, its appearance, quality and performance.

There are numerous Plugins readily available online for installations to better your blog management, but please be reminded that installation of some unnecessary Plugins may hamper your blog’s functioning. Hence, it’s recommended to select the right Plugins to be installed on your blogs, else they will function as negative elements on your blogs.

So, team of professionals have researched on these and found the twelve best wordpress plugins tutorial for all wordpress bloggers. Note that these plugins are not optional, but pretty much compulsory.

The choice of either installing them or letting their blogs kick the bucket is completely left to the blogger’s decisions.

The list of must have twelve Plugins for WordPress blogs are as follows:

1.       The akismet:

  • These are a set of plugins which appear as packed up with WordPress installation file, bloggers are just required to enable them with api-key, then these akismet plugins will filter all junk comments on the blog, so that the wordpress comments section is managed with ease.

2.       The all in one seo pack:

  • The job of the bloggers managing their blogs with adequate number of posts isn’t complete, as they also need to optimise their blogs on search engines too.
  • All that in one SEO Plugins package will take care of all Keywords, Number of index tags, Meta tags and descriptions on the blog.
  • It is the most vital plug-in to optimise blogs performance for deriving best search engine results. Bloggers can also check on other standardized WordPress SEO Plugins called headspace2 SEO Plugins.

3.       The Google xml sitemap generator:

  • These Plugins will be creating a good sitemap of blog with auto rebuilds when the blogs are edited or a fresh post is added onto your blog.
  • Submission of the sitemaps created through google xml sitemap generator Plugins, will optimise search database or a computer network for better classification of blog pages and posts.

4.       The super archive:

  • The utilisation of super archive plugins will help bloggers in the creation of a separate “Archive-Page” for wordpress blogs; this Archive-Page will hold all of blog-pages and post in one directory.
  • It will be easy for the blog visitants to view all archived blog contents in just one location, while search engine would truly love to consider them as a sitemap.

5.       The wp contact form:

  • This “wp-contact-form” plugins will support the bloggers in building up a contact us form on their blogs, which in turn helps them in getting more responses from their blog traffic through emails.

6.       The WordPress related posts:

  • This WordPress related posts plug-in will display the listing of all article associated posts, right underneath your blog-posts.
  • This will make the visitor’s search simpler, and it will lead them to follow article posts listed in it. This also gives a positive affect on your blogs page views and SEO.

7.       The wp super cache:

  • During commencement of a new blog-post, the core settings made on WordPress Plugins to run several queries simultaneously and then display the page with its contents, repetition of this process will elevate the page load time
  • Since the utilisation of the wp-super-cache will wipe out this issue completely, by caching blog-pages, and then upon requirements, it will display them as html files, this is vital for the move of regional WordPress-blogs.

8.       The ping optimizer:

  • Every WordPress blog is encrypted, and if any new blog is either edited or published with fresh posts frequently, then your blogs will auto send repeated pings to ping-servers.
  • Sending out uttermost pings will allow your blogs to be censored permanently from ping-servers. So, by utilization of this optimizer, it will auto limit your pings, by setting up the time intervention.

9.       The broken link checker plug-in:

  • Most of the times, when the outbound links are given from blog posts, they turn out to be broken, displaying error404 page not found, due to the page source timing.
  • This will truly affect the seo factor, but through utilisation of broken link checker Plugins, it will auto detect and display invalid pages or the pages with 404page not found error.

10.   The global translator:

  • Bloggers often try to make their blog to be used most frequently by traffic to view quality posted blogs, then in this case bloggers might want to translate their blogs to visitor preferred language.
  • To support bloggers in making their blogs readable by most visitors, WordPress global-translator is a must have Plug-in, which will display various countries flags on blogs. Upon the selection of those-flags, it will auto redirect or translate the content of blog to the user preferred language instantly.

11.   The no follow reciprocity plug-in:

  • Most often bloggers will give out the links of other websites or blog-posts for various reasons. Then WordPress will auto include them as follow up tag inside the posts.
  • This will make a link-back and lead your posts to display the post in search-engine-results.
  • By utilisation of no follow reciprocity Plugins, automatically sets your blog posts follow up attribute to no follow automatically.

