Resolve the Problem of Quick Launch Disappearing when System Restart

Resolve the Problem of Quick Launch Disappearing when System Restart

It is quite frustrating for users when quick launch disappears once they start their system. It is very common problem which is being encountered by many users nowadays. It may be appears once you manually select show quick launch icons, however it will be disappeared once you restart your system again.

You will have to manually select again and again to show the quick launch icons. It is going to be a very irritating and bothersome activity, which prevents you from working smoothly online casino on your system. The major cause of this problem relies is on registry entry files that might have been tampered or changed incorrectly. However you can fix it by altering registry entry values.

Normally, system restores all changes made by the users in registry entry files including program settings, desktop settings, taskbar settings, shortcut settings etc. However, when these changes are not properly saved in registry area, then it starts the disappearing of quick launch icons.

Follow these steps in order to fix this problem:

1. Navigate to Start> Run> type Regedit> press Enter.
2. Browse HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer.
3. Select NoSaveSettings from the right hand side of Window and alter value to 0.
4. You are done.

After this resolving technique your system will start saving all changes before shutting down.

Easy Way To Use The Show Desktop Icon And Quick Launch Alternative In Windows 7

Easy Way To Use The Show Desktop Icon And Quick Launch Alternative In Windows 7

The latest Microsoft Operating System Windows 7 is making news for some of the features of previous OS being absent in it. Though Windows 7 is a level above the previous OS by Microsoft, you shall be surprised to find that the Quick Launch Button/ Bar is not displayed on the Windows 7 taskbar.

The feature is also not present by default. In addition to this the Show Desktop Icon is also absent in Windows 7. Both the features helped users to save time while operating.

The Show Desktop icon is usually present in the Quick Launch toolbar. With the latter being absent you cannot access the Show Desktop Icon. However you can now hack the OS to launch the Toolbar for Quick Launch purposes.

The Show Desktop icon is located in the far end of the right corner of he Windows Taskbar just beside the Time clock and data Icons. For this feature, you need to display the clock system icons.

In this way you can click on this notification area whenever you require using the Show Desktop icon. Besides this unique Show Desktop icon, Windows 7 has a good feature called the Aero Peek or the Desktop Preview.

By clicking on this Icon all the opened windows on the OS desktop become transparent temporarily. This happens when the mouse moves over the Show Desktop Icon on the right far end of the windows taskbar.

Procedure For Enabling And Disabling The Quick Launch Bar Toolbar In Windows 7

Procedure For Enabling And Disabling The Quick Launch Bar Toolbar In Windows 7

Microsoft’s latest software development in the Operating Systems- Windows 7 has a highly enhanced and sophisticated Superbar on the Desktop. This allows the shortcuts of the Icons to be directly placed on it.

In case you are missing your previous taskbar that supported the Quick Launch bar then you shall be happy to know that the company has disabled the Toolbar for Quick Launches. It has not been removed completely from the software yet.

So you can now use the Quick Launch Bar in Windows 7 that was hidden by default by the manufacturer. First you need to right click on the taskbar of Windows 7 and select the Toolbars icon. Select the New Toolbar option there.

Then you require to copy and paste the following folder to the Address box. This shall automatically direct the page to the desired location –

%SystemDrive%\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\

After this you need to locate the quick Launch folder and highlight it. There you also need to click on the button – Select Folder.

In this way a new Quick Launch Toolbar shall be shown on the Windows Taskbar. You will see it near the notification area. Then right click on the Taskbar and uncheck the ‘Lock the Taskbar’ Option. In this way you unlock the Taskbar.

You may also wish to shift the Quick Launch Toolbar besides the Start button as it was in the previous OS. You can also shift it to the left of the Taskbar. For this you require to unpin all the applications in the Superbar by right clicking on every Icon. Then choose the Unpin this Program from the Taskbar option.

Then you may shift the borders of the Quick Launch Toolbar to the left of the Taskbar and next to the Start button. After this re pin all the applications by choosing the Pin this Program to Taskbar option by right clicking on each of them.

It is very simple to disable the Quick Launch toolbar in the Windows 7 operating system than enable it. To disable the Toolbar for Quick Launch in the Windows 7, go to the Toolbars by right clicking on the Taskbar.

Then you need to select the uncheck Quick Launch item. This way the Quick Launch toolbar shall be removed from the Windows taskbar, and all the items of the Toolbar shall be deleted.