Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

It is widely accepted that the PDF is a best format which can be used to distribute and display documents. The PDF file format keeps the originality and quality of the documents so that it is now been used by lots of people. Today, you’ll find plenty of professional manuals, tutorials, papers; ebooks and etc over the internet in the PDF format. You could easily download these files and read them with appropriate viewer program like Adobe reader.

However, sometimes you may have face problems while copying or printing texts which are in the PDF document. The downloaded PDF files may prevent you from doing so. Now, here is a simple trick which could help you to unlock the restricted PDF file. Mostly, the original author of each PDF file tends to encrypt and impose the file along with some restrictions which is responsible to prevent you from editing, modifying, printing, copying and etc.

You’ll find couple of standard encryption techniques which are also treated as security measures for the PDF file formats. If you are PDF owner then you could select to secure your PDF file by simply applying “owner password” or “user password”. When you protect your own PDF file with password then no one can modify the protected PDF file even you could prevent it from opening. If you would like to just impose some of the restrictions such as disable copying, printing, editing of text content, you could simply place an owner password for it. By doing so, you could also disable modifications for the graphics.

The PDF files protected by the ‘owner’ as well as ‘user’ passwords are quite difficult to crack and you could use force open for these files. However, if you are still stuck with such problem then there are lots of useful applications which can help you out of this problem. Mostly, in such situations the PDF unlocker shareware is the best solution. PDF Unlocker is very useful and absolutely free tool with which you could crack the PDF file which are password protected.

After installing this tool on you system, a small icon of PDF Unlocker will be created on the desktop. What you exactly have to do is, only drag the password protected PDF file to the icon of PDF Unlocker. Immediately the software application proficiently decrypts the password of the owner and removes all the restrictions imposed. After that, you will get the new unrestricted copy of the PDF file. You will then modify, copy, print and etc without even recognizing the password.

You will find unlocking of the restriction that imposed by the ‘user’ password quite tricky. If you would like to remove the password of user of the PDF file, you just have to right click once on the link “Remove PDF Password” and then select “Edit”. Now, you have to use the actual open password of the file straightly next to the prefix ‘-sPDFPassword=’, use it without quotes. Finally close and save the password removed PDF file. This PDF Unlocker tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download PDF Unlocker

Using Watermark Tool To Protect Your Digital Photos

Using Watermark Tool To Protect Your Digital Photos

Mostly, we tend to protect the photos, especially when we spend a lot of time to capture an outstanding one. Some of us are very protective on the photos when they work on some great designs. There are lots of ways to protect your masterpiece to spread it across the internet. To protect your masterpiece photo from getting posted on somebody’s blogs or websites , the most effective way is to insert a custom watermark in your digital photos.

You do not have to pay for adding any texts for example your name, brand, URL etc inside the watermark form. This application can not stop others from copying your photos. The detailed source of the photos is prominently acknowledged and displayed in any case. Watermark Tool helps you to do so. Watermark Tool is a free web application with which you can insert a custom watermark into your digital photos.

Watermark tool allows you to add texts. For adding text, open Watermark Tool then upload your file and include whichever text you want. By adding the text you can trademark your digital photos. Lots of texts editing tools are included to customize the font type, text size text color, box color, text transparency, text position and etc.

When you click on the “Generate” tab, the new finalized watermarked image will be generated. This fresh watermarked photo can be downloaded now. Though it is an easy-to-use tool, you can insert watermark only once at a time.

Using Free Software 1 Second Folder Encrypt To Protect Important Files

Using Free Software 1 Second Folder Encrypt To Protect Important Files

Now days, there are lots of tool to help you to protect any type of private or sensitive information or some media files from being accessed by anyone else but you. Here is a tiny tool named as “1 second Folder Encrypt” will definitely help you. A freeware will help you to lock your private folders and no one can access it without your permission.

1 Second Folder Encrypt is easy to use. When you open the software, firstly it will be prompted with a massage to enter a new password. After that, select a folder which has to be locked with the software.

Tick on the ‘Encrypt’ box subsequently entering ‘Start’ key. When you want to decrypt the folder after some time, simply do again the same steps, however this time you have to tick on the ‘Decrypt’ box.

You may notice that you can still identify the encrypted secret folders, if the name of the folder is ending with ‘.’. However, without an accurate password, no one can access folders. The initial password which has been entered at the setup is used every time when you lock the folders. This feature helps those users who have some very important documents or secret sensitive photos which should not be opened by anyone except you.