12.   The stat press reloaded plug-in:

  • Maintaining the track record of every blog-visitor will make bloggers understand what are the likes and dislikes of its visitor. This stat press reloaded plugins will record and display the trend of blog traffic with detailed view and graphical charts.
  • Then the bloggers can view the traffic-statistics on their blog by utilisation of these Plugins. This can help them in identifying the target audience.

Handle Your Attachments By Just Dragging And Dropping

Handle Your Attachments By Just Dragging And Dropping

Gmail users can upload attachments to their emails by two ways as provided by the provider. The first option is Advanced Attachment and the second one is Basic Attachment.

The Advanced Attachment method requires flash and the user can upload multiple files at one go. The Basic Attachment method allows attachments to be uploaded one at a time. It takes more time than the advanced option.


Gmail has provided users with the advanced method of attaching files. This method allows users to attach files by just dragging and dropping them. The Drag & Drop plugin allows users of Firefox to upload files by just dragging them and dropping them to the area designated for attachments.

The best part of this feature is that it the hassles of browsing to the desired files have been eliminated. It helps Gmail users to make attachments more conveniently and in a faster way.

Enhance The Performance Of Adobe Reader To Open Files Quickly

Enhance The Performance Of Adobe Reader To Open Files Quickly

There is no doubt that acrobat adobe reader is the most popular application to read PDF files and documents. Since it features rich software and uses several plugins, it consumes more computer resources in the startup process.

It is really annoying and irritating when you find it slow while opening a PDF file to read. You definitely want to get rid of this frustrating problem. There is a simple tweak, which can boost up the performance of Acrobat Reader.


Generally, Adobe uses several plugins during startup in order to support multiple file formats. As we know most of the files come in PDF format hence we can disable all other plugins of Adobe Reader. Now follow the simple steps to disable extra plugins and speed up Adobe Reader.

  • Go to Adobe PDF Installation folder
  • Here tap on the Plugins folder and select all plugins.
  • Now move them elsewhere for backup.
  • Finally, you are done

Now plugins folder is completely vacant hence Adobe Reader will be loaded faster and open PDF files to read quickly. Now, the Adobe PDF reader will work at much faster speed.

Try Out These 30 Firefox Plugins To Enhance Your Blogging Experience

Try Out These 30 Firefox Plugins To Enhance Your Blogging Experience

Majority of the bloggers prefer Mozilla Firefox to other browsers not only because it is fast, cool or error free, but because it is the most convenient browser that possesses a number of blogging solutions in the form of plug-ins and add-ons. The Mozilla Firefox store includes some great plugins that add more intellect to blogging. Here is a list of 30 Firefox plugins which are immensely helpful in blogging.

  • SEO Link Analysis:  A Firefox plugin that customizes Yahoo! Site Explorer and Google Webmaster, thereby enhancing your blogging experience. It basically customizes the link data in Yahoo! Explorer interface and Google Webmasters Tools by showing the Google PageRank accredited to the linked webpages, nofollow links, anchor text user etc. It helps you understand the blog SEO factors.


  • easyComment: You must be aware that posting comments on other blogs influences your PR, increases exposure and attracts incoming traffic. This plugins fills in the details such as Name, URL and Email in the respective fields automatically, thereby making the commenting task easier.


You may configure different profiles and values (in case you have more than one identity or blog) and simply click on the link “easyComment” located on the status bar. This saves a lot of time and makes post commenting faster.


  • FeedBurner Subscribers: This plugin efficiently monitors the visitors on your blog and presents you with a report to allow you to track the RSS activities. It keeps a watch on the RSS subscribers depending on how many RSS feeds have been hit. You no more need to logon to FeedBurner account. You may monitor everything from the browser itself.


  • OnlyWire: This add-on has ability to submit content to more than 30 social networking websites with a single click. You do not need to submit your content to various websites manually. After installing this add-on, you will have a flawless experience while you submit contents as OnlyWire bypasses all the captcha verifications during content submission on websites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon.


