Resolve Folder Opens in New Window Problem

Resolve Folder Opens in New Window Problem

Few times you encounter problem of computer when you open any folder, and it opens in new window instead of opening in exiting window. Normally, you open any folder then it will open in the existing window by default.

It is not the permanent problem once you change the settings of your computer. You can easily fix this annoying problem. There are two specific ways to fix this problem. All you have to do is follow these steps properly.

Solution – 1

1. Launch new window (My Computer).
2. Now go to tools> Folder Options.
3. Now navigate to Browse Folders option under General tab.
4. Select “Open each folder in the same window”.
5. Finally click on Apply> Ok to implement changes properly.

Solution – 2

1. Navigate to Start> Run> Type Regedit> Press Enter.
2. Now search following key “HKLR/Directory/Shell”.
3. Right click on right side key to change value to 0.
4. Save changes by clicking ok and exit from Registry Editor.
5. Finally, you are done.

Now your problem has been solved, and all your folders will

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be opened in existing window instead of in new window. You can select any one of these two methods to redress your problem.

Resolve Password Remembering Problems On Firefox

How To Resolve Password Remembering Problems On Firefox

On Firefox, you may face the problem of locating the password, or having to re-enter password and username for recurrently used websites on restarting of browser. If you are getting annoyed with this problem, then you can follow few steps given here. A database, named cookie is present on the Firefox browser to store or pile up passwords.

The SQL record is actually stored in your profile folder of Firefox browser, and it can also get corrupted with time. The main problem occurs when it get corrupted. Due to such file corruption issues, it is not able to understand the inclination that you made in the settings of Firefox.

As you will delete the preexisting databases or replacing it by new one, your browser will start behaving normally. The issues and problems vary to each person and their needs. The most possible solutions are listed below so that you can solve your problem by taking few steps.

Steps to resolve problem:

  • The first step is to navigate Tools> Clear Recent History> choose Everything and clear the recent history.
  • Navigate to Tools> Options> Privacy> however make sure while opening this option that “Always clear my private data when I close Firefox” option is unchecked.
  • Move to Tools> Options> Privacy and confirm that “Accept Third Party Cookies” and “Keep until they expire” both options are checked.
  • Close Your Firefox web browser and brose Firefox profile folder which is located at C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\ (Assuming C: as your operating system installed drive). Search for two files named cookies.sqllite & cookies.sqlite-journal and delete them. Now restart your Firefox browser to create new cookies database.


You are done, now your problem of not remembering password has been sorted out. However you can use Firefox Cookie Extender to keep yourself logged in for more days.

MSN Messenger 2011 Freezes, Does Not Start, Not Appear on Desktop

Troubleshooting Windows Live Messenger Or MSN Issues

Some users have been experiencing issues with their MSN live messenger during the startups, where the chat interface fails to load while switching on the computer.

One of the most common problem I’ve seen with MSN messenger is the hr:0x80070643 problem. Read this post for hr:0x80070643 solution.

Some users might have even changed the settings on MSN so that it automatically launches with the start of Windows. However, even after the users have manually opted for running on startup, it seems that the MSN is either showing “Not Responding”, or it just shows up on the system tray without doing any kind of performance.

Diagnosing the problem on the task manager:

When the Task Manager, shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+Del, is pressed, the msnmsgr.exe file is missing, which is actually supposed to be there. When the user tries to open Messenger more than one time by clicking on the icon repeatedly, the msnmsgr.exe file appears more than one time. Still there is no sign of Windows Live Messenger on the screen or desktop.

Even on uninstalling and then again installing the messenger from the original copy of WLM does not seem to resolve the problem. Even when the memory resident of firewall or antivirus is turned off, the problem doesn’t get fixed.

Is it a virus attack?

Even after checking the computer for virus, rootkit, trojan, malware, Spyware, and or even other harmful process or programs, or cleaning the system registry via some tools, the problem seems to persist.

To make it worse, MSN or Windows Live Messenger fails to respond even if after computer is restored to few days ago when the messenger was may be working fine. From this we can conclude that the problem is not due to any virus attack.

It may so happen that the Windows Live Messenger, or commonly known as MSN is maybe blocked, or crushed, or stooped from starting, or loading by the router. Though the reason for that to happen is unknown, but somehow router can cause the problem while connecting to internet through ADSL, dial up modem or cables. It may also be because the Ethernet router or WLAN that you use for your internet connection.

The problem is faced by the major brands like LinkSys, D-link and Cisco, and they are under a lot of pressure to resolve this problem.

How to fix the problem:

Well as it seems that the problem is quite important to be fixed, and to be honest, it can be resolved. It is so simple that even a child can do it.

All you’ll need to do is to reset your gateway or router, and also your internet modem, just by turning off the power from the device and switching it on again. To turn off the power, you can simply disconnect or unplug the modem connection from the source of power.

Once your system is reset, the MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger will start, load and runs smoothly just like it should. You can now even see the pop ups and also it shows the icon in notification tray.

If the problem still persists, you can change back MSN to older version.

Trick:  How to log in 2 MSN accounts from one computer.