Note: – Always close the application when you complete the process. As the password is required only once when it is being opened, and if you don’t close the application any other person can easily access the data.

Protecting The Wi-Fi Network From WPA Hack

Protecting The Wi-Fi Network From WPA Hack

The WEP encryption standard has been broken by the researcher Erik Tews after a year. He had recommended a switch to the WPA which is extra safe Protection for the Wi-Fi Network. He and his colleague Martin Back have discovered the method for cracking the WPA encryption standard in parts which is nothing but the Temporary Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). The TKIP is mainly used to save the data safely on lots of wireless networks.

They are able to carry out their activities it within a time period of just 12 to 15 minutes.  Nevertheless, they have failed to learn about how to obtain access to the information that transmits in between the router and computer. Thus the WPA at present is quite safe to utilize as the typical Wi-Fi security.

However, it has been strongly recommended you to care for your router to protect it from WPA hack. You can keep it away from WPA hack in many different ways. One of the ways is to log in to router and then turn off the TKIP as an encryption type, and next only select to utilize Advanced Encryption System (AES), or the much tougher WPA2.

You can cut down the timing of the Temporary Key Integrity Protocol within the routers, with the intention that keys get refreshed in every two minutes or less. The quick revive creates it harder, although not completely unattainable for hackers to gain access.

Technical Trick To Protect Eyesight On Computer

Technical Trick To Protect Eyesight On Computer 

Online clear type tuner is a very beneficial tool which supports in tuning up monitor settings to provide the best eyesight friendly adaptation displaying on your computer. 

This can be enabled only through Internet explorer browser, and not through any other web-browsers, else the trick does not work 

Users can also download another minor tool namely “windows xp clear type tuner power toy” on computer system and align settings on it. 

Trick to elevate refresh rate avoiding flickering on computer monitor 

The flickering monitor impairs eyesight. As our eye sight is not that much responsive to withstand this flicker. So this tool will make computer monitor flicker or refresh rate more avoiding flickering of the monitor. 

Few simple steps to “Increase-Refresh-Rate” are as follows:

·         Select Windows Start Option and Navigate through Control Panel and Select Computer Display.

·         Now display properties window pops up. In this select Settings tab.

·         Under Settings present in the bottom right hand side corner, select the advanced tab.

·         Now another window will pop up under this select Monitor tab.

·         Now verify under Monitor settings if “hide-modes- that-this-monitor-cannot-display” option is checked

·         Now right above you see a drop down menu which says “Screen-refresh-rate”, try to set it to as less as possible.

·         Now Select Apply and then Select Ok to make changes saved. 

Excellent!, following the above illustrated first two steps will set your computer’s display settings to more eyesight-friendly, and there will never be any issue even if you work for many hours staring at your computer screen.


Protect Your Critical Data From Keyloggers With KeyScrambler

Protect Your Critical Data From Keyloggers With KeyScrambler

It is very much likely that the critical data such as bank account details, credit card number and password that you type inside a web browser is monitored by Keyloggers. These cyber criminals normally monitor and record your keystrokes which can be misused by intruders. Even though your PC is protected with a good anti-virus or anti-spyware program, they generally fail to deal with such attacks.

Using an anti-keylogging program is the only way by which you can take care of this issue. KeyScrambler v2.4.1.1 is a popular anti-keylogging program which has ability to protect each character that you type into your web browser from being recorded and stolen by cyber criminals.

KeyScrambler is a browser add-on which is absolutely free, highly reliable and simple to use. It encrypts everything that you type in your web browser into the kernel and further decrypts your encrypted keystrokes at the destination interface to allow you to view exactly what you type. As the encryption is done at keyboard driver level, it leaves the Keyloggers with only insignificant or futile keys to record.

The best thing about this useful add-on is that, once installed, you do not need to update KeyScrambler frequently like traditional anti-malware or anti-virus programs as this anti-keylogging program is capable of effectively defending old as well as new keyloggers.

Moreover, the user interface of KeyScrambler shows you a real-time encryption while you do the typing so as to give you a better picture of how it efficiently encrypts the keystrokes. KeyScrambler is also able to encrypt and protect Japanese, Chinese and Koran inputs. 

You may download KeyScrambler v2.4.1.1 free of cost. It works well with browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and 7 versions, Flock 1.0 version and above and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 version and above.  It can be used on 32-bit (x86) as well as 64-bit (x64) editions of Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. You need to have you PC connected to the internet in order to use KeyScrambler.