  • Screen grab to WordPress: Bloggers often require screenshots of various web pages, screen activities etc. to add to their posts. Normally, you capture screenshots using keyboard or other tools, customize them and finally upload them using the image upload feature in WordPress. However, this plugin enables you to directly save the screenshots and upload them to your WordPress blogs.


  • Share Buttons: This add-on adds buttons of social media websites such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reditt, StumbeUpon, Email etc. to your posts. These sharing buttons become visible only when you publish the posts. This add-on supports blogger platforms like and Blogger.


  • MySpace Blog Editor: This plugin would be an ideal one in case you use MySpace for blogging. It allows bloggers on Myspace to post to their posts directly from the Firefox interface itself.  When you publish posts from Firefox, they automatically get published on your Myspace blogs.


You can also save drafts, use features such as drag and drop in order to copy text or images from webpages, format images and text, etc.

  • Save Complete:  Using this extension, you can save any web page flawlessly. Since most of the websites use CSS stylesheets to format webpages, built-in webpage saving feature in Firefox does not work satisfactorily because it does not support stylesheets.

However, this extension makes up for this drawback and has ability to save an entire web page along with all images, flash, JavaScript files, stylesheets etc.

  • User Agent Switcher:  Different people may visit your blog through different platforms like mobile phone, web based browser, iPhone etc. However, your blog’s prime readers i.e. “search robots” use an own developed platform. User Agent Switcher ensures that your blog loads perfectly on all platforms.


By using User Agent Switcher, you can also add a toolbar button and menus with which you can easily switch user agents.

  • Clipmarks:  Clipmarks helps you in linking to specific files rather than linking to an entire webpage. You can share desired files or a precise portion of a webpage on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, post them to your blog directly, email them to your friends, print them or simply save the files on


  • Feedly:  This plugin offers magazine-style interface in order to display your subscribed RSS feeds. It enables you to import desired RSS feeds from Bloglines, Google Reader, Netvibes or from your bookmarks and arrange them into categories or tabs. You can personalize the look by selecting options such as Title and summary, title only, video grid, image grid and entire content.


You can also filter the popular contents, share your articles on various social networking sites, synchronize with multiple computers, make use of keyboard shortcuts etc.

  • Better Google Analytics:  This is the most important plugin for bloggers that integrates several GreaseMonkey scripts to enhance functionality of your Google Analytics account. This plugin allows auto-login to your Google Analytics account. It also allows you to add search box facility to your keyword reports, export a CSV file of your Analytics reports to Google Docs, view full-screen reports etc.


  • Google Global:  This add-on enables bloggers to categorize the Google search results.  Google Global displays both, organic as well as paid results as they emerge in distinct regions, cities, ZIP code, IP address, search pages of different languages etc.


It is also possible that you open complete results from cities, regions and countries in different tabs so that it becomes easy to compare and filter your searches.

  • Blog This in Windows Live Writer:  This is an extension of Live Writer tool in Windows that helps you open a new Live Writer post pre-populated with title and contents of any webpage to your blog. It helps you in blogging an interesting thing on the internet quickly and easily.  After writing the post, you may publish the same to WordPress, Windows Live, Blogger, TypePad etc with a single click.


  • KGen:  This smart plugin pulls out the entire set of words from a webpage and locates the major keywords depending on the page weight. This helps you in optimizing your webpages and keeping track of your competitor secrets. It also allows you to choose keywords and then tag them when you submit your contents to networking sites or fill in the meta-keywords of your webpages.


  • Zemanta:  As a blogger, you can use Zemanta to expand your blog dashboard with related links, images and tags in order to encourage visitors to refer to similar contents. Zemanta has ability to collect news from IMDB, Wikipedia, BBC, CNN, MusicBrainz and CrunchBase, videos from 5min and YouTube, and images from Wikipedia, Flickr and Getty.


This plugin supports WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Movable Type, Drupal, Ning, Tumblr and LiveJournal. It also supports email platforms like Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

  • MeasureIt:  This is a plugin that a blogger would require every moment. Using this Plugin, you can draw a ruler to check the height, weight and alignment of a webpage. You can measure the length and width of a table, flash game, iframe etc. The vertical and horizontal center guidelines created by MeasureIt allows you to measure dimensions using multiple measurements and different units.


