Find Windows Vista Product Key

How To Find Windows Vista Product Key

There are many situations when you need to install a fresh windows Vista operating system after uninstalling the previous one. If you want to install Windows Vista, you must have product key number which is usually written over the genuine Vista CD or DVD. What if you have lost the original key including with your CD or DVD?

Product key is the most useful part of entire installation process. You can not install Vista until you enter correct product key number in required field. It seems quite hard to install Vista without having product key, but there is a solution of this problem which is named, Windows Vista Key Finder.

First time when you install Windows Vista, it had stored the product key number in their system registry files at that time, but in encrypted format. It is hard to decrypt that code manually therefore you must use Windows Vista Key Finder tool.  It is very easy t use and will give results within 15 minutes. It decrypts the encrypted format of the product key that you had entered earlier, and it shows you the real readable product key number.

While installing Windows 7 a problem occurs: Product Key Is Not Valid

While installing Windows 7 a problem occurs: Product Key Is Not Valid

In case you want to activate Windows 7, you need a valid and genuine product key. The product key that is used by the Microsoft, while activating Windows 7 in their internal activation method, that product key is the genuine product key.

So as to operate Microsoft’s latest operating system you need the valid and genuine product to activate the operating system in your machine. Recently it has seen that though many people have brought the genuine product online they are still facing problems while activating.

When you receive a message “invalid product key” then follow the following options mentioned below to get rid of the error.

  • It might be a typing mistake. Try to type the given activation code properly.
  • It may happen that the product key of Windows 7 does not match with the version. Check the product key again and match it with the version.
  • The product key of Windows 7 is used to upgrade the Windows version. For this you should have a previous version of Windows like Windows XP or Windows Vista. Now you will face the “invalid product key” problem if you don’t have any previous version Windows.