Resolving Problems Related To Watching Movies On Media Player

Resolving Problems Related To Watching Movies On Media Player

Are you having difficulty in watching some digital movies on media player? Just read this article which will help you.

When surfing on internet, sometimes we get some very interesting digital videos which we like to watch again and again in our leisure time but sometime our browser does not support with that version of Media Player and we become very desperate to watch that video but waiting for that video to download online casinos will become one more torture when your internet is giving you a slow speed.

So what is the solution to get those digital videos? Yes, of course, there is one solution and that is FreeMake, a free video proselyte for the Windows users which has many useful tools.

The users of FreeMake get more comprehensive features unlike other video converters. The features of FreeMake are as follows:

• It is very easy to proselyte videos into most famous video formats such as WMV, 3GP, MP3 DVD, AVI
• automatically upload selected videos to YouTube, burn files to DVD
create DVD photo slideshows with melodious background music
Convert audio/video files which are supportive to various devices of multimedia such as iPhone, iPod, PSP, Blackberry, and Xbox.

Apart from all these features, FreeMake contains the following special editing features like rotate, cut, join multiple videos and store them into one file, and flip.

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How I Can Browse, Surf – Internet, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, From PSP

Using your PSP to surf the Web

For those of you who thought that the PSP was just for gaming, think again – this Wifi-enabled console can also be used to surf the web as and when you please. In fact, when you are uploading to a Download game over a connection, you are visiting a Sony web page over the internet. With a clever resetting of the DNS settings, you can use your PSP to go to any other location on the web.

This is what you have to do to remap the DNS:

  1. Open Network Settings.
  2. Either make a new connection or select one from an existing list.
  3. Go down to the Address Settings tab, and choose the Custom option.
  4. Again, scroll to DNS Settings, and choose the Manual option.
  5. Enter your Primary DNS server as the original DNS that was used to configure your PSP connections.
  6. Save the changes and exit Network Settings.

This is all you have to do – after this, you can load Wipeout Pure, and use it to explore the web as you feel like.

Another useful tip to optimize your PSP is to turn off the WLAN Power Save option that is there in the Power Save Settings section. This will speed up browsing and make life a lot easier. Even though now you r battery will drain out quicker than before, it is worth the price.

The control buttons that you typically use for gaming are the keys to scroll navigate between web pages, and a keypad will pop-up whenever you are about to enter anything in a text field.