Download Partition Wizard Home Or Business Edition At Free Of Cost

Download Partition Wizard Home Or Business Edition At Free Of Cost

The Windows Vista, Windows server and Windows 7 already have inbuilt partition Manager (Disk Management) incorporated with useful features and functions. However, some of the users would like to try third party partition tools in order to avail more services and advanced features. Disk management is not the task that you have to perform frequently. Therefore, you have to be vigilant while choosing the third party partition tools. Partition wizard Home and Business edition is completely free partition manager that supports Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Partition Wizard allows users to execute difficult partition operations such as copying partition, resizing the partition, format partition, partition recovery, hide partition, explore partition, etc.

Compelling Features of Partition Wizard Home and Business Edition:

  • Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/windows 7 operating system (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • There is Extend System Partition in order to improve computer performance.
  • Support RAID
  • Best Disk Management tool to manage disk operations in order to improve performance.
  • Users can easily create, edit, and delete partitions.
  • Disk copy feature to protect and transfer data.
  • Easy way to convert FAT format to NTFS format.
  • Copy Disk wizard feature allows users to copy one partition to another one without reinstalling Windows.
  • Partition copy feature allows users to copy complete hard disk to another hard disk.
  • Explore NTFS/FAT partition
  • Disk Map Feature allows users to view the changes on disk in categorically manner.
  • Hide/Unhide partition, change the properties of partition, and set active partition.

There are two version of Partition Wizard, Home and Business edition that supports server operating system such as windows server 2000, 2003, 2008 in 32 and 64 bit. However, users have to avail the services of these two siblings of partition wizard. The name of these two siblings of partition wizards are – Partition Wizard Server Edition which costs $119 and Partition Wizard Enterprise Edition which costs $299.  The partition wizard home edition is available to download free from here.

USB 3.0 RAID Drive Now Works At Higher Speeds With Latest Super Talent Firmware

There is always a tough competition especially in the computing world. So when you hear of a new launch, it is not really exciting news! At the same time, you can’t avoid viewing any of this latest improvement from Super talent Technology. You may wonder what Super Talent Technology is? It is a player in the Flash storage mode and DRAM modules ands has earlier had a USB 3.0 RAID DRIVE in the market.

It is interesting right now that this quick device has been made faster with a firmware update, to add a bit to the tough competition out in the market. Even if the USB drives are not so common and are updated, it is rather a unique feature. It looks like they have utilized it to the maximum, using the 2nd generation USB 3.0 technology host controllers making it possible for the RAID DRIVE to transfer date at surprisingly fast functioning speeds of 370 Mb/sec.

The raise in the speed can be above 55 Mb/sec. A number of tests were done with the help of the latest Fresco Logic FL1009B and as usual all the USB 3.0 drives are reverse-friendly with USB 2.0 ports at USB 2.0speeds. The technology firmware has been patented under US patent #7457897. Super Talent has a variety of USB 3.0 flash ranges from the economical Express DUOTM to the RAID DRIVE, the quickest of the group.

Of course, it may take a while before the competition picks up pace. Also Super Talent’s RAID DRIVE is bound to be super fast giving a solid 370meg/second. This may be a great reason to rejoice for this is something truly fast and can shift the whole content of a DVD as quick as within 15 seconds. Agreed it was able to reach these speeds even earlier, but with the help of USB controllers of that time it was forced to bring down the speed to 300meg/sec. now with this latest controller, the firmware is capable of upgrading so that its total power is utilized.

There have been discussions of the RAIDDRIVE creating quite an eruption which is yet to be seen for experts are doing their job of testing RAIDDRIVE’s creating a hotter wave, promising extra quick speed. It is priced at $30.58 for a 54 gig drive.

What is Fiber Channel RAID?

Any work done on computers needs to be stored, which means as we have discussed- data storage is an important aspect of having computers. There are many options available like using disks, HDDs.

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.

There are loads of storage devices, so, What makes RAID different from all those storage devices?
Total Disk Drive Failure caused due to electrostatic discharge or moisture will damage the disk.This is the pre-eminent failure mode that RAID protects against.

The loss of data can be prevented by using RAID.

Lets first get to know about Fiber Channel:

In our world where everyone wants everything to happen in a flash of a second, there is no time to waste. Data transfer can be, a time consuming process at times. Here comes the need to have high speed data links to transfer data faster. Fiber Channel (FC) was introduced and developed for practical,inexpensive purposes and this can transfer data quickly between workstations,mainframes, supercomputers, storage devices and other peripherals.

Fibre Channels operate at a wide variety of speeds ie, 133 Mbit/s, 266 Mbit/s, 530 Mbit/s, and 1 Gbits/s and on three types of both electrical and optical media.

According to the combination of speed and media the transmission distances vary.

Fiber Channel RAID(Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) supports multiple protocol disk interfaces.

It can manage many kinds of disk storage devices with different physical interfaces in the same time and different kinds of disks can also be bound in one logical RAID group.

Fiber Channel RAID storage solutions ensures that there is no failure and therefore protects the data i.e it offers true no single-point-of-failure data protection.

These solutions are SAN(Storage Area Network) ready so you can connect directly to your server using a  Fiber Channel HBA or purchase a fabric switch and start building  your own SAN.

The two main factors which is involved is increased data reliability and increased I/O performance. RAID technology is said to be in RAID array which means that the array distributes data across several disks but is seen as one single disk by the user.

RAID controller retrieve data from the array by using specific RAID levels. These levels 0, 1, and 5 are the most commonly found, and cover most requirements.

RAID 0 (striped disks)
It distributes data across several disks but all the data will be lost on all disks if any one disk fails.

RAID 1 (mirrored disks)
It uses two or more disks which stores the same data so that when one fails the other disks data is always available. Total capacity of the array is just the capacity of a single disk.

RAID 5 (striped disks with parity)
It combines three or more disks that protects data against loss of any one disk. The storage capacity of the array is reduced by one disk. The less common-
RAID 6 can recover from the loss of two disks.

With these many advantages with RAID technology, those looking for faster and efficient transfer of data will undoubtedly opt to use the RAID technology.