Facebook’s In Trouble For Selling Your Personal Secrets!

Many Facebook users don’t think before sending messages to their friends that the contents of those messages could be read by anyone else. The incredible amount of trust put into Facebook has been betrayed and users are appalled to find out that their messages, activity, and all of their personal information has been released to advertising companies so that the advertising companies could display targeted ads to the users.

So does this happen to everyone? Don’t personal privacy settings have any bearing on this? Unfortunately it does happen to everyone no matter how strict your privacy settings are. Your sexuality, religious beliefs, and even political preferences are all given to advertisers. But that’s not all..

The Facebook information gathered and passed to advertising companies is much more extensive and intrustive than many believe. Not only does it track and store information on the user themselves, but also on their friends, their educational backgrounds, their status updates, and much more. Even chats that people have together are stored by Facebook, despite the users deleting them. For example a high school student getting ready to go to college may end up getting targeted ads for dorm room furniture, various college ads, and more.

This negligent violation of privacy has outraged many because of the fact that Facebook doesn’t notify its users that it will be utilizing their personal information in such a way. While many understand that advertising is a big profit and money is what makes the world go round, people simply want to be notified prior to their information being utilized.

The ?European Commission is planning on banning this advertising in a new directive that will be out in January. Unfortunately this move will threaten Facebook’s plans for next year’s stock exchange because it severely compromises one of the main ways they make money.

The European Commission is taking this violation of privacy very seriously and is meeting next week with the UK Information Commissioner to discuss their next moves.

So where did all of this information stem from? Who exactly noticed the vast amount of information retained by Facebook? The answer is an Australian student named Max Schrems. Max sent a request into Facebook asking what information was held on him and what he got back was astonishing…and incomplete. Max was sent a CD which contained 1,222 pages of information on him and after reviewing it he complained to the data watchdogs because it was clear that Facebook had even more information on him which they did not disclose.

How many pages of information does Facebook have on you? Perhaps you should call and find out!

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Hide Your IP For Anonymous Browsing With NotMyIP

Hide Your IP For Anonymous Browsing With NotMyIP

If you wish to hide your IP to anonymously browse the internet and overcome censorship, the best proxy tool that can help you do this is NotMyIP. This tool is similar to Hide IP utility. NotMyIP proxy tool uses high quality proxies and is a free version of Anonymity Gateway which is a premium product.

You can use Anonymity Gateway for bypassing access restriction like blocked Facebook access, blocked MySpace access etc. You can also bypass download limit that is imposed by file sharing services such as MegaUpload, RapidShare etc. Once you start using NotMyIP, all the traffic (incoming as well as outgoing) is routed via NotMyIP proxies.

NotMyIP does not need any additional add-ons, plug-ins or any kind of manual configuration. It works well with most web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. The best part is that this utility comes with high speed proxies to ensure that the proxy routing works properly at all times. This eliminates the need for users to search for new proxies on the internet.

NotMyIP comes with three different IP addresses and three premium US proxies that are available for free. However, you can expect a slow browsing speed with NotMyIP as numerous users share the same proxies.

Resolve Password Remembering Problems On Firefox

How To Resolve Password Remembering Problems On Firefox

On Firefox, you may face the problem of locating the password, or having to re-enter password and username for recurrently used websites on restarting of browser. If you are getting annoyed with this problem, then you can follow few steps given here. A database, named cookie is present on the Firefox browser to store or pile up passwords.

The SQL record is actually stored in your profile folder of Firefox browser, and it can also get corrupted with time. The main problem occurs when it get corrupted. Due to such file corruption issues, it is not able to understand the inclination that you made in the settings of Firefox.

As you will delete the preexisting databases or replacing it by new one, your browser will start behaving normally. The issues and problems vary to each person and their needs. The most possible solutions are listed below so that you can solve your problem by taking few steps.

Steps to resolve problem:

  • The first step is to navigate Tools> Clear Recent History> choose Everything and clear the recent history.
  • Navigate to Tools> Options> Privacy> however make sure while opening this option that “Always clear my private data when I close Firefox” option is unchecked.
  • Move to Tools> Options> Privacy and confirm that “Accept Third Party Cookies” and “Keep until they expire” both options are checked.
  • Close Your Firefox web browser and brose Firefox profile folder which is located at C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\ (Assuming C: as your operating system installed drive). Search for two files named cookies.sqllite & cookies.sqlite-journal and delete them. Now restart your Firefox browser to create new cookies database.


You are done, now your problem of not remembering password has been sorted out. However you can use Firefox Cookie Extender to keep yourself logged in for more days.

Hide your IP address with NotMyIP proxy Utility Tool to Surf secretly

Hide your IP address with NotMyIP proxy Utility Tool to Surf secretly

If you want to hide your IP address from others and browse anonymously, you can use proxy tool named NotMyIP, which is a convenient freeware. This tool creates the mask over your IP address, so that no one can else find out your IP address, and you can browse securely over the web. You also get an option of change IP address, so other people will be unable to identify your actual IP address. You can manage your privacy with this NotMyIP tool.


Important features of this proxy tool

  • There is no manual configuration needed because it works automatically.
  • It is compatible with every browser.
  • It provides high security and privacy to your IP address
  • There is no need of any add-ons or plug-ins.
  • High speed browsing experience
  • You can mask three different IP addresses at a time.

