List and Show WordPress Posts To Allow Comments and Pings

List and Show WordPress Posts To Allow Comments and Pings

The most used blog publishing platform WordPress permits the individual author for superseding the global discussion settings. You may change the settings to permit the reader for posting comments on your article, or you could even permit the link notification (aka trackback and pingback) from the other blogs at particular page level or post.

Using this feature you can allow all latest pages and posts to be produced with pings on and comments, and it can be always disabled on particular pages or posts when required.

When it comes to maintenance, WordPress does not offer a simple mode to display all paged articles or posts which contains its pings and comments. For the Bloggers who would like to make out a list of the articles and blog posts which has banned visitors and readers, can use the following trick to leave comments.

By using this trick you can stop other Blogs to trackback or pingback, and you can list out every page and post which is presently set to pingback/trackback and comment off.

Primarily, you will need to sign in to the MySQL database as it controls the WordPress blog. After that you need to the next query statement of SQL, so as to dig up all pages or posts where the comments and pings are not permitted.

SELECT * FROM `wp_posts` where `comment_status` <> 'open' or `ping_status` <> 'open';

Note: If you want to make the assortment as of database much easier, it is suggested to apply phpMyAdmin otherwise any else GUI interface to the MySQL database.

The above query will return every row (together pages and posts) in WordPress which contains either “Allow Pings” or “Allow Comments” set to disabled (uncheck). You can use only “ping_status” or “comment_status” intended for the articles that never allows trackback and pingback.

Both ping_status and comment_status field contains simply two easily understandable values which are open and closed. Open stands for allow whereas closed for not allowed.

Wrapping Ads Within Blogger Posts Along With The Text

Wrapping Ads Within Blogger Posts Along With The Text

Google’s Adsense is the primary source of revenue generation for nearly 95% of bloggers. If a user is blogging through blogger and is also using Google’s Adsense for advertisement networking, then they should embed their ads with their posts to attract more visitors. This will surely result in more number of clicks and definitely add to good revenues.

Displaying AdSense advertisements between 2 posts is not efficient as visitors tend to overlook the ads. If a user envelops ads inside their posts then chances are that people will surely notice them and increase the chances of obtaining good CTR. One can quickly customize their blogs to display the ads within their posts, which can be aligned either to the right or left.

For a good CTR, it is highly recommended that these ads be blended in your post with good combination of colors to attract the attention of a visitor. Deep color or very light colors need to be avoided altogether. Manually highlighted ads are sure to keep the income very low.

Steps to display AdSense ads within blogger posts tightly enwrapped with the text.

  • Sign in to the blogger account through the dashboard.
  • Browse to layout, select edit html button.
  • Now elaborate the widget template by clicking the box.
  • Explore for <Data:Post.body> inside the template. Add the following code above this line.

To display the ads with left alignment use the code provide below:

<Div Style=’float:left;margin-right:5px;’>

your adsense code


To display the ads with right alignment use the code provide below:

<Div Style=’float:right;margin-right:5px;’>

your adsense code


  • 5. Ensure that you substitute “Your Adsense Code” with your actual advertisement code.
  • 6. Now save the above changes.
  • 7. This completes the settings.

Note: Ad characters of Google’s AdSense are not supported by the blogger html. So it is important for the user to convert it first before adding it to the code.

Now every single post in the blogger appears with the ads enwrapped with text. Formats which provide best view are 336*280 and 300*250. A user can tweak the formats to obtain a best view.

Submit Your Articles Or Posts To Social Bookmarking Sites Automatically

Submit Your Articles Or Posts To Social Bookmarking Sites Automatically 

Certainly you submit articles to social bookmarking sites to get more responses from the traffic and increase the traffic on your blog or website. Writing SEO based articles demands some specific relevant contents and other factors such as backlinks, Site PR, etc that must be took care while submitting articles.

Adding more backlinks to your submission surely increases the value and trust factor of your articles regarding search engines ranking.  You will be benefited from every perspective whether it is increasing traffic to your page or gaining the high ranks in search engine ranking.

If you submit articles routinely, you definitely follow the cumbersome process of submission which is time consuming for sure. Getting rid of this time taking process helps you to concentrate on your write ups more and utilize the time in submitting more articles. 

Instead of following the manual submission process you should go for automatic social bookmarking services. It makes your submission process quicker and easier. With the help of this service you can add your post to several social bookmarking sites quickly. You just need to have a user profile in all social bookmarking sites. Despite of giving some extra time on registering, it will help you in long run definitely.

Even though you don’t get registered with all social bookmarking sites, try out some popular social bookmarking sites and signup with them. Here are some most popular social bookmarking sites.


Social Submit: This bookmarking site helps users to add their posts to multiple social bookmarking sites at a time. It is consist of 45 renowned bookmarking sites where you can easily add your articles or posts automatically within minutes.

Social Poster: It has a huge collection of bookmarking sites approx 160 and allows users to submit posts all of them instantly. It is complete beneficial bookmarking submitter. There are some services to be used to make your articles or posts more interesting and informative such as SEO services, get backlinks, etc.

Social Marker: It is another best automatic submitting bookmarking site which allows you to add posts to 48 different social bookmarking sites in a fraction of time. It means you will get more traffic and high rank.

Onlywire: This one is little bit compacted and provides few specific bookmarking submission services to their users. It uses Plug-ins of different web browsers to help bloggers in posting their articles.

Important Point: Use one of the services given because the more services you choose, chances of repeated contents will be increased that could lead to rejection.