Once you download and install KeyScrambler on your system, you need to restart your PC after the installation process is over. Once you do so, KeyScrambler will show a small Overlay Window at top left corner for displaying the real-time encryption of keystrokes that you type in your web browser. For more details on how KeyScrambler works, you may refer to its Tutorial and User Manual.

Now Use Internet Explorer 8 Password Protected

Now Use Internet Explorer 8 Password Protected

When it is about using internet, then privacy must be the prime and ultimate concern for all the internet users. If there is no proper privacy maintained, then a few of the uninvited troubles such as identity theft, password hack, hacking personal information and lots more may take place.

The best thing to do in this case is the make the Internet Explorer password protected. Let us see how to do that:

  • Open the browser, Internet Explorer, and then click on Menu, then navigate to tools, internet options and then to Content

  • Click Enable under the Content Advisor option

  • Select Settings, the General Tabs, and then check the option called “Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted content
  • After you’ve clicked on Change Password you have to provide the password and hint
  • For maintaining enhanced privacy, set the bar to none
  • Hereafter, IE8 will prompt for entering the password once anyone tries to log on to the internet
  • Finally you are all set

Easy Protection To USB Drives

Easy Protection To USB Drives

One of the most common applications among computer users is copying files from one device to the other. This can be carried forward by using USB Drives. These drives are extremely convenient to use and because of their small size, can be carried anywhere you want to. Pen drives these days come in various memory spaces and thus you can choose one as per your liking.

Instead of carrying your laptops to office or college, you can always carry a pen-drive and copy the required files or data into it and then store it in your devices. This seems to be extremely easy and efficient, but it comes with its own risks. These drives can easily affect your machine with viruses and other malwares if you don’t have an updated antivirus program installed in your machine.

These days’ viruses are very well crafted and can cause damage to the files stored in your drive and further cause great damage to your machine too. The solution to this problem can be obtained by installing an antivirus program in your drive. A better and convenient option is by making the USB Drive write protected.

Floppy Disks always had a write protection switch or slide which helped secure the data stored in it. These days some of the USB Drives also have this switch that makes your drive read- only. You need not worry if your drive doesn’t have this slide or switch. There’s an alternate way to make your drive write – protected.

The best way to write protect your drive is by editing its registry settings, and this is the last option you want to depend on then there are other applications that help you make your drive write-protected.

The PenProtector is one of the most useful applications that help your drive become write protected. This application helps your pen drive stay secure and prevents it from getting affected by malwares, viruses and Trojans. This application is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System.

ThumbScrew is another application that helps in the cause of making your drive write-protected and hence virus free. Once installed, it is very easy to implement and make your pen drive read only. You can download this application absolutely free from Here

With the above mentioned applications and other applications like USB Write Protector you can easily protect your drive from being accessed and make it read only. The best parts of these applications are that they are user friendly and can be easily used and accessed.

Use Safehouse Explorer To Protect Your Confidential Files For External And Internal Drives

Use Safehouse Explorer To Protect Your Confidential Files For External And Internal Drives

Our laptop or personal computer often contains very personal or confidential files, which we don’t want to be accessed by any unauthorized parties. To protect those confidential files and folders we use Hide Folders, My Lockbox, Free one Second Folder, and many more like that.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with those software applications, then you can try an alternative tool, which will serve your purpose completely. It is powered by SafeHouse and it is called SafeHouse Explorer. It uses TwoFish algorithm of 256 bit to encrypt, and it securely hides your confidential files and folders. It is quite efficient in protecting your files from unauthorized third parties.

To use it, you have to create a drive of specific size, and mention the location of that drive, which is called volume. Now you can make as many confidential files and folders, and store them in that drive. It in not only limited within your hard disk, you can create it in your external drives like storage cards, USB portable pen drive, and even on remote network servers.

Now when you save the files and folders in that drive, it is ensured that those secret files are protected much stronger than before.

How To Protect Your Privacy By Preventing Hacking / Cracking Of Wifi Wpa-psk Networks?

This post helps you to prevent your wireless from being cracked. This experiment can be run successfully on Linux / Back Track 3 or 4 machine.

If you are not sure how secure your wireless network which is protected with WPA or WPA2PSK, you’ll be in a position to assess it after you follow all the steps laid down in this video.

This video highlights the importance of having strong windows password when on Private Wireless Access: