Enable Screen Rotation To Flip / Rotate Windows Screen 90 / 180 / 270 Degree

One of the coolest pranks you can play on your friends in your locality or school is, flip windows screen of their computer. However, before you perform this little trick, you need to ensure that they have enabled screen rotation on their computer.

To check if they have enabled screen rotation:

1> Click ‘Start‘ –> ‘Settings‘ –> ‘Control Panel‘ –> Search for Intel Driver here, in my case it is ‘Intel(R) GMA Driver For Mobile‘. The Intel driver on your system will be pretty similar to the one on my system (in case you are unable to figure out how to handle features of your Intel driver, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out).

2> By default, yo’ll be in  ‘Display Devices‘ tab. Click on ‘Display Settings‘ tab.

3> ‘Display Settings‘ tab will have an option –> ‘Enable Rotation‘, enable it by checking the ‘check-box’. Then click on ‘Apply‘.

This will enable screen rotation and the short cut keys to flip windows computer screen will work if it was not working earlier.

For your convenience here are directions to flip your windows screen vertically / horizontally:

1> For normal windows Press CTRL + ALT + the up arrow key.

2> To rotate windows screen vertically left 90 degrees, press CTRL + ALT + left arrow key

3> To rotate windows screen vertically right 270 degrees, press CTRL + ALT + right arrow key

4> To rotate windows screen upside down, press CTRL + ALT + down arrow key

If you have any issues or are unable to flip the screen leave a comment and I’ll try to sort the problem.

Can I Play Prank On My Friends For Christmas / New Year?

I’ve always loved to play pranks and, Christmas and New Years is a perfect time to play pranks on your colleagues or best friends. Just imagine, everyone is getting ready to wind-up, lock their computers and go out on holidays, and suddenly realize that something has gone wrong with their computer and they have no idea how to fix it !!

It’ll be fun to watch them panic, isn’t it. So here’s a very simple trick to get the worst out of your loved ones (you can play this on those who you don’t like too 😉 ):

This rotate screen shortcut, will rotate the screen 180 degrees, which means everything on the experimented computer screen will be upside down :).

This trick can be played on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or any other versions of Windows.

Now once you’ve troubled your friend enough, you can use the same shortcut keys to set the display right.

Happy Christmas and New Year in advance 🙂