Scan Your Documents In PDF formats Using WinScan2PDF

Scan Your Documents In PDF formats Using WinScan2PDF

There are several scanners available in the market that offers users to scan their PDF or other format files directly. However, few scanners provide only limited features and limit the users to save file into image format. After scanning users need to scan the pdf files via pdf printer or other compatible scanners.
This is a bit tedious and time consuming process for most of the people. In order to simplify the process, users can try this handy and powerful application named WinScan2PDF.

This application will consume only less space (40 kb) of the disk space of your computer. This portable application enables users to scan documents and store them on computer in PDF format using any installed scanner. THe interactive user interface of this handy application features users to scan document directly to PDF format easily.
It saves the substantial time of the users by getting rid of the conventional method of scanning. Users just need to download and install this application on computer and select the required file to scan quickly in PDF format. If you find it very useful then download the WinScan2PDF application directly from the given link here without any trouble

PDF Printer For FREE

PDF Printer For FREE

There are a number of applications available for free download that help documents from Windows applications been written into PDF’s. The main and most sought after criterion of these applications is how conveniently the output is generated. Users look for fonts, images, layouts and other features before printing the document or PDF file.

The PDF Printer from Bullzip is amongst the best PDF printers. Straight forward, fast, quality results and user friendly are some of the strengths of this application. Once installed, it helps users print documents in PDF format. The technique is pretty simple. When the print button is clicked the driver creates a temporary PDF file of the document and prints it in that format.

The best feature of the Bullzip PDF Printer is that it comes without any pop ups or advertisements. The application is absolutely free for commercial and personal use.

Some of the best features of this useful application are that it converts documents from Windows programs in to PDF form and then prints them. It is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS, is supported by 64 bit OS and controls prompts and output programmatically.

The application also prints PDF documents that are password protected. The setup required to install this application can be left unattended and still installs itself into the system. The features that can be set in the image include size, watermark text, transparency and rotation.

Some other features of this application that separates it from others are

  • 128 bit encryption
  • It contains the GUI ( Graphical User Interface)
  • Assures quality settings like eBook, printer, screen and prepress.
  • Allows the user to set properties of documents
  • Superimpose or change the background of documents
  • Allows prepending or appending of documents
  • Has a commendable and friendly user interface
  • All of its settings are interfaced with commands
  • Supports multiple types of output including BMP, PCX, JPEG, TIFF and PNG

You will also find some additional feature that will help you enhance the document you need to print out.

To download the newest version of the Bullzip PDF Printer visit Here

Epson WorkForce 635 All-In-One Printer, Review, Price, Availability

This great Epson printer WorkForce 635, is the jack-of-all but master-of-all too. It performs all functions scan, fax, print and resolve most of the world’s urgent problems like global warming, Mideast peace etc. increasing the level of quality work, it is WorkForce 635 which brings to you the world’s quickest automatic one and two sided print speeds in its class 1, two sided printing/copying and two sided Automatic Document Feeder [ADF].

The WorkForce utilizes 127 Extra High Capacity Black ink to take you through the toughest of jobs at speeds of 15 ISO ppm [black] and 7.2 ISO ppm[colour]. It also uses 127 Extra High-Capacity Black ink to give you 2x more prints per cartridge, so that you do not have to change the cartridges very often.

A few distinguished features of the WorkForce 635 are:-

1] Saving on time- this is possible because you will be using WorkForce 635, the world’s quickest all-in-one printer in both one and two side printing.

2] Save paper –Because of its automatic two sided printing facility, you are able to save at least 50% of the paper supply.

3] Print twice as much –You get about 2x more prints with its 127 Extra High-Capacity Black ink cartridges.

4] Less hassle because it has a built in capacity of 250 paper tray, so you will not have to change paper very often.

5] Front USB Port –Insert thumb drive and upload files directly to you PC.

6] Protects important documents –because of the smudge, fade and water resistant prints, important documents can be stored safely.

7] Save energy – uses upto 70% less power than other printers.

TechCrunch had organized a competition, and the best commenter would win an Epson WorkForce 635 Printer. Unfortunately, I missed out seeing this on right time :(. Those of you who still would like to pick it up, can do so from Epsons product page. It’s Regular Price is$229.99, where as you can currently avail a discount of 22%, i.e. you save $50.00, which means you’ll pick up the product for $179.99.

Padevchooser, Printer and other issues

Mysteriously Padevchooser (Pulseaudio device chooser applet) stopped working 2 days ago, so did my printer. I lugged it over to San Marketing, turned out the SMPS in the printer had gone ka-put, so had to be replaced. Done and without much expense because it was still under warranty.

and now when i plugged in the printer, padevchooser detected the desktop’s soundcard. Wierd no? What has a printer got to with pulseaudio? I don’t get it.

Been absolutely useless in the past few days. Haven’t been reading, haven’t been showing interest in anything that I should. There is a good feeling in sitting back and assuming things will sort out by themselves, if not then fuck it.

College starts on Monday and looking back on these holidays, oh! the wild things I’ve done 😀