  • IE View:  You must be always concerned about how your blog loads on various web browsers. Even though Internet Explorer possesses the least features, it is the widely used browser. Therefore, bloggers would certainly be interested in knowing how their blogs load in IE.


If you open your blog in Mozilla Firefox with this plugin, you will be able to load your webpage in IE by simply right-clicking on it or you can set a few websites to load in IE by default.

  • OneClick Installer: OneClick Installer is an extension specially dedicated to WordPress Blogs. This extension allows you to install WordPress Plugins or Themes from the Firefox context menu. Once you install the OneClick Plugin to your WordPress blog, this add-on detects plugin and theme files automatically and adds an option “Upload” to the Firefox right-click context menu.


  • NoDoFollow:  This plugin helps recognize NoFollow links present in a webpage. It is very useful to check the webpages which don’t offer credit to posted links.


  • ScribeFire Blog Editor:  This extension combines a popular web browser with a great blog editor using which you can create new posts, edit them and then publish them on your blog quite easily. You can easily drag & drop formatted text, make quick notes, upload and post images to different blogging platforms like and Blogger etc.


  • Screen Grab with Online Upload:  Using this add-on, you will not only be able to save webpage screenshots but also upload them to any image hosting website in order to share your screenshots instantly.  It allows you to capture the entire webpage or a specific frame. Once you capture the screenshot, this add-on will automatically upload it to the website “”.


  • ScrapBook:  This Firefox extension allows you to save a webpage quickly and easily with correct accuracy, lightness and multi-language support. Not just webpage, but this extension can also save snippets from a webpage or the entire website and organize the saved pages in the same manner as you organize your bookmarks.


It also allows you to perform a full text search as well as filter the search collection results. You may also edit the collected webpages.

  • GreaseMonkey:  Using this extension, you can customize the appearance of a webpage as well as customize some default functions. You may customize a website so that it looks exactly the way you prefer.


  • Firebug:  This web application tool is incorporated with Firefox in order to allow you to edit, monitor and debug HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes in a webpage. Its advanced features allow you to edit and inspect HTML, make changes in CSS, visualize CSS metrics, profile and debug JavaScript, explore DOM, search errors etc.


  • Web Developer:  This is yet another web development tool that is loaded with powerful features. After installation, it adds a toolbar and a menu to your Firefox browser with a number of web developer options for you to customize or view webpage details like various codes, CSS stylesheet etc. Web Developer extension supports different keyboard shortcuts for making your task simpler and faster.


  • SearchStatus:  A blogger is much interested in Alexa rank, Google PR and complete ranking of a website. SearchStatus plugin displays all this important information needed by a blogger. The add-on also displays SEOmoz, mozRank and Linkscape along with a number of other blogging metrics like nofollow/ keyword highlighting, Alexa info, backward/related links, fast keyword-density analyzer etc.


  • Shareholic:  Blogging generally involves sharing content with major networking sites. Shareholic Firefox plugin enables bloggers to share content with over sixty social media sites and be well-informed about latest news, videos, images and buzzes. This is an ideal plugin for sluggish bloggers who like to get things done quickly, yet smartly.


  • FireFTP:  After installing the plugin, your Mozilla Firefox browser will be transformed into a FTP manager. You will not require any third party FTP tools. FireFTP not only transfers files quickly but also offers numerous advanced features like syncing directories during navigation, directory comparison, SSL encryption, SFTP, search/filtering, remote editing, integrity checks, file hashing, drag & drop etc.


  • ColorZilla:  In case you wish to pick a favorite color from a webpage, this handy plugin is a useful one. This plugin easily gets the color code from one webpage and pastes it to another program.  It lets you zoom-in to a webpage to check the distance between 2 points.


It also possesses built-in palette browser for you to choose from the pre-defined color sets and its DOM spying feature enables you to get information on DOM elements.

Use Adobe Photoshop Speedup To Accelerate Startup Time Of Adobe Photoshop

Use Adobe Photoshop Speedup To Accelerate Startup Time Of Adobe Photoshop

No one can disagree with the fact that Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful graphics editing program that is loaded with some of the great features. However, regular users of Adobe Photoshop often tend to have complains regarding program startup. This graphics application takes a bit too long to startup as it requires loading a number of plugins.

The users using old PCs are the ones who have a worst experience with this issue. However, Photoshop users can have a sigh of relief with this new speed up program called “Adobe Photoshop Speedup”. This freeware has ability to filter and disable all the plugins to Photoshop that you do not need.  Adobe Photoshop Speedup allows users to choose the plugins which they do not use and do not wish to load.

The moment these plugins are disabled, the overall startup time of Photoshop will be reduced considerably and users will be able to enjoy better performance. The disabled plugins can be easily activated and loaded as and when required. Moreover, by using this speedup program, users can also opt not to load CMap and Base folders for Adobe Fonts as well as Adobe Photoshop Presets.

Adobe Photoshop Speedup works with most Windows Operating Systems. If you wish to enhance the startup speed of your Adobe Photoshop, you can download this speedup program free of charge from the internet. The key features of this program are mentioned as follows:

  • Free Utility that can be used to tweak Adobe Photoshop starting from version 4 to version 8.
  • Allows user to enable/disable the plugins as required.
  • Users can choose not to load CMap and Base folders.
  • Users can opt not to load Photoshop Presets.
  • Reset and optimize Maximum Memory Usage.
  • Simply click on Restore button to restore the original settings whenever necessary.

Remove Three New Columns – All In One SEO – SEO Title, SEO Keywords, SEO Description

Remove the three extra columns (SEO Title, SEO Keywords, SEO Description) that All in One SEO Plugin adds to the edit post / page section.

When I upgraded to the latest update of All in One SEO Plugin today, three new columns were added to the post/page edit section. The three columns were – SEO Title, SEO Keywords and SEO Description. They had less value for me, and also since they took up significant space, my other columns were compressed, consequently affecting the readability of the  post/pages edit section.

And hence, I decided to remove the extra three columns. The process to remove the extra three columns are as below (Note: there is an easier way to remove the columns. Scroll down and read the update or read the comments.):

1> Once you are logged on to your WordPress admin dashboard (you need to be logged on as admin), on the left hand side, click on the Plugin dropdown arrow and select Editor.

2> You’ll be taken to the plugin editor page. There under Select the plugin to edit choose All in One SEO Pack and hit Select.

3> Find add_action(‘load-edit.php’,’addmycolumns’,1); in the code and comment this piece of code. You can comment by adding // at the beginning of the line. Your code intitially will be


and after commenting it will be


4> Click on Update File.

5> You’ll be prompted to go to the admin page of All in One SEO Pack to configure the plugin. Once you are done configuring, you’ll notice that the three new extra columns in you post / page edit section will not be there anymore.


I just found out that there is an easier way to remove the extra columns:

Michael and Tom have given explanation and the procedure is much simple when compared to editing the plugin file.


On the plugin settings page is the columns option. It’s a select box. Unselect the post types that you don’t want to have SEO columns.

Deselect the post types you don’t want columns for… for example: posts, pages, etc.


At the Custom Post Types for SEO Column Support option if you hold Ctrl and click on posts and pages it unselects them then just save the changes and you should be back to normal with that

Incoming Search Terms WordPress Plugin For Articles / Posts

Incoming Search Terms WordPress Plugin For Articles / Posts

Earlier, I had worked with BStat plugn and was successful in making it working with WordPress 3.0 and above. The plugin would show top incoming search terms for a wordpress post. However, the plugin was in a crude shape and it was no where close to being presentable and hence did not make an effort to release it to public, as I had very less time for support.

So this plugin will help you with your On Page SEO which in-turn will result in making your site pretty strong against your competitors.

You can do a wide variety of things with this plugin. You can display popular incoming search queries, show all incoming search terms for the wordpress post, use the incoming search terms for any article as tags link backs to the same post.

Download the plugin from here.