What Plugins Should I Use To Optimize My Site?

I’ ve been writing about important must have plugins for your wordpress blog. Even before someone asks me -“Is this it?”, I’d like to clarify that this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg!

Out there, are so many plugins, which you must have on your blog. I’ve started compiling a list of the plugins, which I personally feel will make a bloggers life much easier.

Here’s the list for you:

1> Google Syntax Highlighter: Read more…

2> Exec-PHP to execute external php functions or calls.

3> All round SEO solution from All-In-One seo plugin.

4> Download free bookmarking plugin for wordpress, to increase traffic to your website.

5> Simple, effective, efficient Spam blocker plugin for wordpress – Aksimet.

6> Get your traffic stats and adsense stats with Google Analytics plugin for wordpress.

7> Don’t like the complexity involved with Google analytics plugin, shift over to wordpress stats.

8> Simple, Flexible Contact Form WordPress Plugin

9> Take a back up of your wordpress db with WP-DB back up plugin.

10> Customise page navigation in your wordpress blog.

11> Help your visitors know where they are with Breadcrumb NavXT.

12>Wordpress Database problem ? No more …

13> Manage Bandwidth of your blog in case of heavy traffic or sudden burst of traffic.

14> Want some internal linking benefits for your wordpress blog ? Then try this incoming search term linking wordpress plugin.

After going through this article, if anyone has anything important to share, they are most welcome.

Skype extras disabled?

It baffled me that while everyone had got Skype extras easily installed on their PCs and I just couldn’t get the wretched .sparc file to work, no matter what I did, I just could not get Skype Extras button to enable. The reason? turns out the “extras manager” isn’t installed by default you have to manually click on “options” when installing Skype and check the option to install the “extras manager”.

It took me a while to find out, so I figured I’d blog about it. Hope it helps!

How To Install WordPress Plugins Easily In One Click With No Download And Upload Or Any Mess

One of the core functionality of WordPress, is the ability to add new Plugins, which adds new features or improves some of the features already available. Plugins sit on top of WordPress core engine and hence they can be added or removed without altering the core functionality of WordPress.

Until now, the traditional way of installing a plugin invloved:

1> downloading the plugin from the plugin database, uploading it on to server using a FTP software, logging to Plugin management in admin dashboard and activating the plugin, or

2> Using the Add New plugin interface which is available in the dashboard of the WordPress admin panel.

But from now on, with the help of WordPress.org One-Click Install plugin, there will be no more downloading or uploading files. The plugins will be installed with just one Click !

For one final time, you have to follow the routine of installing the plugin manually. Go to WordPress.org One-Click Install Plugin page, download the plugin and install it.

You should have Greasemonkey script installed on your Firefox – oh did I mention this works on only Firefox as of now, so you need to get Firefox if you still don’t have it on your system.

Once you have Greasemonkey on Firefox and Worpdress One Click Install plugin installed you are all set.

Whenever you visit any Plugin page on WordPress.org, instead of seeing just the Download button in the right side bar, you’ll see an additional button which’ll say “Install to <your-site-URL>”

Install WordPress Plugins One Click No Download

Click on that button and the plugin will be installed on to your blog ! That’s it !

[ Download WordPress.org One-Click Install Plugin]