A Brief Review On Notifier Privacy Practices

A Brief Review On Notifier Privacy Practices

You can be carefree while using Google’s products like Google Notifier and Gmail Notifier as Google respects and takes good care of your privacy.  When you run Gmail / Google Notifier on your system, Google does not store any of your personal data other than what is generally gathered while using Gmail.

Gmail /Google Notifier come with only single software which is needed during the installation. Google makes it a point not to trick you into installing any other software on your system. From time to time, the Notifier contacts Google server to make sure that you have the most recent version running on your PC. If Google detects that the Notifier version is not the latest one, it automatically updates it.    

A small portion of text from your unread messages is stored by the Notifier in your PC’s temporary memory. No permanent data is stored in the Notifier or transmitted back to Google.

In case you select the option “Remember my Password” while signing in to your Gmail Notifier, it is stored by Windows in ‘Protected Storage’ which is the location where Internet Explorer stores all its passwords. Your Gmail password remains encrypted to prevent other users from accessing it.

Can I Find IP Address Of My Chat Friends ?

Can Others Find IP My Address by Manipulating Yahoo / GTalk / AOL etc Messenger

I was worried when I realized that most messengers have this vulnerability, where they can expose my IP address to a stranger who I’m chatting with. Before I begin to reveal the trick I should strictly mention that do not try this trick in real life, as this is article is meant to give you only the information and to broaden the knowledge, and educate you to be aware of the potential risk you might encounter because of this small loophole.

You can easy get to know a person’s Internet Protocol address by hacking Yahoo / Gtalk / AOL Messenger. All these chat messengers come handy and help us stay in contact with all the relatives and friends who stay far away from us.

To protect the user’s privacy these chat messengers strictly prohibit showing the Internet Protocol address of the person with whom we are chatting. You can use some tricks to break this security and get the IP address. Let us see how.

To do so you have to make a bridge with your personal computer and in order to do so you have to make a file transfer. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Start menu and click on Run to open the windows command prompt
  • Then you have to type CMD and press enter
  • Make a file transfer and make sure the file is above 3MB
  • Now in command prompt you have to type netstat –n
  • A list of Internet Protocol address will to provided to you in a black screen
  • There will be two columns, one is named Local Address and the other will be named Foreign Address. Foreign address will have the Internet Protocol address of the person on the other end of the line whereas Local address IP is of yours.
  • You will receive an output. Example: let us say that the output you have received is this: TCP ESTABLISHED
  • Now the Internet Protocol address of the other person is, and the port number is 1647.

A stranger knowing your IP address has a lot of potential risks. You’ll have to be very careful when you interact with strangers, as a chat with a stranger with wrong intentions might cost you quite a lot.

Can I Clear Browsing Hisotry From Internet Explorer, Firefox And Chrome ?

Clear the history of your browser

Whenever you browse through any WebPages, the URL of that website gets saved in the web browser history automatically. Now the history can be accessed by any other user in your computer and that can be a threat to your privacy. Always clear the history of your web browsers. If you use Firefox, then you can clear your recently closed tabs history, and if you use Safari you can clear specific history, and all you IE 7 and IE 8 fans – here’s tip to clear history(if you are using IEHistory, then anyone can trace what websites you’ve surfed). Now to do it you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Steps to remove all the history from your Internet Explorer:
    1. Click on tools and then chose Internet Options.
    2. Select the General tab
    3. You will find an option called Clear history and click on it.
    4. That’s all you got to do.
  • Steps to remove all the history from your Mozilla Firefox browser:
    1. Like before, select Tools, and then click on Option
    2. Select the Privacy Tab
    3. You will find and option called Clear Now, and click on it.
    4. Your work is done.
  • Steps to remove all the history from your Google Chrome browser:
    1. Click on Settings
    2. Click on the option called Clear browsing data
    3. Then you have tick the Clear history.
    4. Select clear browsing data
    5. You work is over.

Make sure you keep it clean and clear, regularly.

How To Protect Your Privacy By Preventing Hacking / Cracking Of Wifi Wpa-psk Networks?

This post helps you to prevent your wireless from being cracked. This experiment can be run successfully on Linux / Back Track 3 or 4 machine.

If you are not sure how secure your wireless network which is protected with WPA or WPA2PSK, you’ll be in a position to assess it after you follow all the steps laid down in this video.

This video highlights the importance of having strong windows password when on Private Wireless Access:

How Can I View Private Albums On Facebook

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

Earlier there were hacks to see the pictures of user from their private albums, even if you did not have access. But facebook has sealed most, if not all those vulnerabilities, that possibly is a threat to their users privacy.

However, there are still ways you can see some pictures, which are available to the rest of the world and the user not being in your list.

Lets suppose you you receive a picture of someone and you are curious to see the rest of the pictures in that particular album. You can do that using the file name to do so.

The architecture is the same to store all the photos in the facebook. The pictures are stored as two groups of <number>.

Something like photo.php?id=XXX&pid=XXX where the first number is the facebook id of the owner and the second number is the image/album id.

You can use look into pictures of only those albums whose privacy setting is set to public. You’ll also be able to navigate through the albums :).

Let me know in the comment section if you want to know more about how to hack into the facebooks system … not for everyone though 😛

All in all, we should remember that facebook, is not a small organization and they have one of the biggest user base on the Internet and those users are their asset which they can’t afford to loose. I don’t mean to say, hackers will never find a way to hack into private album features. But Facebook is vigilant enough to track and close those vulnerabilities as and when they are found.

For those who came here looking for a hack to view private albums on facebook, I’m sorry I don’t know any that work now, though at some point I did know 🙂