A Powerful And Free Video Converter For Windows

A Powerful And Free Video Converter For Windows

There are a number of free video converters available in the market. You can easily download most of them, but you might not get what you were expecting. The VideoSpirit Lite is a free converter which converts media files from one format to the other desired format. It can also help the user extract audio or video clips from the original media.

The VideoSpirit Lite converter allows users to convert files of different formats like AVI, DVD, 3GP, MP3, DAT and lots more. While getting downloaded, the user will be asked to install some of the available codec packages, which help the converter to support more formats of files. Some of the most common codec packages are K-Lite Quick Time and Real Alternative. These codec packages handle almost all of the known media formats.


You can also customize some of the features as per your own liking. The features that can be customized are frame rate, quality level, codec types and bit rate. These features on being customized help the user obtain high quality output from this application.

The VideoSpirit Lite consumes up to 10MB of your system’s space and can be downloaded for free from the following link Here

What Is Hibernate In Computers ? How Can I enable Hibernate Feature In My Laptop / Computer

‘Hibernate’ feature in a computer is something like a temporary shut down, however it is different from shut down in the sense, once a computer is resumed to normal state from Hibernate, the same processes that were running before the system was ‘hibernate’d will be resumed.

Internally when a system is put to hibernate, an image of current working state is written on to a file on the hard drive and when the computer resumes from hibernation, it reads the saved state data from the file on the disk and restores the system to the same state. ie.. programs that were opened are resumed and network connections are restarted without losing any kind of data that were previously opened.

Hibernate in comparison to Standby takes a bit longer time, as it needs to write to a special file on the hard drive. Hibernate also takes bit longer to resume, since it must go through essentially normal boot process and read from the file on the hard disk. Hibernate is different from Standby as it is almost like temporary shut down.

To enable Hibernate feature follow the steps:
1) Go to Control Panel.
2) Double click “Power Options”
3) From the Power Options window select ‘Hibernate’ tab.
4) Select ‘Enable hibernation’ and click Apply.

There is also another procedure to enable Hiberate feature on your computer. Steps are
1) Click on Start and then click Run.
2) Type “powercfg.cpl” and hit Enter.
3) Now from “Power Options” window selct ‘Hibernate’ tab.
4) Select ‘Enable hibernation’ and click Apply.