How Can I By Pass Downloading Waiting Time, Limitation On Rapidshare

Downloading Unlimited Files from RapidShare without Creating a Premium Account

Premium users of Rapidshare, the most prominent file hosting and network sharing website (Zshare Download is equally good)are permitted to download concurrent and unlimited files every time. Rapidshare’s auto-capping feature stops normal or free users from downloading more files concurrently (you’ll need an username and password for rapid share account). Also one has to wait for a small period to start downloading other files, but this can be done on succession of the previous file.

If a user wishes to perform parallel or concurrent downloading of few files, then one has to pay to become a premium user (earlier there were ways to get free premium Rapidshare account). A hack can solve the above problem and help users to download more files without registering for a premium account.

Every single IP address is logged by Rapidshare so that it can restrict free users from downloading more files simultaneously. It normally registers an IP while a user is downloading and it starts checking for all former downloads.

If Rapidshare figures out that a user has downloaded a File sometime back then it stops the downloading of a new file. One can utilize Rapidshare downloading accelerators or perform some tricks on the PC to bypass the limitation and waiting period

Steps to bypass downloading waiting time, limitation, on Rapidshare:

Every time you start your PC to browse internet, an IP address will be assigned by the internet service provider. If the address provided by the ISP is dynamic, then this address can be changed at every system restart. As Rapidshare is always looking for IP addresses to trace their history, a free user cannot download files beyond a limit. To overcome this problem, a user needs to reset their IP and obtain new IP address. The steps provided below show how one can procure a new IP.

  • Click Start, select Run.
  • Now enter cmd in Run window
  • Command prompt window opens. Type the commands provided below in the same sequence, and then hit enter button on the keyboard.

    @echo off

    Ipconfig/ release

    Ipconfig/ flushdns

    Ipconfig/ setclassid

    Ipconfig/ registerdns

    Ipconfig/ renew


  • Your PC will be awarded with a new IP address.
  • Browse the Rapidshare website and start downloading your selected file. Now you will be capable in downloading the selected file in spite of you having downloaded large files just few minutes ago.
  • Repeat this process every time you wish to download few files from Rapidshare website.
  • This completes the process.

The above hack is very simple and everyone can set it easily. Save the commands provided above in a notepad file for future use.


1> Download multiple files from RapidShare at once.

How To / Can I Get A Free Premium GradeFix Account ?

How To Get A Free Gradefix Account ?

In the last post we spoke about Gradefix, a homework organizer that helps you get better grades.

I just figured that there are three ways of getting free premium Gradefix account:

1>They run ‘Invite a Friend’ promotion from time to time. If you have any of your friends who have an account with Gradefix, or if you have a free trial account with them, and if the ‘Invite a Friend promotion is on currently, then you can make use of the promotional offer and get a free account for yourself.

[ Visit this page to check the availability of this offer. ]

2> Gradefix is in the expansion mode. They are planning to expand to all other languages possible. If you are very strong with your local language, then you stand a very strong chance to win yourself a premium account, by helping Gradefix to translate the site into your language.

3> If you have other skills like programming, or if you are a graphic designer or best part is that you are a good marketer (online), then too you can get a free account with Gradefix.

You can get more details by mailing Gradefix support team at support[at]gradefix[dot]com.